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About Us
EDUARDO ORTEU                                                ARIEL RODRIGUEZ
Is co-founder and Managing          ...
                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                              Client: - Buenos Air...
                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                              Client: Bodegas Chandon - Buenos A...
VIP Hunter
                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                            Client: Sagomas - Italy.
DGSE Companies Inc.
                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                            Client: DGSE Companies Inc...
Inauguration Report
                             PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                             Client: Zerion Software ...
                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                           Client: The Omni Group
entaste food & wine
                             PROJECT DESCRIPTION

                             Client: Proprietary Pro...
                             PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                             Client: - ...
Boardriding Surf Deck
                             PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                             Client: Paper Cloud / ...
Move My Car
                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                              Client: Get Appy - Melbourne, ...
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Eduardo Orteu
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Mobile Tonic Portfolio


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We incubate, develop and bring to market mobile applications.
We are not an agency or a one-off developer, we see ourselves
as partners with our clients. Our business is to create ideas
and their mobile solution

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Mobile Tonic Portfolio

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. About Us Potential Partners Delivery Mobile App Software Development Idea Holders iPhone Apps Mobile App User Interface Design Business Holders Other platform apps (Blackberry, Android, Symbian) Marketing/Support Website Design In-house Online Marketing developments consulting & execution Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution Sponsored Apps App Updates Application Launch & Management App Management An integrated ad-hoc approach to mobile application development business. We incubate, develop and bring to market mobile applications. We are mainly not an agency or a one-off developer, we are a partner with IP holders, networks, and people with great ideas.
  3. 3. About Us EDUARDO ORTEU ARIEL RODRIGUEZ Is co-founder and Managing Is co-founder CTO at Mobile- partner at Mobile-Tonic. Since Tonic. He graduated from UBA 2001, when he major in BA in with majors in Mathematics and S a n A n d r e s U n i v e r s i t y, i n Computer Science. He also holds Argentina he has been working a Ph.D in Computer Science from on marketing in two of the major the University of Edinburgh in companies in Argentina. Scotland, where he was partially sponsored by Apple. Firstly, in Arcor, worldʼs biggest candy producer, working on two of their local brands. Since 2004 in Quilmes, He has been working in Mac Development since early Argetinaʼs top beverage producer, actually owned by 90s. Working for Apple as an engineer, he was involved Inbev. In Quilmes he was brand manager for Andes in the development of what is now known as Mac OS X (Mendozaʼs regional beer brand), Brahma in Argentina, (based on NeXT) and Cocoa (the framework used to (Southamericaʼs biggest beer selling brand with write much of the OS itself and the native applications). presence in more than 10 countries in the region). After Later he has specialized on Scientific and Web that he was responsible for all non-cola Pepsico development. He has experience with all sorts of beverage brands in Argentina. Before leaving Inbev, he software technologies, including but not limited to: was brand manager for the Quilmes Brand, beer market Python, C/C++, Java, PHP, Object Oriented PHP, leader in Argentina. XHTML/CSS, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AJAX, XML. He is a guest faculty member for San Andrés University, for Marketing 101, for undergraduates, and also for Since the iPhone SDK was release to public, Ariel has Postgraduates Courses and MBA. been focus on developing with it. As a developer he has been involved in more than 40 developments, either as He is also treasurer for Funadación Luminis, an NGO leading coder or as partial one. supporting and improving teachers teaching methodology and infrastructure in Argentina.
  4. 4. Portfolio
  5. 5. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: - Buenos Aires, Argentina Status: Launched on Appstore, working on upgrades. Sonico is the largest, and most populated social network in Latin America, with more than 30 millions users. Mobile-Tonic is responsible for the application coding as well as the design and architecture of the application. Mobile-Tonic is also helping Sonico in the development of their mobile API. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS The Sonico application for iPhone will allow you to stay connected with your friends at all times everywhere you go. Basically it allows user to have their social network on their pocke With the Sonico app you can send messages to friends, get updates on what your friends are doing. Comment their status, watch their profiles. Also you can upload & tag your mobile photos on the go. Post your status and check your events or friendʼs events. iTunes Link
  6. 6. Chandon PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Bodegas Chandon - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Status: Launched on August. Chandon is the leading brand in sparkling wines in Argentina, and one of the referent brands in terms of image in the alcoholic beverage business. Mobile-Tonic is responsible for the development of a game application for the brand to promote their products in the HORECA market, allowing consumers to play and win prizes. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS The application consists of a very intuitive game, taking advantage of the novelty features the iPhone platform has to offer. It also includes a powerful backend that allows our client to personalize the features of the application acording to: - The place the action is being developed. - The Chandon product being consumed. - The type of group consuming the product. - Prizes availability. - The amount of participants. The aplicattionʼs backend also allows our client to visualize reports on the perfomance of the action with even some basic demographic segmentation. iTunes Link Not available on iTunes. Only for Chandonʼs internal use.
  7. 7. VIP Hunter PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Sagomas - Italy. Status: Launching March 2010. Objective: This app allows user to capture image and signatures using the iPhone. Also user is able to compose photo & signature into one image. Mobile-Tonic was reponsible for the app development and designed partially. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS VIP Hunter was created so you can become the ultimate autograph and pics hunter. Never again fail to get celebrities photo due to not having your camera on you; or his/her autograph because you are not carrying a pen and/ or paper. Taking full advantage of the iPhone camera and touch screen you can get both image and signature in a matter of seconds and share it with the world through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail right away. Getting and autograph has never been so easy, you can sign using your finger tips or a stylus. You can take as many autographs as you want and store them by name and category, for later edition and photo composing... Composing module allows user to merge signature and photo into one png. If user wishes it can be framed into a Polaroid type frame. iTunes Link:
