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Virtual reality in graduate education - a seven year overview

An overview of seven years working in virtual reality. Addresses the history of virtual reality teaching (since Second Life and moving into open source) and presents Dr. O'Connor's work in this field - in teacher education, K12 applications and technology education.

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Virtual reality in graduate education - a seven year overview

  1. 1. Virtual Reality in Online Graduate Instruction: A Seven Year Overview Eileen O’Connor, Ph.D. - Empire State College Pictorial overview in conjunction with presentation – September 2014  This presentation highlights seven years of integrating virtual reality into online education courses to build community, share work, create virtual conferences and poster sessions, and develop collaborative projects. A new course has students beginning to design their own complex virtual environments. Suggestions on effective virtual usage to be shared too.
  2. 2. Agenda  Poll audience – experience with virtual reality?  Basics & orientation  Examples from my work and my students  Suggestions for use & getting started  Segue into sharing & collaborating / more discussions  WARNING: a picture-heavy presentation
  3. 3. Education & conceptual frameworks abound – motivation, constructivism, “authentic learning,” community of practice, assessment, analytics, evaluation, learning goals, objectives, outcome, simulations, Piaget, Vygotsky, dual coding, digital natives, scaffolding, training, project-based learning, problem-based learning, 21st century approaches, immersive experiences Why Virtual Reality? Community building Collaboration Study / simulations / visits Creation / programming
  4. 4. Ways to procure your own virtual experiences Virtual Usage Approaches (join communities) Second Life / Active Worlds / other providers Rent islands Get advanced avatar w/ small land Sharecrop / field trips Or, get Open Source (code from SL) Stand alone or hypergrid Types of viewers Try on your computer
  5. 5. Various platforms today
  6. 6. New providers are emerging; lower cost but stability?
  7. 7. Joining community ghrtotp:u//wpwws.
  8. 8. More “world” providers are becoming available quickly; look at the HyperGrid Business for upcoming ideas
  9. 9. Example from the Sept 2013 conference
  10. 10. My pathways into virtual  Initial motivation – to create an education platform that could have the potential for intrinsically motivating experiences that could be shared across geography for K12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)  If World of Warcraft has their minds, why can’t we?  To bring in pre-service teachers  Many applications emerged  To start other virtual reality developers K12 Teacher Ed Virtual developers
  11. 11. As work in virtual space continued, more adventuresome work began  Virtual collaborative projects, used:  “Pod” development  Integrated science project (demonstrated through project websites)  Final project presentations  Study and publications on the work, showed the collaborations supported more effective project outcomes  Research related to and within the virtual environment, although focused on the collaboration components
  12. 12. User group & website
  13. 13. Finally . . .  I began teaching a class on working & designing in virtual reality  For the MALET program (Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technology) at Empire State College  Students are now creating / designing amazing new virtual spaces  Most are using some orginal design and some purchased items  Using ESC island now  Working on next steps – open-source / others / ???
  14. 14. Private class website – for documenting & sharing ongoing progress
  15. 15. My resource website
  16. 16. Composite resource website
  17. 17. Virtual classroom created by student – used as an ag-tech meeting space
  18. 18. Virtual classroom created by student – used a GPS tractor simulation too (YouTube inside the simulation)
  19. 19. Virtual – learning by doing / trampoline
  20. 20. Virtual – artistic & musical creation
  21. 21. Virtual – dorm management - meetings & classroom
  22. 22. Virtual – dorm management - residence area
  23. 23. Virtual – dorm management - Penthouse & simulation
  24. 24. Virtual – dorm management
  25. 25. My sabbatical too – healthcare simulation for middle school instruction/ work w/ Africa – private island
  26. 26. Examples & resources Education (K12 example) Corporate / Retail Gov / social Setting – real K12 building w/ common rooms, labs, gyms, cafeteria, etc. Board room; factory or offices; stores Civic or military setting; conference center; hospital, social work Setting – phantasy Areas that simulate the content areas taught Envisioning area – for customers & products; future resort or building A futuristic government or social environment Meetings / Events Students in “classic” room; teacher meetings; parent-teacher office Board room ; product development; human resources; professional development Town park w/ band-shell; police barracks; lab safety training meeting; Role playing / enactments Students enact history or science activities; school play Enactment of working with an irate customer, a manufacturing problem, a new showroom opening Enactments of intake screening (social work); emergency management training Simulations Any of the backgrounds for the content areas Any of the events or product developments for the enterprise A “real” scene or event that the organization oversees Shared experiences Students visit Shakespeare or journey through an atom together Avatars take a team-spirit building trip to the virtual Eiffel Tower Conference-like planning & workshop sessions; virtual case studies
  27. 27. Ways to procure virtual experiences Virtual Usage Approaches (join communities) Second Life / Active Worlds / other providers Rent islands Get advanced avatar w/ small land Sharecrop / field trips Or, get Open Source (code from SL) Stand alone or hypergrid Types of viewers Try on your computer
  28. 28. Examples of Virtual Reality (many videos); the link to this website will be shared Title & clickable link Min. Description of Virtual Reality (VR) applications, video, and presentations VP course overview 3 Overview of Virtual Practicum (VP) course View VR creations / development ideas 2 Simulations & uses created by students sp 2014; explains VP course too Designing complex VR apps A document that describes all aspects of designing a complex virtual Planning VR healthcare/K12 apps 3 Explains the education theories behind a K12 VR STEM application Repurposing islands to make VR 4 Using available objects & open-sim islands for rapid development Middle-school VR project - science 3 Reviews a virtual island being created for middle-school STEM project Middle school student projects in VR 6 Research on middle school work in VR on STEM topic; students present too Plans for sabbatical w/ VR & STEM 4 Conceptual planning for healthcare application using a VR mobile van Faculty preparing for a presentation 2 Faculty member will come later to meet students / prepping Student VR project – Zippo 3 VR of plant floor created by ESC student History of VR & new features 2 Highlights the development of VR & current advances VR & K12 / teacher education 4 Teacher ed. & K12 at ESC; video from actual work & presentations Poster session & votes in VR 3 Science-ed students present posters in VR; faculty visit & peers vote MALET & use of VR 3 Conceptual overview of VR uses in new emerging-tech program Video view & discuss w/in VR 3 Students observe & discuss video in VR / “loop” into discussion board VR overview & business apps 55 Presentation (done in VR) about future applications – Hypergrid Business Overview of VR in grad school Presentation on VR in education Overview of VR in K12 & grad Presentation of K12 & graduate uses of VR / differences considered Research on VR & project development Presentation on research published about STEM collaborations in VR
  29. 29. Securing a VR space Create / acquire Second Life Open Sim Visit SUNY Other island Borrow
  30. 30. Virtual Reality in Online Graduate Instruction: A Seven Year Overview Eileen O’Connor, Ph.D. - Empire State College