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Writers Group - Milkwood / beautiful


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Locations in Second Life that you might want to visit - what could you do here?

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Writers Group - Milkwood / beautiful

  1. 1. Join me for a wonderful visit to a writers’ retreat based in Scotland!
  2. 2. Basic Information This beautiful land supports: writing, writers, authors, poetry, poets, Virtual Writers, Inc., Library, literary events, short stories, readings, authors, books publishers, writing prompts and exercises, poetry & writing workshops. Private writers’
  3. 3. Standing at water’s edge I could almost feel the mist washing away my worries.
  4. 4. I donned my wings to get a lay of the land I tried to pet the sheep; however apparently only the owner can do that.
  5. 5. An irresistible path I can almost hear the spirits speak
  6. 6. Better view of the storytelling circle Oh, this is nice…
  7. 7. They even provided me with a computer by the fire! Oh, hold on…is that wine?
  8. 8. Nothing like watching penguins ice skate; hmmm, did I have too much wine? Can anyone say, spooky?
  9. 9. Oh yeah, warm and inviting Think I’ll warm up a bit
  10. 10. This is my idea of camping under the trees! Lovely small writing cottage, computer and all.
  11. 11. When you click on a book, it takes you to Amazon or wherever it’s being sold. More selections! There are places like this where you can pay to showcase your work.
  12. 12. I’ll come back soon. I would love to use this not only to bring members of my future learners as a great place to meet and have reflections in the fire circle but to also de-stress and write new course content!