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The Buzz 7.3


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The Buzz 7.3

  1. 1. Congratulationson completing your summer classes! Have a fun and safe vacation!
  2. 2. Students who began their studies in MAIA in theFall of 2011 MUST be moved out by July 10, 2012. For Students Attending Summer Sessions (All Other Students Matriculating): July 8, July 9, July 10 August 29, August 30, August 31 * Departing MAIA at 9 am *
  3. 3. Tell a Student Advisor when you plan to leave MAIA!You MUSTCHECK-OUT before you leave MAIA! Come to the SA Office for your transcripts, I-20, and refund checks. Boxes for storage are $5 in the SA Office.
  4. 4. Do not put good items in the trash!Bring clothes or other items that can still be used to the SA Office to be donated and recycled!
  5. 5. Missing something?Find something thatdoes not belong to you? Lost & Found See Erika in B208 about any missing
  6. 6. Test Centers & Transportation: MAIA will provide transportation to the following locations ONLY: Marlborough * Framingham * Worcester Lowell * Newton * Boston• You MUST bring your test information to the SA Office ONE WEEKbefore your test date, and as soon as possible, to save your spot!