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Conversations nb1

  1. 1. 1) A: Hi……What’s your name? B: Hi! My name is….. A: Pardon? Can you repeat it? B: I’m........... A: Ah! Ok! Nice to meet you B: Nice to meet you too. A: How are you today.......? B: I’m very well, thanks. And you? A: So-So.. B: Really? Why? A: Because I’m tired/I work too much. 2) A: And What’s your phone number? B: It’s ...................... A: Ok. But is that your home number or your mobile number? B: That’s my mobile telephone number A: And what about your first surname? B: My first surname is.... A: Sorry? How do you spell it? 3) A: And how old are you? B: I’m...... A: And are you married or single? B: I’m... A: And are you English? B: No, I’m not A: Where are you from? B: I’m from Germany. I’m German A: Is Germany nice? B: Yes, of course it is! 4) A: What’s your address in Germany? B: It’s 56 New Road, number 456 A: And your postcode? B: I think it’s SW66HK but I’m not sure A: Thank you very much B: And can you give me your email address? A: It’s 5) A: Hello my dear friend! B: What’s the matter? A: I’m sad/stressed/worried. B: But are you very/quite/extremelly sad? A: I’m just a bit sad B: Don’t be sad. Cheer up. A: Thanks
  2. 2. B: Come on.Today is Friday A: No, it isn’t. B: What day is it today? A: Monday! Oh my God! I thought it was Friday! B: See you on Saturday or see you later? A: No, see you next week B: Have a nice weekend/evening! 6) A:Who is that? B: That is my friend Carlos. A: Oh!! I see...Is Carlos his real name? B: Yes, it is A: What does he do? B: He ‘s a teacher A: What languages does he speak? B: He speaks....... 7) A: Good evening/morning/afternoon madam B: Hello, I have a reservation. My name’s..... A: Can you spell that please? B: Yes of course............ A: For five/three/two nights? Yes, that’s right B: Can I have your passport please? Just a second...Here you are A: Thank you. Can you sign here please? B: Yeah. Can I have my key please? A: Here’s your key. It’s room 234 on the second floor. B: The lift is over there. A: And where is the bar? It’s over there too. B: Thanks A: Enjoy your stay... B: Thank you. 8) A:Good morning madam. Would you like something to drink? B: Yes, please. I would like a coffee A: Single or double? B: Double please A: Would you like something sweet (a brownie, a cake)? B: No thanks. That’s perfect A: Where are you from? B: I’m from New York. I’m here on business A: Oh! B: Ok, it’s time for bed. A: No problem. See you tomorrow morning madam. Have rest! B: See you tomorrow. You too
  3. 3. 9) A: Hi! What’s on your table? B: I have two pencils, a book, a workbook, and glasses. A: Oh!It’s so tidy! And what do you have in your study room? B: I have....... A: What’s this? B: It’s a credit card. A: What are these? B: They’re headphones A: What’s that? B: It’s a lamp A: What are those? B: They’re photos A: But are they new or old photos? B: They’re old photos A: Really? And what about your books? Are they cheap or expensive? B: The’re expensive books A: What colour are they? B: They are..... A: And what colour is the Spanish flag? B: It’s...... 10) A: Ok children. Be quiet and open your window but don’t open the door! B: Come on. Let’s go! A: Now we have to turn right? B: But right or left? A: I don’t know. I don’t remember 11) A: Do you go to the cinema at weekends? Yes, I do/No, I don’t B: Do you listen to the radio? Yes, I do. A: And do you read the newspaper? No, I don’t B: Do you play the guitar? A: What about Samuel? Does he drink tea? Yes, he does/No he doesn’t B: Does he live in a house or in a flat? He lives in a flat and now he wears glasses! 12) A: Hi....! How are you doing? It’s been a long time! How are you? B: I’m fine thanks A: What do you do? B: Now I’m a waiter A: Oh! What a surprise! Do you like your job? B: Yes, I do but I work too many hours a day A: Do you work inside or outside? B: I work both inside and outside
  4. 4. A: And when do you work? I work in the mornings, in the evening, at night or at weekend B: Do you work with other people? A: Yes I do B: Do you travel/drive/make things/earn a lot of money? A: No, I don’t 13) A: Hi. Are you....? B: Yes, I am, but call me.....Nice to meet you A: Nice to meet you too. Sorry I’m late B: No problem. Let’s have a drink. A beer? A wine? A: No thanks. Water for me. I don’t drink alcohol at lunchtime. B: I like this place. Me too. Where do you live in.....? A: I live in..... B: Oh! How interesting! A: What kind of music do you like? B: I like pop music. A: How many brothers and sisters do you have? B: I have.... A: What tv programmes do you like? B: I watch channel.... A: I like that channel too. It’s very interesting B: What is your favourite restaurant? A: My favourite restaurant is.... B: Really? Me too. 14) A: Hi John! Nice to see you here! B) Excuse, what time is it? A) It’s a quarter to eight B) Really! Oh my God! It’s so late A) I must go! See you on Friday! 15) A: Can I help you? What would you like? B: A cappuccino please A: Regular or large? B:Regular A: To have here or to take away? B: To take away A: Anything else? No thanks. A brownie for me plase... B: Ok. How much is that? A: That’s 12 euros. Sorry, how much? B: It’s 12 euros. Thanks. And your change A: Thanks. Bye! B: Talk to you later!