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Education vocabulary key


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Education vocabulary key

  1. 1. Educationvocabulary- KEY EXERCISE 1 A) Nurseryschool B) primaryschool C) academicyear D) terms E) break F) secondary G) co-educational H) compulsory I) state J) private K) graduate L) degree M) tutorial N) seminar O) lectura P) grant Q) fees EXERCISE 2 a) to sit/take/do an exam is the same: students sit exams but teachers set exams b) to take an exam is to attempt the questions and to pass an exam is to be successful c) compulsory means that you must do it and voluntary means optional d) schools and universities educate people and parents bring them up e) a pupil is a child at school and a student is an older person EXERCISE 3 A) to B) at/of C) in D) at E) to F) into G) up H) at I) in J) from K) by