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-Describing people
- Your family and friends
-Describing a picture
-Holidays (your last holidays)
-Travelling exp...
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Topics speaking


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Topics speaking

  1. 1. -Describing people - Your family and friends -Clothes -Describing a picture -Holidays (your last holidays) -Travelling experiences (transport, activities, what you like and dislike) - Food -Houses - Shopping -Free time - The place where you live - Health -(after holidays): Education When preparing your summaries and monologues remember to use the page I gave you at the beginning with the connectors and the tips. Remember to organize your ideas, to use the vocab and grammar we’ve studied. Try to use the following grammatical aspects: - present simple/continous - past simple/continuos - be going to /present contious for future plans/relative clauses (a place where…., a person who…) - present perfect/something, anything, nothing… - comparatives and superlatives - verbs with +ing or +to - quantifiers - will, won’t - modal verbs - 1st conditional Try to use some new vocabulary, use synonyms, revise your class notes and the blog!