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CongRegation at Engenuity Midlands Network | Innovation Management dec 4 2017 v2


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Presentation to the Engenuity Midlands Network giving some of the insights into Innovation that came from this years CongRegation unconference

Published in: Leadership & Management
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CongRegation at Engenuity Midlands Network | Innovation Management dec 4 2017 v2

  1. 1. Innovation Management @congregation13
  2. 2. @eoink
  3. 3. Life Hack
  4. 4. Semantics Matters.
  5. 5. Liam O’Morain “Identify, Isolate, Destroy” • Stop using the word innovation and instead focus on experimentation • Stop using the word digital and instead focus on automation • Make technology, operations, and data a competitive advantage
  6. 6. Psychology Matters.
  7. 7. Mark Usher. “The Haka, Peak Innovation and the World’s Most Innovative People” • Accessing your Peak Innovation state is crucial for reaching your highest potential in inner happiness and outer success. • Doing daily rituals of activities that knowingly place you in your most innovative state is your key to integrating the key success strategy behind the world's greatest innovators. • The Greek root of the word ritual is ritu, meaning "that which is proven to work". Therefore rituals multiplied = massive success • If to Peak Innovation you want to rise, you've got to find what works for you, and ritualise!
  8. 8. Sue Redmond “Innovation is a State of Mind” • Everything comes down to your most valuable resource, people, they trump process, they are your culture. • Find ways to be positive to spark creativity. • Being negative blocks innovation. • Don't be apathetic it stifles innovation.
  9. 9. Denis O’Hora • “I wouldn’t start from here” - Where does innovation come from? • We’re not always aware why we are doing what we’re doing • Our decision making processes are biased towards repeating our mistakes • Generating new ways of doing things requires time • Innovation means embracing uncertainty
  10. 10. Karl Thomas “Creativity at the Heart of Innovation” • You have been lied to about your creative potential • Originality in innovation is a myth • You can learn to be an innovator • Creativity is hard work, but achievable
  11. 11. Morgan McKeagney Alignment: The Oxygen of Change • Most change & innovation projects fail, not because the ideas aren’t good or worthwhile, but because getting people and organisations to buy into real change is incredibly hard • Alignment is about getting a diverse group of people to agree • Great storytelling is your friend
  12. 12. Gar Mac Criosta History is Great, But the Future is All We Have Left • The future is unknowable, but we need to pay attention to the signals • To engage in innovation means imagining new futures • Thinking without tooling is difficult, innovation needs better tools • Structured process of telling stories
  13. 13. Innovation Can Be Bleak
  14. 14. Joan Mulvihill “Perchance to Dream” • We are at our most creative and innovative when we are challenged by scarcity of supply. The economics of innovation should be built on scarcity rather than plenty. If everything is given to us then we don’t learn how to do things for ourselves. When you always have money to order-in do you ever challenge yourself to raid the cupboards to conjure up a meal with just three ingredients? • Functional Fixedness, the idea that an object has just one purpose, is a damaging side-effect of economic prosperity. When you always have money to buy a ready-made garden shed do you ever go into the yard and recycle some old fencing and doors? • “To die, to sleep….” When the darkness is so dark that not everyone makes it to the morning. Some people thrive in the creative edges of the darkness but there are others for whom it is just too dark. What can we do?
  15. 15. Is Innovation Good or Bad?
  16. 16. Dermot Casey The Curses of Innovation • Treating innovation as a noun or a thing is a mistake. It a process and a verb • Its based on knowledge and experience and engagement with the world. Deeper engagement and better experience better innovation • Without human and social dimensions we are often blind to the value of invention and can fail to innovate • While there are many curses about how we think about innovation innovation is wholly human and wholly wonderful
  17. 17. Sinead Hewson. Survival of the fittest: Is coopetition the saviour of innovation? • Come together – operate as a high performing team: • Trust (expectations, ownership, resolution processes) • Communicate (expectations & ways of working) • Be open to challenge and change • Commit to invest and act with aligned expectations
  18. 18. Listening Drives Innovation
  19. 19. Lists and Stretching Gerry Duffy
  20. 20. Tom Murphy Innovation and Failure • Success can LEAD to failure. • Failure can be success! • Innovation is a goal. • Success is a process. • Failure is a step. • The difference between innovation and just goofing about……is taking notes.
  21. 21. David Gluckman • Single answers • No beauty contests • Market research isn’t perfect • Aim for the top – if you can • Smarter than consumers • The buyer is the hero • The product has to be brilliant
  22. 22. Connections.
  23. 23. Thanks for your time. Eoin Kennedy, + 353 86 8339540 Download