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EOPLLY New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. official company presentation

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Eoplly corporate presentation

  1. 1. contents Company Profile Core Competence Manufacturing Capability Quality & Certificates Financial Performance Project References
  2. 2. Company Profile
  3. 3. Introduction to Eoplly Solar cell & module manufacturer founded in 2006 with Current annual capacity:180MW on cells, 330MW on modules Annual capacity in Q1 2013: 330MW on cells, 700MW on modules Conversion efficiency Avg of 18.5% on mono cells and 17% on multi cells Continuous improvement and innovation Annual turnover: $348 million USD in 2011 Employees: over 1800 Location: Manufacture: Nantong, China Sales office: USA , Germany & China
  4. 4. Company Structure Eoplly New Energy Technology CO.,Ltd Eoplly Eoplly Nantong Eoplly USA Eoplly Shanghai Europe FactoryQuanlity Engineering Production Technical Marketing After Sale Logistic Support
  5. 5. The Product Chain Roof SystemsSolar Cells Solar Modules PV Systems Solar Power Stations
  6. 6. Eoplly Product Focus Solar Cells PV Modules Solar SystemProduct: High performance mono and Strategy: • Top quality modules Strategy: Partner with 2nd shareholder multi-crystalline solar cells manufactured by highly automatic Zongyi Group to co-develop andLocation: Nantong, Jiangsu province European made tools long term holder of PV projects in • Focus on OEM and white label Europe & USACapacity: 180MW (current), 330MW by end products, leveraging strong solar Attributes: • Co-develop and co-own the of 2012 cell platform projects in Europe since 2009Efficiency • Avg of 18.5% efficiency on Capacity: 330MW (current), 700MW by end • Good partnership with Top tierand Key mono cells & 17% efficiency on of 2012 EPC and strategic partnershipAttributes: multi cells Attributes: Full range of certificates including with inverter, racking system IEC 61215 & IEC 61730, UL 1703, provider to provide total solutions. • High-efficiency SE cells ready by Q2 2012, MWT cells ready by MCS, Golden Sun etc. Q3 2012 SILICON SYSTEM POLYSILICON INGOTING CELL WAFERS MODULE
  7. 7. CoreCompetence
  8. 8. Superiority • Strong Shareholder Value • World-class Quality • Leading Cost Structure Core • Optimized Photovoltaiccompetence Solution Provider
  9. 9. Strong Shareholder Value  Hailin Group largest shareholder with 32 years history, famous clothing brand in China  Zongyi Group 2nd largest shareholder, 2 Billion USD Company, the biggest PV- Project holder in oversea market for a Chinese Company.  Yanghe Group 3rd largest shareholder, 20 Billion USD Company, Chinese liquor industry with 40%-50% gross margin.  Hailan Group chinese largest high-end men’s production base,import and export trade valume over billion USD  And other investors such as Herong, CIMC, Landgent……
  10. 10. World-class Quality  86 quality control points from polysilicon, wafer, cell, module and system manufacture and86 Quality 10 Years installation. control Product  First company in the world to points Warranty announce 10 years product 25 Years warranty, since 2009. 24 Hours linear Warranty  25 years power output warranty backup byFull Service zurich insurance backup by Zurich Insurance, one of the top insurance companies in the world.  Provide worldwide 24 hours full service support.
  11. 11. Leading Cost StructureAdvanced technology and right sizeof capacity to maintain over 95%utilization rate that keep our costamong the best in the world.
  12. 12. Optimized Photovoltaic Solution Provider Cell First Chinese company to promote Efficiency photovoltaic solution provider. One of largest Chinese PV investor to invest in Europe Provide total solution from Module modules to system finance. Efficiency System Efficiency
  13. 13. Investment Thesis SummaryStrong shareholder value with total of about $40 Billion USD value and strong equity support from strategic shareholders and Chinese banks including China Development Bank (CDB).Strong financial potential with positive earning and generation and potentially being public company in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2013.Strong management team with proven execution.Technology and cost leadership and clear R&D roadmap to increase solar cell efficiency to 20%.
