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My presentation to the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Networking meeting April 2016


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My presentation on our goal of helping Ireland become a global startup hub by 2020 and our big event in Cork in November, the Startup Nations Summit

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My presentation to the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Networking meeting April 2016

  1. 1. Presentation to the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Networking event – 21st April 2016 Making Ireland a Global Startup Hub by 2020
  2. 2. My Journey
  3. 3. My Work as an Enterprise Ireland Mentor
  5. 5. “Network Connectivity is the most important component driving ecosystem growth.” Research by US Chamber of Commerce and the 1775 International Startup Competition
  6. 6. Startups are the new FDI companies John Kennedy Silicon Republic #startupIRL
  7. 7. A comparison with Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem Population 7.8 million 4.6 million National economy type Small, open, export orientated Small, open, export orientated Real GDP (2012) $179bn $212bn Startup Genome Ranking Tel Aviv #2 Dublin #No rank Tech startups per million inhabitants Bowei Gai, World Startup Report #1 in the world at 375 per million inhabitants No rank, researcher did not include Dublin Startup Accelerators 36 ( 6 (Activating Dublin report) VC funds raised in 2013 $2.3bn (Israel VC Research Centre) $395m (Irish VC Association) Other Facts about Israel ● 39% of Israeli high tech employees work in the R&D Depts of tech multinationals located in Israel, in Ireland these same multinationals locate their customer service and sales operations here. ● 63 Israeli high-tech companies listed on the tech oriented NASDAQ ● Israeli tech exits worth $7.6b in 2013 (PwC) with significant capital gains tax to the Exchequer.
  8. 8. The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 #startupIRL
  9. 9. Amsterdam Population 820,000 – straight in at 19 Austin Texas Population 840,000 - Straight in at 14 #startupIRL
  10. 10. #startupIRL Europe’s West Coast for Awesome Startups
  11. 11. #startupIRL
  12. 12. #startupIRL
  13. 13. 25th -26th September #startupIRL
  14. 14. #startupIRL
  15. 15. #startupIRL
  16. 16. #startupIRL
  17. 17. October 5th - 9th #startupIRL
  18. 18. #startupIRL
  19. 19. #startupIRL
  20. 20. Startup Ireland Survey An Amárach Research Briefing November 2015
  21. 21. Foreign R&D Centers in Israel division by sectors Over 250 MNCs, 66% from US 43
  22. 22. Time of Take-Off VC/PE raised in Mln dollars average per year New High-Tech Companies average per year 77From 1969-1992 1,214307From 1993-2005 44
  23. 23. Israeli High-Tech Ecosystem Global High-Tech Companies Management & Professional Expertise Technological Infrastructure Experienced 2nd time Entrepreneurs University Graduates Technology Developers Leading Academic Institutions & Research Corporate Spin-Offs Incubators Defense Corporate R&D Seasoned VC Community Government Support 45
  24. 24. “When localities focused on fostering and stimulating startups, they could change their own economic futures in dramatic and fundamental ways.”
  25. 25. Commercial Attaches at Embassies Government Incubators Accelerators MNC Innovation Managers. Accountants, Lawyers, PatentAgents Research centres Investors Universitie s Professional Service Providers MNCs State Agencies Networks Groups Entrepreneurs & Startups Diaspora Mentors, Angel Investors Tech Transfer Offices
  26. 26. Vision2020 Startup Island
  27. 27. Vision 2020 Dublin Dublin to be a global tech startup hub by 2020 Startup Ireland bring you this forum in partnership with
  28. 28. July 2014 Nov 2014 Jan 2015 Feb 2015 Mar 2015 May 2015 Sept 2015 #startupIRL
  29. 29. “No longer can entrepreneurship be limited to a small set of risk takers located in a few specific cities.” Brad Feld Startup Communities
  30. 30. New technology is the great equaliser Fintrax founder sells up for €170m to private equity firm, 'biggest deal in Gaeltacht history‘. Stockbyte, the Co Kerry-based stock photographs company, bought out by multinational Getty Images for $135m.