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Eoin Costello speaking at Google #atmosphere2104 Dublin on making Dublin a global tech startup hub


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The video of the talk is available here -

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Eoin Costello speaking at Google #atmosphere2104 Dublin on making Dublin a global tech startup hub

  1. 1. #atmosphere14 Staffing @ Google Eoin Costello Co-Founder StartupIreland
  2. 2. #StartupIreland Changing hearts and minds towards entrepreneurship in Ireland
  3. 3. "Your competition is no longer multinational powerhouses in China or India. Your competition now is the hyper- connected startup anywhere in the world that is using exponential technologies to dematerialize and demonetize your products and services." Peter H. Diamandis Co-founder and CEO
  4. 4. 10 years ago the optimal amount of capital required to help a software company to scale successfully: ● $15 million The same can be achieved now for: ● $1 million
  5. 5. “Small teams of individuals can do what only governments and large corporations could have ever done in the past.”
  6. 6. #Dublin as an international hub for tech startups?
  7. 7. Tech startups per million inhabitants (Bowei Gai, World Startup Report) #1 in the world at 375 per million inhabitants No rank, researcher did not include Dublin Accelerators 36 ( 12 (Activating Dublin report) Number of tech startups per annum 1,900 (Tel Aviv Startup City 2013) 200 (EI HPSU + Accelerator numbers only) 39% of Israeli high tech employees work in the R&D Depts of tech multinationals located in Israel.
  8. 8. Why is this something that I am personally motivated about?
  9. 9. “Ireland has some amazing entrepreneurs but not nearly enough of them.” Minister Richard Bruton
  10. 10. “Where would we start, with a degree we can get a job and the employer provides the framework...” Final Year Undergrad
  11. 11. ● The average hours worked by early stage entrepreneurs: 74 hours per week ● The average salary of early stage entrepreneurs: €25,000 ● The average time to first enterprise sale: 16 months
  12. 12. “What matters in Silicon Valley is how much effect you have on the world.” Paul Graham Cities & Ambition
  13. 13. The Ask
  14. 14. What’s different about ● All startups located within the parent company offices. ● Global acceleration model - part of an international network. ● Championed within the parent multinational Telefonica.
  15. 15. “As a result of Wayra OptiWifi has successfully won a global contract with Telefonica to deploy our tech on over 1 million wifi access points in 15 countries. If we had not been on the Wayra Accelerator this would not have happened.” Mark Burke CEO
  16. 16. Corporate venturing supports available from Startup Europe Partnership ● Exposure to grass-roots innovation ● Access to an international pan-European deal flow ● Access to SEP database (powered by AngeList) ● Scouting and Filtering
  17. 17. #atmosphere14