  14. 14. 2015 Company Target Modules capacity (MW) 2500 • Capacity: Cells---->600MW Modules---->2.2GW 2000 • Sales: 2GW , 1.6Billion $Target • Market capitalization: 3Billion $ 1500 • Emission reduction:5 million 1000 tons CO2 500 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Cells capacity(MW) 180 330 480 600 600 Modules capacity 330 700 1100 1600 2200 (MW) Sales Volume (MW) 230 600 1000 1500 2000 Turnover (US$ mn) 200 500 800 1200 1600 Market Value --- 500 1400 2400 3100 (US$ mn)
  15. 15. Manufacturing Capability
  16. 16. German Cell Production Line Wafer Cleaning and Texturization To provide optimal quality, our cell production line uses CENTROTHERM machinery that is installed, regulated & controlled by CENTROTHERM’s German engineering team Phosphorous Diffusion
  17. 17. German Cell Production Line Removal of PSG PECVD
  18. 18. German Cell Production Line EL Testing Printing
  19. 19. Automatic Module Production Line Wafer Cleaning and Texturization Soldering
  20. 20. Automatic Module Production Line Assembling Intermediate Testing
  21. 21. Automatic Module Production Line Laminating Framing
  22. 22. Quality &Certificates
  23. 23. Quality Control – 6 Control Points of Raw Material 86 – 34 Control Points of Solar Cell Manufacturing Control Points – 35 Quality Control Points of Module – 11 Control Points of Solar Power Station Building
  24. 24. Reliability Quality Reliability Assurance Custom Quality Quality/Reliability QA/Certification Quality Control Center Management Lab Product SQM OQA CS RMA Reliability Supplier Quality Outgoing Quality Customer Return Material Certification Management Support Lab Assurance Approval FA DCC Failure Document IQC Analysis Control 2nd IPQC OQC Incoming In-Process Outgoing Quality Source Quality Control Quality Control ControlQA: Quality system control and ISO CS: 1.Customer Complaint Handling RL: Reliability Analysis quality system maintenance, 2nd Source: 2nd Source guide, Overall 2.Coordinate various functions to FA: Failure Analysis & internal and external management of the responsible provide containment, corrective and Calibration customer supplier(s) preventive actions to customer management & 3.Customer various functions to drive audit IQC: Incoming material inspection and quality improve activities to achieve MSADCC: Document Control& EC quality control customer quality expectation Control OQC: Shipping Inspection 4.Contact windows with customer on quality IPQC: In-process Quality Control RMA: Return Materiel Repair center
  25. 25. Regular Third Party Quality Control
  26. 26. Our Warranty Promise More Profit with Eoplly linear Warranty
  27. 27. Our Warranty PromiseZurich Insurance guarantee our customer maximum safety
  28. 28. FinancialPerformance
  29. 29. Leading Financial PerformanceSolid Revenue Growth and Profitability every quarter in 2011.Q3 2011 shipment of 94MW & Q4 2011 shipment of 118MW, 26% Q/Q growth35%Q/Q net income growth from Q3 to Q4 2011
  30. 30. Leading Financial Performance120100 80 shipment(MW) 60 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 40 12 33 39 48 51 59 94 118 20 0 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 shipment(MW) 120 100 Revenue(US$mn) 801Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 60 40 18 42 83 108 86 94 81 87 20 0 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 Revenue(US$mn)
  31. 31. Leading Financial Performance Gross Margin(%) Net Profit(US$mn) 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 10.3 15.2 11.6 16.6 11.3 13.2 14.0 17.8 0.03 3.64 2.71 7.19 3.26 3.72 4.6 6.2318 816 714 612 510 48 364 22 10 0 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 Gross Margin(%) Net Profit(US$mn)
  32. 32. Leading Financial Performance Strong Balance SheetReview of 4Q 2010Results ($ in millions) 1Q2010 2Q2010 3Q2010 4Q2010 FY2010 1Q2011 2Q2011 3Q2011 4Q2011Shipment 12 33 39 48 132 51 59 94 118Sequential growth -29% 175% 18% 23% 186% -61% 16% 59% 26%Revenue 17.53 42.12 62.51 127.75 249.91 85.72 93.65 81 87Sequential growth -23.3% 140.3% 48.4% 104.4% 134.8% -32.9% 9.3% -13,5% 7,4%Gross Profit 1.8 6.4 7.3 21.3 36.7 11.4 16.6 11,4 15,5Gross Margin 10.3% 15.1% 11.6% 16.6% 14.7% 13.3% 17.7% 14,0% 17,8%Operating Profit* 0.03 4.28 3.19 8.46 15.96 3.7 4.3 5,41 7,33Operating Margin* 0.17% 10.16% 5.10% 6.62% 6.39% 4.32% 4.59% 6,68% 8,43%Net Income 0.03 3.64 2.71 7.19 13.57 3.26 3.72 4,60 6,23 $10.23M in cash at the end of 1Q 2012 $357.6M in total assets, $89.7M in shareholders equity Strong operating cash flow: $13.71 million for full year 2010 >US$150 million of credit facilities available through banks Signed a RMB 780 million credit agreement with China Construction Bank Strong capital position to fund growth Target ROIC >30%
