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Smarter Together auf dem TechDays 2018


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Auch den TechDays 2018 in München hat das Projekt Smarter Together berichtet, was auf dem Weg zur Smart City München bereits erreicht wurde.

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Smarter Together auf dem TechDays 2018

  1. 1. TECH DAYS – Digital Innovation 14. Mai 2018 Franziska Meier (City of Munich)
  2. 2. smart cities Lighthouse cities Follower cities Observer cities Lyon + Munich + Vienna Santiago de Compostela + Sofia + Venice Kiew + Yokohama WE ARE SMARTER TOGETHER
  3. 3. partners WE ARE SMARTER TOGETHER
  4. 4. involved departments WE ARE SMARTER TOGETHER
  5. 5. WE FOCUS ON Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better Life in Urban Districts MOBILITY Smart Mobility Smart Services INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICES SmartData Platform Smart Labs Smart City App ENERGY Holistic refurbishment District heating & renewable energy CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT main topics
  6. 6. project area with urban labs SMARTER TOGETHER »NEUAUBING | WESTKREUZ | FREIHAM« approx. 30.000 existing residents approx. 20.000 new residents approx. 7.500 new jobs
  7. 7. integrated infrastructure and services
  8. 8. special munich smart lamppost streetlighting communication &sensors INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE enabled with IoT to support SMART SERVICES powersupplysensors
  9. 9. innovation competition ‘Open Call‘ IN SEARCH OF sensor based innovations for smart lampposts
  10. 10. smart data platform & data gatekeeper Data transfer from use-case „Energy“ Data transfer from use-case „Mobility“ Data transfer from use-case„Real-Labs“ Transparency Dashboard (Web-Info Page ) Analysis Dashboard - Thematic Analysis - Platform Statistics - KPI Results Apps (e.g. Munich SmartCity App) Other users - Open Data Portal - Data Bases Stakeholder’s Requirements Smart Data Platform CIP: Assures Data Gatekeeper-based Data Classification & Processing, Analytics and Realisation of all required Data Handling Policies Data Gatekeeper: Offers concrete Guidelines to transform Legal and Strategic Requirements into a resilient Data Processing Model Data Input Data Output Data transfer from other sources
  11. 11. prototyp Munich SmartCity App
  12. 12. Munich SmartCity App SOON!
  13. 13. nächste Schritte Franziska Meier City of Munich EU-Project Smarter Together, #smart_muc