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U rtrainer

  1. 1. Interface Design | Instructor: Ari DaneshTanya Serrano | Justin Walker | Joseph H. Kim
  2. 2. Concept
  3. 3. ConceptThe URtrainer is a combination of sophisticated hardware and softwareused to create an augmented reality that helps improve the health and fitness of its userThe hardware consists of a pair of glasses outfitted with a transparent LCD screen that ispart of the lenses. In addition, there is also a pair of ear buds built into the arms of theglasses that allow the computer to provide audio feedback to the user. In the bridge of theglasses there is a tiny pinhole camera that the computer uses to analyze the environmentin front of the user. After interpreting the data, the computer will overlay its outputinformation on the lenses so that the user can see what is in front of him along withsupporting visual data.
  4. 4. ConceptSome key applications of the URtrainer include but are not limited to:-provide workout plan based goals and current physical status-display current heart rate and VO2 index-direct and help find exercise equipment at the gym-identify exercise equipment and providing instruction how to use-provide real time feedback on the accuracy and effectiveness of the exercise being performed-identify any safety issues with how exercise is being performed-records all exercises performed so that progress can be tracked-function as a digital music player
  5. 5. ConceptBenefits of utilizing the URtrainer:-maximized workouts to achieve fitness goals faster-allows users who are typically timid of the gym environment get their footing by coaching them each stepof the way-one time cost compared to high monthly personal training bills-automatically tracks progress to help provide motivation
  6. 6. Comparative Report
  7. 7. fitOrbitTechnique Fitness OnlineTHI Personal Trainer
  8. 8. Competition # 1 - fitOrbitPros• free mobile app• provides daily fitness and meal plan from a real trainer with constantsupport• trainer is available 24/7• meals include healthy choices from restaurants nearby• everything is on the users time and pace, at the location of his/herpreferenceCons• physically have to carry around the mobile app• the gym may not have the same machine/equipment as instructionalvideo• no direct assitance in proper form
  9. 9. fitOrbitTechnique Fitness OnlineTHI Personal Trainer
  10. 10. Competition #2 - Technique Fitness AppPros• free mobile app• log your sets directly on your phone as you complete them• generate custom workouts in seconds• online library of exercises/stretches• watch instructional videos• record your body measurements dailyCons• physically have to carry around the mobile app• the gym may not have the same machine/equipment asinstructional video• no direct assitance in proper form
  11. 11. fitOrbitTechnique Fitness OnlineTHI Personal Trainer
  12. 12. Competition # 3 - THI Personal TrainerPros• free mobile app• over 140 video exercises with clear instructions• capable of adding your own exercises• capable of building your own customized workouts• 20+ training programs designed by professional Certified Strength &Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)• all information is contained within the app, no need for wifi or 3GCons• physically have to carry around the mobile app• the gym may not have the same machine/equipment as instructionalvideo• no direct assitance in proper form
  13. 13. fitOrbitTechnique Fitness OnlineTHI Personal Trainer
  14. 14. Final Mood Board
  15. 15. Final Mood Board
  16. 16. Final Comp
  17. 17. Screenshots from URtrainer
  18. 18. Voice ActivationThe URtrainer has a voice activation button located on the side of the glasses,highlighted in red. Once the user pushes the button, the URtrainer voice commandprompt will be activated right away. Through the voice command the user can makeany request he/she desires to maximize his/her workout:- next workout routine- information to be displayed on screen- voice login for workout routine (i.e. weights, reps, machine, notes)
  19. 19. Front Facing CameraThe URtrainer has a front facing camera that is utilized as a visual information thecomputer uses to analyze the environment in front of the user. Information such as:- form in which the user is working out- machine the user was working out in- visual reference to the last weights used during workout sessionThe URtrainer will pick up on wether or not the user is working out in a proper formand notify vial earphones if he/she is doing the workout improperly
  20. 20. Short Wave Transmitters/ReceiversURtrainer has two short wave transmitters/receivers around the ear straps, highlighted inred. Once the short wave receiver receives signals directly from the heart, the vitalinformation is displayed direction on the lenses for the user to view while still being ableto focus on his/her workout.
  21. 21. Development Schedule
  22. 22. Development ScheduleSCHEDULEDate Description Type5/10/10 Decided on product idea Pre-Production5/17/10 Made Comparative Report Pre-Production5/24/10 Questionnaires Pre-Production5/31/10 Defined products features Pre-Production6/7/10 Sketches for product Pre-Production6/14/10 Software begins to be produced Production7/5/10 Product model is created Production7/26/10 Product and software are put together Production8/2/10 Test out product Testing 8/6/10 User testing Testing8/12/10 Product is approved Deployment8/30/10 Production begins Deployment10/14/10 Begin to run with live users Deployment
  23. 23. Personas
  24. 24. Personas JennaOmar 35 years old Nathan26 years old Accountant 28 years oldGraphic Designer Married with 2 kids Graphic DesignerSingle Reads the news online and checks email MarriedIs designing on a computer for hours a daily No kidsday and checks facebook and email in Suffers knee problems Owns two dogsthe evening. Her 5 year old daughter plays in a baseball Likes to drink beer at least once a weekHe likes to play music on his turntables team Checks his facebook in the eveningLoves animals Pays the bills at home everydayLikes taking daily walks at the park Plays the Wii fit once a week Goes to the gym 3 times a week butDislikes lots of links on websites Busy schedule so can’t always rely on doesn’t see real resultsIntimidated by gym atmosphere a personal trainer Does a lot of traveling
  25. 25. PersonasTiffany19 years old DavidStudent 23 years oldSingle Web DesignerGoes to gym 6 times a week EngagedIn swimming team at school Lives with fiancéeLives with her father Has been updating his website daily andChecks email and myspace daily likes to play online gamesTwisted ankle about a year ago Has flat feetDoesn’t like carrying anything around Can’t walk for long distances Has one dog
  26. 26. Thank You