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Islandora Webinar: A 'How-to' Guide for Islandora


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For our March 2016 webinar, the team at discoverygarden will offer an interactive, hands-on 'how to' guide that will feature a live demonstration of some of the exciting features of the Islandora software.

The demonstration will include lessons on such tasks as ingesting various types of content, setting permissions, metadata entry and display, discovery and embargoes and much more.

The recording of this webinar is available:

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Islandora Webinar: A 'How-to' Guide for Islandora

  1. 1. ‘How-to’ Guide for Islandora Islandora Webinar March 30, 2016
  2. 2. Introductions Erin Tripp, Bus. Dev. Staff librarian since 2011. Erin delivers Islandora training at events worldwide and has managed more than 40 digital curation projects.
  3. 3. Welcome! Agenda • Islandora Overview • Ingest Methods • Configuring Search Tools • Applying Restrictions
  4. 4. The Technology Drupal + Fedora
  5. 5. The Technology Drupal (Presentation & Collaboration) Drupal is the leading open source content management system with over 30,000 user contributed modules from almost 100,000 active community members. Drupal serves as the presentation and collaboration layer in Islandora. Islandora is a set of Drupal modules which allow users to manage and preserve digital assets.
  6. 6. The Technology Apache Solr (Search & Discovery) Solr powers some of the most heavily-trafficked websites and applications in the world. Key features include: ● Full-text search ● Search faceting & filtering ● Highly scalable/Fault tolerant ● Near real-time indexing
  7. 7. The Technology Fedora Commons (Storage & Preservation) Fedora Commons is purpose built for data preservation and long-term data accessibility. Key features include: ● Auditing & Fixity checks ● RDF Support ● Scales to millions of objects ● Support for virtually any filetype ● Files are readily accessible (no lock-in)
  8. 8. Islandora Open Source Digital Repository Framework Organizations can create robust digital repository systems tailored to their specific needs and grow the system to handle virtually limitless amounts of data.
  9. 9. The Company discoverygarden inc.
  10. 10. Service Provider Removing Barriers to Using Open Source • Partner in the Islandora Foundation • Launched in 2010 • 92% of Islandora code is written by discoverygarden on behalf of customers • Services listed here: http: //www.discoverygarden. ca/services/
  11. 11. It’s worth it to invest in people and ideas instead of software licenses...
  12. 12. Demo ‘How-to’ Guide for Islandora
  13. 13. Permissions Users, Roles and Permissions ● Drupal provides permissions on a role (aka group) level ● Users are assigned to role ● To implement restrictions we integration users, roles and permissions with XACML (more to come on this later in presentation)
  14. 14. British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN)Ingest MethodsPermissions
  15. 15. Structure Everything is an Object ● A collection, pdf, image, video, etc. are described as objects ● Objects have datasteams ● Descriptive metadata, for example, is stored as a datastream
  16. 16. British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN)Ingest MethodsObject Structure
  17. 17. Ingest Methods Over the Web or on the Command Line ● Individual ingest available over the web ○ 2 GB file limit ● Batch Ingest modules over the web ○ Zip File Importer ○ Four Batch Citation Uploaders ○ 2 GB file limit ● Scripted ingests on the Command line for large files or large batches
  18. 18. British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN)Ingest MethodsIngest Methods
  19. 19. Discovery Settings Search Results Facets Advanced Search ● Basic/ keyword search out of the box ● Easy to configure modules for collection search, advanced search, facets, sort, and custom record display ● External discovery modules for being indexed by Google, Google Scholar, WorldCat, Summon and more!
  20. 20. British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN)Ingest MethodsDiscovery Settings
  21. 21. Access Controls Applying Embargoes or Restrictions Islandora supports three methods for applying embargoes: • XACML Security Policy Editor • Scholar Embargo • IP Embargo
  22. 22. British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN)Ingest MethodsAccess Controls
  23. 23. Resources Want to Learn More About Islandora? ● Islandora Online Discussion Forums com/forum/#!forum/islandora ● Islandora Documentation https: //wiki.duraspace. org/display/ISLANDORA715/Sta rt ● discoverygarden Case Studies http://www.discoverygarden. ca/case-studies/
  24. 24. Questions? Contact us at: