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  1. 1. Evaluation activity 3: Film production and distribution
  2. 2. Our product company Name• Eventually, we decided the name of our production company would be Baller Productions. The name we chose is based upon one of the group members surname: Ball, with the first letter of the other two members surnames added, Earnshaw=E, Reynolds-R.• To the right is the final image we used as a logo for our production company.
  3. 3. The role of a Production Company• A production company is responsible for physical production of new media, this could take form as music, film or television.• The production company may be responsible for the funding of the film production.• A production company could take form as either a large company or a small company• A production company is responsible for the selling of the film to the studio, or it may be the name of the studio itself.
  4. 4. Film Distributors• The role of a film distributor is a company or individual person responsible for releasing films to the public either theatrically or for home viewing.
  5. 5. How our film may have been funded• The film may have been funded by the production company, Baller Productions.• The money they have used to fund our production will have been taken from profits taken from previous films, performing arts, or television programmes.
  6. 6. How our film is going to be released, and films that are released similarly• As our film is independent, and it is going to be distributed in selected small pictures such as the corner house in Manchester, and Tyneside in Newcastle.• Films that it can be compared to in terms of distribution, are films like “Outside the Law”, which has been released privately in the Corner house cinema in Manchester, and “Farewell” which is also shown in the Corner house