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Students Present Their Virtual Exhibits


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Ken Ferree & his students explain their work in Second Life, building exhibits & employee training

Published in: Technology, Education
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Students Present Their Virtual Exhibits

  1. 1. Learning in a Virtual World From a Students Perspective -- by Ken Ferree and his students, Jason & Dave -- presentation in Second Life on 11/7/11
  2. 2. We start assembling including Mete & his parrot
  3. 3. Freida & her hat
  4. 4. We wait for the show to begin
  5. 5. Then move on to the student’s castle
  6. 6. And into the paranormal exhibit
  7. 7. Learning through the websites & simulated exhibits
  8. 8. Walking through many rooms of mystery
  9. 9. And the unknown
  10. 10. Then we started into the Zippo Training Simulation
  11. 11. Going from the intro area and on into the inner workings to the lighter
  12. 12. Upstairs we viewed the plant floor simulations
  13. 13. Learning ways to use virtual forsimulations, employee training, & retail
  14. 14. THANK YOU!