Class Notes for Friday, November 19


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Class Notes for Friday, November 19

  1. 1. Two key questions you MUST address in your letter: 1) Why are you sending your resume? 2) What value can you offer?
  2. 2. Format I. First paragraph: what job are you applying for? II. Why are you UNIQUELY qualified? III. Where can s/he find more information about you? IV. Good-bye
  3. 3. DOs • DO get to the point QUICKLY! • DO focus on YOUR value and how it relates to the employer’s needs. • DO make it short. No longer than 200 words.
  4. 4. Don’ts • DON’T oversell yourself (“I am the BEST!”) • DON’T be cheesy (“Your search is over…”) • DON’T ramble. Get to the point!
  5. 5. Samples: Opening I am writing to apply for the position of Financial Editor/Blogger that you are currently advertising on behalf of your client. My background in financial journalism at both CNN International and CNBC Asia, financial services at E*TRADE in the Silicon Valley and fluency in Mandarin Chinese are all ideally suited to meet the challenges of this position.
  6. 6. Samples: Body I have lived, studied and worked extensively throughout North Asia and Greater China in particular. As a journalist in both traditional and new media, I have covered the region’s financial markets and economics for many years. I also did extensive research on the subject of Chinese economic development and international relations during my 2004 graduate studies at the University of Hong Kong.
  7. 7. Samples: Close Thank you in advance for your consideration of my candidacy for this exciting position. For more information about my background, including samples of my past work, I have an online portfolio available at I look forward to talking with you soon.