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Social Media Can Kill Your Reputation


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DMI Q2 Industry Update delivered in the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland. I look at some case studies of Irish social media #fails and trends before talking about what companies need to do to be prepared and some pointers on what to do in middle of a crisis.

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Social Media Can Kill Your Reputation

  1. 1. SocialMediaCanKillYourReputa4on.DMIQ2IndustryUpdate.24thApril2013.
  2. 2. Eoin Kennedy• 18 years communications experience.• Current chair IIA SMWG.• Freelance consultant• &• PRII, MII, UCD, H Dip.
  3. 3. Crisis ManagementNot so good• Still page one.• News site focused.• Lack of department title tags.• Lack of initial response page• Need to build future articles.“recall”Good• Fast open response. FAQs• Technical experts.• Utilised community.• Post event speaking.• Established.
  4. 4. Scheduled Tweets
  5. 5. Competitions
  6. 6. Competitions
  7. 7. Madison Night Club
  8. 8. Madison Night Club
  9. 9. Madison Night Club
  10. 10. Madison Night Club
  11. 11. Crisis Comms: Not for everyone…
  12. 12. Misdirection, hoaxes…
  13. 13. Who tweets?• HMVstoreclosures• Staffcon4nuedtotweet• Officialaccount• KnowwhomanagesaccountsespeciallyadminsonFacebook
  14. 14. Hashtag Hijacking - Bashtag“Your&interests&and&the&public&are&not&the&same”&
  15. 15. Hashtag HijackingCost.&&$1,000,000.
  16. 16. Cultural Sensitivities
  17. 17. Sometimes humour is all you can do
  18. 18. Sometimes humour is all you can do
  19. 19. Anger does not help
  20. 20. Anger does not help
  21. 21. Trends.• Lightning Speed.• Hyper-transparency.• Dialogue.• Search.• Same tools.• Traditional media amplification.• Civility.Ref:Ogilvy&360°Digital&Influence.&
  22. 22. Crisis Comms:Before you get there.Integrate.Escala0on&procedures.Scenario&development&Protocols,&response&flow&charts.&Roles,&Responsibili0es,&Ac0on.&Resources.Legal&team.Ensure&senior&management&engaged.&Know&what&is&a&crisis.&Recording&Data.&Crisis%Management%Plans%
  23. 23. Crisis Comms:Before you get there.• Be part of the community.• Establish SEO flow.• Staff communications.• Ongoing education.• Personal and work accounts.• Early warning monitoring.
  24. 24. Social Media Policy.hDp://
  25. 25. What can you do• Gather intelligence.• Be honest.• Acknowledge.• Be candid.• Declare interest.• Be brief.• No third response.• Know when to stop.• Avoid emotional, heavy handed, impolite.• Contact Author.• Learn your lesson.People&Focus&
  26. 26. What can you do• Collaborate with credible sources.• Integrate traditional PR.• Create FAQ.• Create response page.• Pressure Release valve.• Leverage advocates.• Hide content from SEO• Complain to Google.• Utilise staff and links• Aggressive SEO.• Use same platform/language.• Test influence.• Build positive stories pipeline.Technical&
  27. 27. hDp://
  28. 28. hDp://
  29. 29. Heat Index Quiz.h0p://;heat;index;quiz/%
  30. 30. Value of responding #fail.hDp://•46%ofconsumerswerepleased.•22%postedaposi4vecommentabouttheorganisa4on.• 79%poorcustomerexperienceonlinehadtheir complaintsignored.
  31. 31. Thanks for your time.Eoin Kennedy,+ 353 86 8339540+353 91 442