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MOOC INTEF at eMOOCs 2017 Conference


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The session, held on Tuesday 23 May 2017, at UC3M in Madrid, as part of the eMOOCs 2017 Conference, addressed the potential of MOOCs to respond to the challenges relating to changing societal needs in a global and digital economy, and to the modernization of Higher Education. On a European level, although differences are observed between certain countries, it seems that strong European involvement in MOOCs is widespread. However, the strongest involvement is seen in those regions with supportive policies and structures. Institutional policies at national and regional level seem to be a determinant factor in the uptake of MOOCs. Prominent questions were addressed, such as: why should governments (not) care about MOOCs, what are the reasons for governments to stimulate MOOCs, what are the potential benefits to society from a MOOC-based strategy, etc.

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MOOC INTEF at eMOOCs 2017 Conference

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