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Travel vocabulary

  1. 1. travel, trip or journey? From CALD 3rd Ed Warning: Choose the right word!Travel is an uncountable noun and refers to the activity of travelling: Air travel has become much cheaper.To talk about a particular occasion where you go somewhere and come backagain, dont say travel, say trip: I met him on a recent travel to London. I met him on a recent trip to London.To talk about the part of a trip you spend in a vehicle, dont say travel, sayjourney: The travel from the airport takes about 20 minutes. The journey from the airport takes about 20 minutes.adventure noun [ C or U ] an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity such as a journey or experience, or theexcitement produced by such an activity She had some exciting adventures in Egypt. We got lost on the Metro - it was quite an adventure. Sam wont come - hes got no sense of adventure (= he does not enjoy dangerous or exciting situations) .ˈ car ˌ pool noun [ C + sing/pl verb ] PEOPLE 1. a group of people who travel together, especially to work or school,usually in a different members car each daycar-pooling noun [ U ]carsick adjective feeling that you want to vomit because of the movement of a carcarsickness noun [ U ]circumnavigation noun [ C or U ] FORMAL a circumnavigation of the globe from west to eastcommute noun [ C ] INFORMAL a regular journey between work and home Its at least an hours commute to work.convoy noun [ C ] 1. a group of vehicles or ships which travel together, especially for protection A convoy of trucks containing supplies was sent to the famine area.convoy verb [ T ] to travel with a vehicle or group of people to make certain that they arrive safely Two tanks convoyed the trucks across the border.crossing noun [ C ] 2. a journey across something such as a sea, from one side to the other We had a really rough crossing - I was sick three times.ˈ day ˌ trip noun [ C ] a visit to a place in which you go there and come back on the same day Do you fancy coming on a day trip to Bath next Saturday?drive noun VEHICLE 5. [ C ] a journey in a car Its a long drive from Glasgow to London. Shall we go for a drive this afternoon?excursion noun [ C ] 1. a short journey usually made for pleasure, often by a group of people This years annual excursion will be to Lincoln. Next week were going on an excursion.expedition noun JOURNEY 1. [ C ] an organized journey for a particular purpose Were going on a shopping expedition on Saturday. Scott died while he was on an expedition to the Antarctic in 1912.ˈ field ˌ trip noun [ C ] a visit made by students to study something away from their school or college a geography field tripflight noun JOURNEY 1. [ C ] a journey in an aircraft Ill never forget my first flight. How was your flight? All flights to New York today are delayed because of bad weather. My flight was cancelled. 1
  2. 2. foray noun [ C ] VISIT 2. a short visit, especially with a known purpose I made a quick foray into town before lunch to get my sister a present.ˌ grand ˈ tour noun [ C ] 1. ( ALSO Grand Tour ) a visit to the most important countries and cities of Europe which richyoung people made in the past as part of their educationˌ grand ˈ tour noun [ C ] 2. OFTEN HUMOROUS when someone shows you round a house or other building Let me give you a grand tour of the house.haul noun [ C ] PERIOD OF TIME 3. a journey, often a difficult one, or a period of effort From there it was a long haul/only a short haul (= long and difficult/short and easy journey) back to our camp. It was a long haul (= It took a long time and was difficult) , but the alterations to the house are finished at last.hitchhike verb [ I ] to travel by getting free rides in someone elses vehicle Women should never hitchhike on their own.jaunt noun [ C ] a short journey for pleasure, sometimes including a stay a Sunday jaunt into the hillsjourney noun [ C ] the act of travelling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle Its a two-hour train journey from York to London. I love going on long journeys. We broke our journey (= stopped for a short time) in Edinburgh before travelling on to Inverness the next day. Did you have a good journey? Have a safe journey! FIGURATIVE He views his life as a spiritual journey towards a greater understanding of his faith.junket noun [ C ] DISAPPROVING a journey or visit made for pleasure by an official, which is paid for by someone else oris paid for with public moneylayover noun [ C ] US FOR stopover (= a short stay between parts of a journey, especially a plane journey) We had a four-hour layover in Chicago.lift noun JOURNEY 4. [ C usually singular ] a free journey in another persons vehicle, especially a car Ill give you a lift to the station if you like. He hitched a lift (= stood by the road and made a signal asking a car to stop and take him) to Birmingham.long-haul adjective [ before noun ] travelling a long distance a long-haul flightˈ milk ˌ run noun [ C usually singular ] a journey that you make often, especially one including several stopsˈ mystery ˌ tour noun [ C ] UK a short journey, especially with a group of other people in a bus, to visit places whichare kept secret from you until you get thereodyssey noun [ C usually singular ] LITERARY a long exciting journey The film follows one mans odyssey to find the mother from whom he was separated at birth. FIGURATIVE a spiritual odysseyouting noun JOURNEY 1. [ C ] when a group of people go on a short journey, usually for pleasure or education Rosies going on a class/school outing to the Museum of Modern Art.outward-bound adjective [ before noun ] describes a ship or passenger going away from home At the port she managed to get a passage on an outward-bound ship.passage noun TRAVEL 5. [ S ] OLD-FASHIONED a journey, especially over the sea He had booked his passage to Rio de Janeiro.peregrination noun [ C ] FORMAL a long journey in which you travel to various different places, especially on footpilgrimage noun [ C or U ] 1. a special journey made by a pilgrim Most Muslims try to make a pilgrimage/ go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life.pilgrimage noun [ C or U ] 2. a journey to a place which is considered special, and which you visit to show your respect For many football fans, the national ground is a place of pilgrimage.