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Omg! Patterns <decorator> by Max Titov


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Learn Design Patterns fun by code.

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Omg! Patterns <decorator> by Max Titov

  1. 1. OMG! Patterns.Decorator By Max Titov Ninja Software Operations
  2. 2. OMG! Patterns?▶ About mostly used patterns▶ Examples of usage in real life▶ Learning by code examples▶ Learning new language
  3. 3. ExampleBeauty salon. Salon businessSalon provides following services: ▶ Haircut ▶ Coloring ▶ Styling
  4. 4. The Objective▶ Salon going to add list of new services▶ Salon want to have different combinations of services in their pricelist▶ Salon want’s to expand for new market and provide services for males
  5. 5. System Overviewclass Salon{ string HaircutDescription(); string StylingDescription(); string ColoringDescription();}
  6. 6. Don’t you feel like? WHY?
  7. 7. Identifying the problems▶ There is only one thing wrong with this approach: everything. ▶ God class. Single responsibility principle? Never heard about… ▶ Code duplication ▶ Hard to test ▶ #@#$&%%!!!
  8. 8. Lets do a bit of refactoring▶ Identify common interface (if any)▶ Apply single responsibility principle▶ Use of old good inheritance
  9. 9. System Overviewinterface ISalonService{ string getDescription();}
  10. 10. System Overviewclass Haircut: ISalonService{ string getDescription() { return ‘Haircut’; }}
  11. 11. System Overview
  12. 12. Muuuuuch better!
  13. 13. Adding new functionality
  14. 14. Requirements updateClient: Hey, we want to add twoother services and remove one.That wouldn’t take much timeright?
  15. 15. Requirements update F@#kClient: Right?
  16. 16. Identifying the problems▶ Requires new class for each combination of services▶ Hard to extend and maintain
  17. 17. Decorator▶ The Decorator Pattern attaches additional responsibilities to an object dynamically. Decorators provide a flexible alternative to subclassing for extending functionality
  18. 18. Decorator UML
  19. 19. Abstract Decoratorclass abstract SalonServiceDecorator:ISalonService{ SalonServiceDecorator (ISalonService service); string getDescription();}
  20. 20. Concrete Decoratorclass HaircutDecorator{ HaircutDecorator (ISalonService service); string getDescription();}
  21. 21. Use of DecoratorssalonService = new SalonService();salonService = newHaircutDecorator(salonService)salonService = newStylingDecorator(salonService)salonService.getDescription()Output:> Salon service: Haircut, Styling
  22. 22. System Overview
  23. 23. Success!
  24. 24. Code Time!
  25. 25. Where Used▶ GUI Frameworks BaseElement ScrollbarBehavior(BaseElement) ShadowBehavior(BaseElement)▶ Streams FileStream GZipStream(ByteStream)
  26. 26. Pros and ConsPros:+ The cure for ugly code+ Composition over inheritance (Adds flexibility)+ Add behavior at runtime without class modification+ Behavior can be reusedCons:– Too many small classes– Could be not obvious for other developers(example: Java streams)
  27. 27. Books▶ Head First Design PatternsBy Eric Freeman▶Design Patterns : Elements ofReusable Object-Oriented SoftwareBy (GoF) Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides▶ Search Google for: Design patterns
  28. 28. What next?More patterns! 
  29. 29. Questions? OMG! Patterns. Decorator By Max TitovGet examples: in touch: Twitter: eolexe