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2018 FOCAC Reporting Guide

This handbook is designed to educate journalists and media practitioners about the upcoming Forum on China Africa Cooperation summit in Beijing in September 2018. This guide was produced by The China Africa Project with support from the Africa-China Reporting Project at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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2018 FOCAC Reporting Guide

  1. 1. :::c.. :z:: l> c.... CJ "'T"' l"T"' ""C 0 ::c :z:: "'T"' 0 c-:, l> c-:, 0 That is where this reporting guide comes in. We provide short, to-the-point introductions to key controversies in China-Africa relations. We hone in on issues that are complex enough to support serious reporting, but we unpack them in a simple way that will save you time. Each factsheet gives a basic introduction to the issue, provides a few key facts that pro� vide you with context, and a map showing the African countries most impacted by this issue. We then back this up with easy access to sources that can tell you more: people to in� terview, links to articles that will give you more context, and a link to a podcast discus� sion of the issue at hand. We cap all of it with a bottom line that provides you with a useful hook that will focus your reporting. The issues tackled in this guide range from in� troductions to key aspects of the China-Africa relationship (the Belt and Road Initiative, recent changes in Chinese aid, and the role of China's private sector in Africa) to wider in� sights about China as a new world power (where does Africa feature in Xi Jinping's worldview? How racist are Chinese people?) We also introduce the hottest topics in the China-Africa space, including the issue of debt, the rise of the Chinese RMB currency in African business, and China's military base in Djibouti. We are dedicated to challenge old assumptions - even the assumption that China is interested in Africa at all. In each case we unpack the facts and provide you with a fresh perspective. 4 The guide is an introduction to the breadth of Africa's relationship with China. It will allow you to go deeper, report better and inform your audience more effectively, while saving you time. THECHINA-AFRICARELATIONSHIPIS COMPLICAT� ED. The stakes are massive, and the terrain is un� known. Because so much is at stake, emotions run high and rumors can easily crowd out facts. It is your job as a journalist to separate the facts from the myths. This guide is de� signed to help you achieve that objective in a convenient, efficient manner so help you to more accurately cover China-Africa relations. - Cobus van Staden Johannesburg - Eric Olander Shanghai