ˈ pit ˌ stop noun [ C ] 2. a short stop that you make during a long car journey in order to rest and eat We made a quick pit stop in York before continuing on our journey.ride verb rode , ridden 1. [ I or T ] to sit on a horse or a bicycle and travel along on it controlling its movements I learned to ride a bike when I was six. I ride my bicycle to work. I ride to work on my bicycle. The hunters came riding by/past on their horses. He rides well/badly (= He can ride horses well/badly) .ride noun [ C ] 1. a journey on a horse or bicycle, or in a vehicle Its a short bus ride to the airport. I went for a (horse) ride last Saturday. Do you want to come for a ride on my motorbike?ride noun [ C ] 2. a free journey in a car to a place where you want to go He asked me for a ride into town.ˈ road ˌ trip noun [ C ] US If someone, especially a sports team, takes a road trip, they travel to other places to playgames against other teams or for business reasons.rode PAST SIMPLE OF ride 2
  3. 3. ˌ round ˈ trip noun [ C ] If you make a round trip, you go on a journey and return to where you started noun TRAVEL 2. [ C ] a journey The number of aircraft on the New York-Moscow run is being increased. OLD-FASHIONED Lets go for a run (out) in the car somewhere. The plane swooped in on its bombing run.safari noun [ C or U ] an organized journey to look at, or sometimes hunt, wild animals, especially in Africa to go/be on safarisail noun TRAVEL 3. [ S ] a journey in a boat or ship Its two days sail/Its a two-day sail (= a journey of two days by sea) from here to the nearest island.seafaring adjective [ before noun ] LITERARY connected with travelling by sea a seafaring man (= a sailor)short-haul adjective [ before noun ] travelling a short distance short-haul flightssortie noun [ C ] 2. a short journey to somewhere you have not been before, often with a particular purpose It was our first sortie into the town centre.spin noun DRIVE 3. [ C usually singular ] OLD-FASHIONED INFORMAL a short journey in a car for pleasure Rupert took me for a spin in his new car.stopover noun [ C ] UK ( US layover ) a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey tosomewhere else Our tickets to Australia include a stopover for two nights in Singapore.tour noun 1. [ C ] a visit to a place or area, especially one during which you look round the place or area and learnabout it We went on a guided tour of / UK ALSO round the cathedral/museum/factory. A bus took us on a sightseeing tour of the city. a tour guidetour noun 2. [ C ] a journey made for pleasure, especially as a holiday, visiting several different places in an area a cycling tour of Provence Theyve just come back from a tour of / UK ALSO round Devon and Cornwall. Tour operators (= companies which arrange holidays for people) have reported a drop in bookings.tour noun 3. [ C or U ] a planned visit to several places in a country or area made for a special purpose, such as by apolitician, sports team or group of performers a lecture/concert tour The Queen is making a two-week tour of Australia. She is performing in Birmingham tonight, on the third leg of (= stage of) her nationwide tour. The England cricket team is on tour in Pakistan.tour verb 2. [ T ] If a play tours a particular area, it is performed in several places there The play will be performed first in London, and will then tour the rest of the noun 1. [ U ] the activity of travelling air/space travel business travel We share a love of literature, food and travel. I heard on the travel news that thered been an accident.travelling , US USUALLY traveling adjective [ before noun ] 1. moving from one place to another, especially to perform orwhile working, etc. a travelling opera company/circus a travelling salesmantrip noun JOURNEY 1. [ C ] a journey in which you go somewhere, usually for a short time, and come back again The trip from York to Newcastle takes about an hour by train. Do you want to go on the school trip to France this year? I thought we might hire a motorboat and take a trip round/around the bay. MAINLY UK We cant afford another trip abroad this year. Its a 10-mile trip from the airport to the city centre. Shes away on a business trip and wont be back until next week. I was thinking we might go on a shopping trip to Oxford on noun [ C ] a long journey, especially by ship He was a young sailor on his first sea voyage. FIGURATIVE The first year of a loving relationship is a voyage (= period) of discovery.wanderings plural noun time spent travelling around or going from one place or country to another After all her wanderings she had come back home to stay. HUMOROUS If you see Alan in/on your wanderings, will you tell him hes wanted in the office?whistle-stop tour noun [ C ] a series of short visits to different places, made usually by a politicianˌ grand ˈ tour noun [ C ] 1. ( ALSO Grand Tour ) a visit to the most important countries and cities of Europe which richyoung people made in the past as part of their educationstopover noun [ C ] UK ( US layover ) a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey tosomewhere else 3
  4. 4. Our tickets to Australia include a stopover for two nights in Singapore.travelling , US USUALLY traveling adjective [ before noun ] 1. moving from one place to another, especially to perform orwhile working, etc. a travelling opera company/circus a travelling salesmanhitch a lift/ride INFORMAL to get a free ride in someone elses vehicle as a way of travelling They hitched a lift to Edinburgh from a passing car.thumb a lift INFORMAL to stand near the edge of a road and hold out your hand with the thumb raised as a signal for avehicle to stop and take you somewhere We thumbed a lift to light to make a journey without taking a lot of heavy things with you I always try to travel light.travels [ plural ] journeys a record of her travels in/around the Far Eastwell-/widely-travelled describes people who have visited many countries Theyre a well-travelled on the move INFORMAL 2. to be travelling Were going to be on the move all next week, but well call you when we get to Edinburgh. 4