#StartupIreland presentation -8 july 2014- to Oireachtas Committee on Jobs Enterprise & Innovation


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To see the video of this presentation see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQz75_CXZOQ
#StartupIreland presentation of our vision for where Dublin should be by 2020 -#Vision2020Dublin - a global tech startup hub.
8 july 2014- Presentation to Oireachtas Committee on Jobs Enterprise & Innovation

#StartupIreland presentation -8 july 2014- to Oireachtas Committee on Jobs Enterprise & Innovation

  1. 1. #StartupIreland Partnership Providing Focus, Strategy and Vision to the Irish Startup Community for Jobs & Innovation Presentation to the Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation 8th July 2014
  2. 2. Fionnuala Healy Sean Blanchfield Karl Aherne Gene Murphy Eoin Costello - CEO
  3. 3. Our Presentation Today • Dublin’s challenges • #StartupIreland to date • #Vision2020 for Dublin
  4. 4. To make Dublin a global tech startup hub by 2020
  5. 5. Why? • Create a minimum of 2,800 jobs • Contribute €200 million to the Dublin economy p.a. • Be an international centre for innovation Source – Activating Dublin report
  6. 6. “Particular focus on entrepreneurship as two thirds of all new jobs are created by startup businesses.”
  7. 7. “These days big corporates from Siemens to Coca-Cola to Disney have a startup accelerator program.“
  8. 8. Our capital does not appear in Key Global Tech Startup Ecosystem Rankings
  9. 9. Dublin’s challenges as a tech startup hub •R&D/Corporate venturing activities of Corporates not here •Insufficient engagement by Corporates with startups •Lack of a cohesive ‘One Story’ for Dublin •What is Dublin’s global niche? •Lack of purpose built startup incubation space •Insufficient tech talent •Low female participation in entrepreneurship •Hard to secure investment funding at the €2 - €5 million level •Low international visibility
  10. 10. “More and more national & city level startup campaigns are emerging around the world.”
  11. 11. “In Tel Aviv everyone has a startup idea and are working on making it the next big thing.” #StartupIreland interviewee in Tel Aviv
  12. 12. “Paris to be home to the world’s biggest startup incubator by 2016 at La Halle Freyssinet, providing 30,000 sq.m. for 1,000 startups” Source: Rude Baguette – France’s Startup Blog “Our first purpose built campus opens in July 2014 providing 35,000 sq.ft. for: •Entrepreneurs •Startups •Service providers (accountants, legal, mentors, design etc.) •Seed capital funds •University initiatives •Corporate venturing activities” Source: Startup Mexico
  13. 13. •Action at Policy Level •Action at Grassroots level •Action at Culture & Education level “Creating an entrepreneurial community is a long term commitment, up to 10 years at a minimum”. Brad Feld #StartupIreland - Making a real sustainable difference
  14. 14. “We need a vision for Dublin’s tech startup community on a scale of that conceived for the IFSC in the 80’s.” John Moran
  15. 15. IFSC Dublin •Total employment 35,698 •Payroll of €2.3bn •Corporate Tax in excess of €1bn Source: Financial Services Ind/IBEC 2014
  16. 16. IDA Data Centre Strategy in the 90s
  17. 17. •Make Dublin a leading global startup centre. •Attract significantly more overseas entrepreneurs to Dublin.
  18. 18. Startup Ireland’s #Vision2020 for Dublin
  19. 19. • Food • Medical Devices • ICT • Energy • BioPharma
  20. 20. Is it too late? .
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  23. 23. Killian Costello
  24. 24. “Dublin is a city of silos.” James McBennett participant
  25. 25. Join us for the #StartupIreland ‘Creating the Vision for Dublin’ Forum on 10th October at
  26. 26. Ireland Land of opportunity for startups that want to take on the world .