  8. 8. DGSE Companies Inc. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: DGSE Companies Inc - Dallas, USA Status: Launched January 2010 / Relaunch March 2010. Objective: Provide DGSE Companies Inc. clients with and application that allowed their clients to stay informed on precious metal prices, and variations online. Mobile-Tonic was responsible for the applicationʼs development as well as for the interphase design. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS DGSE manages an extensive network of large wholesale sources of precious metals and an international list of buyers and sellers of rare coin products. DGSE has become one of the largest precious metals firms in the United States based upon its financial stability and reliability. The application consists of a very friendly user interfase that allows DGSE clients to: - Check precious metal actual prices - Search for specific dates prices - Set personlize alarms according to preset variations. - Provide clients with a direct line to contact in case they need to trade. iTunes Link
  9. 9. Inauguration Report PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Zerion Software & NPR - USA Worked as main supplier for Zerion Software coding the main features for Inauguration Report. Features developed were: - Core Location Module - Core Audio. - Photo Camera Module APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS Inauguration Report was the official iPhone app for the 2009 Obama Inauguration. Report collaborative journalism project. Produced by, CBS News and American University, Inauguration Report is a news initiative to gather stories from the public surrounding the January 20 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Inauguration Report lets you send your own reports about the inauguration and share it with the public online. and CBS News will also incorporate public contributions in its coverage of the inauguration, so you may be contacted by them if they decide to use your submission. You can submit reports in the form of text, audio and photos. iTunes Link Not Available anymore
  10. 10. OmniFocus PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: The Omni Group Worked as coding supplier for Omni Group as part of the team developing main features for the OmniFocus Application. Features developed were: - Mac synchronization module. - Folder Administration system. (tagging, drag & drop) APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS Winner of the 2009 Apple Design Award for best iPhone Productivty Application, OmniFocus brings task management to your fingertips. Keep track of tasks by project, place, person or date. Bring up a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, things to do at home and any other lists you need. Omnifocus synchronizes wirelessly with Omnifoucs for Mac, eihter locally over wi-fi (with pushed updates) or remotely through the cloud. OmniFocus uses the calendar notifications to help you remember due dates even when you are offline. iTunes Link
  11. 11. entaste food & wine PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Proprietary Project. Status: Launched on Appstore. Developed by Mobile-Tonic, entaste food & wine is the first propietary project. Mobile-Tonic was responsible not only for the development on the technical side, but also the content creation and the design. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS entaste is launching its first iphone application, a Food & Wine pairing guide. This is simple and practical application created to assist you with your food and wine coupling wherever you go. Beef or Chicken? If you are drinking Merlot you can have either. They both pair really good with Merlot. And Sushi… Welll, Pinot Grigio could be a great choice… Find the food of your choice among 18 different food categories; click on it and a brief discussion of matching varietals will appear. Or choose among more than 100 different red and white grape varietals, main geographical appellations, rose or sparkling wine and see the foods that best match your choice. iTunes Link
  12. 12. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: - Memphis, USA Status: Launched December 2009. Objective: Take to mobile, enabling followers to be able to connect with prayers, blessings and content related to explorefaith from anywhere at any time. Explorefaith project included the development: - A smartphone optimized webpage. - A free native iPhone App: explorefaith - A paid native iPhone App: exploreprayer APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS Optimizes Mobile Wepage: - Key Mobile Content Selection. - Optimize mobile design. - Webapage development Explorefaith App: Free - Explorefaithʼs Main RSS Feed. - Explorefaithʼs Daily Signpost Feed. - Divine Hours Prayer section. - Donations. Exploreprayer App: Paid Explorefaith Free App features, plus it allows you to select how you are feeeling and gives the user suggestions quotes, prayers. This prayers can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and email, stored natively and even set up reminders (with push notifications) so that you can pray them at the time user defines. iTunes Link explorefaith App (Free): exploreprayer App (Paid):
  13. 13. Boardriding Surf Deck PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Paper Cloud / Boardriding Sports - Melbourne, Australia. Status: Launched January 2010. Objective: Take Boardriding Cards to the mobile business. Boardriding Deck Projects includes the development of the following Apps: - The Surf Deck. - The Skate Deck - The Snow Deck APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS Boardriding Sports has develop three different decks for the major boarding sports: Snowboarding, Skating & Surfing. The Surf Deck is a unique and user-friendly product that teaches you how to surf using easy-to-understand instructions, linked with a hand painted art illustration.  Surf Deck will guide you through surfing topics such as equipment, safety, going surfing etc, in a format that will fast track your learning process and have you up and riding in no time. The Surf Deck app allows you to hold the decks on your iPhone and gives you the possibility to share the cards through email, Facebook or Twitter. iTunes Link Surf Deck App:
  14. 14. Move My Car PROJECT DESCRIPTION Client: Get Appy - Melbourne, Australia. Status: Launched February 2010. Objective: An app that helps you avoid parking tickets by letting you know when your prepaid parking has expired. Mobile-Tonic was reponsible for the app development and designed partially. APPLICATION DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS In as little as 2 simple steps you can chose your sign/time and set the app in motion to send you a push notification before itʼs too late, even if the app isnʼt running. You can also check the amount of time you have left at anytime. If you select the 2 or 4-hour sign you will be notified with 20 minutes remaining. If you select the 30 minutes or 1-hour signs it is 10 minutes. And if you select the 15-minute sign you will be notified with 5 minutes remaining. Furthermore for a custom time set the reminder notification can also be custom set, with the default set at 10 minutes iTunes Link:
  15. 15. - Thank You - Contact Us Eduardo Orteu Mail: