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Evaluation activity 4


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Evaluation activity 4

  1. 1.  This is the person who watches our film, he is a male adult over the age of 18. He takes interest in electronic and guitar based music. His Favourite television programmes are those which contain dramatic themes of kidnap or violence revolving around crime such as CSI or The Bill. They would watch our film due to its gripping storyline and the suspense it provokes.
  2. 2. It is most likely that our production would be classified by the BBFC as a 15 or 18 certificate. This isbecause we have included adult themes such as abduction and peril. Also a mature certificate suchas this would be appropriate for our film because of the dark tone and inclusion of violence.
  3. 3.  Because of the theme of peril  Teenagers may be able to identify inflicted by a child being in with the older sister who is jeopardy, the character of Amie babysitting in the production, due to would appeal to parents over that her age, and teenage mind-set. age of 30 as it is a nightmare every parent can relate to and empathise with.
  4. 4.  The gender of people who watch thriller films such as ours will vary, research has indicated that thriller films are more orientated towards males than females. The educational background of this target audience may vary, with more educated people appreciating thrillers with psychological elements, whereas action thrillers appeal to a much broader demographic, due to the fact they are easier to understand and watch.