  33. 33. ProjectReferences
  34. 34. Project ListRef Completed Project Name Country Location Project SizeNo. Date 1 1MW on-grid solar power plant Spain 0.705MW Mar-08 2 3.29MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Zaragoza 3.290MW Sep-08 3 10MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Cordoba 1.462MW Sep-08 4 2MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Cordoba 1.029MW Sep-08 5 1MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Cordoba 0.227MW Sep-08 6 2MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Casarichec 0.892MW Sep-08 7 2MW on-grid solar power plant Spain La Mancha 0.368MW Sep-08 8 2MW on-grid solar power plant Spain 0.945MW Sep-08 9 1MW on-grid solar power plant Spain Cordoba 0.116MW Sep-0810 On-grid roof systems Germany Lich 0.791MW Sep-0811 On-grid roof systems Germany Neu-Isenburg 1.057.MW Oct-0812 0.8MW on-grid solar power plant Korea Rona Road 0.100MW Dec-0813 On-grid roof system Australia Fremantle 0.094MW Feb-0914 On-grid roof systems France Paris 0.102MW Dec-0915 On-grid roof systems Italy Banella 0.115MW Jun-0916 2MW on-grid solar power plant Spain 0.055MW Aug-0817 5.5MW on-grid solar power plant Spian Zamora 3.550MW Oct-0918 On-grid roof systems Germany ULM 4.980MW Dec-0919 10MW on-grid solar power plant Slovak Ostrov pri Sobranciach 3.000MW Dec-0920 On-grid roof systems Australia Brisbane 0.317MW Dec-09
  35. 35. Project List21 On-grid roof systems Australia Brisbane 0.323MW Dec-0922 On-grid roof systems France Paris 0.102MW Dec-0923 1MW on-grid solar power plant Spian Madrid 0.510MW Dec-0924 On-grid roof systems Spian Madrid 1.000MW Dec-0925 On-grid roof systems Porgutal 0.440MW Dec-0926 On-grid roof systems France Marceille 0.725MW Mar-1027 On-grid roof systems France Décines 0.155MW Apr-1028 On-grid roof systems Germany Augsburg 0.580MW May-1029 On-grid roof systems Czech 2.500MW Jun-1030 On-grid roof systems Germany ULM 14.320MW Jun-1031 On-grid roof systems Germany Augsburg 2.000MW Jun-1032 3.178MW on-grid solar power plant Germany Ansbach 3.178MW Aug-1033 3.8MW on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 3.800MW Sep-1034 On-grid roof systems Germany Poecking 5.840MW Nov-1035 On-grid roof systems Germany 2.210MW Nov-1036 3MW on-grid solar power plant Belgium 3.000MW Nov-1037 On-grid roof systems Australia 2.520MW Nov-1038 On-grid roof systems Australia 1.120MW Nov-1039 2.5MW on-grid solar power plant Cezch 2.500MW Dec-1040 on-grid solar power plant Italy 4.000MW Dec-10
  36. 36. Project List41 on-grid solar power plant Italy 15.000MW Dec-1042 2MW on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 2.000MW Dec-1043 3MW on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 3.000MW Dec-1044 4MW on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 4.000MW Dec-1045 6MW on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 6.000MW Dec-1046 on-grid solar power plant Italy Padova 25.000MW Dec-1047 On-grid roof systems Germany 2.5MW Jun/1148 On-grid roof systems Germany 4MW Sep/1149 On-grid roof systems Germany 1.4504MW Mar/1150 On-grid roof systems Germany 9.5136MW Jun/1151 On-grid roof systems The British 0.679MW Dec/1152 On-grid roof systems Austra 0.468MW Sep/1153 on-grid solar power plant Spain 3.028MW Sep/1154 on-grid solar power plant The U.S.A. California 2.099MW Mar/1255 on-grid solar power plant The U.S.A. California 0.3091MW Mar/12
  37. 37. 10MW on-grid Solar Power Station Cordoba, Spain
  38. 38. 5.5MW on-grid Solar Power Station Zamora, Spain
  39. 39. 2.505MW on-grid Solar Power Station Ostrov, Czech
  40. 40. 3.178MW on-grid Solar Power Station Ansbach, Germany
  41. 41. 4.98MW Roof System Ulm, Germany
  42. 42. 7MW on-grid Solar Power Station Puglia, Italy
  43. 43. 2MW on-grid Solar Power Station Piemont, Italy
  44. 44. 1.65MW on-grid Solar Power Station Puglia, Italy
  45. 45. 3.29MW Solar Tracking System3.29MW on-grid Solar Tracking Zaragoza, Spain system, Zaragoza
  46. 46. 1MW on-grid Solar Power Station Secovce, Slovakia
  47. 47. 800KW Solar Power Station Rona Road, Korea
  48. 48. 320KW Solar Roof Project Birmingham, UK
  49. 49. 1.73MW Eoplly Roof project Haian, China
  50. 50. Thank You