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Solar car


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Solar car

  1. 1. The Solar Racer Project<br />Eric Hauenstein, Dana Taurisano& Larry Hill<br />Note: this .ppt may be altered in the future to be used as the final presentation for the project. <br />
  2. 2. Project Overview<br /><ul><li>Students will build a solar powered racer in the lab section of their regular physics class.
  3. 3. This project is the culmination of what they will have learned up to that point about electricity and circuits.
  4. 4. Once built, the students will race their creations against other lab teams in their section.
  5. 5. The race results, as well as the students’ project reports will be posted on the project’s webpage.
  6. 6. Best race times in each section will be compared to all class sections to determine which lab team gets the best time.
  7. 7. After student reports are written and posted, students will evaluate their classmates’ project reports using the same assessment rubric the teacher will be using. </li></ul>Circuit Schematic for the solar racer<br />Note: As we don’t have a real-life group of students for this project at this time any indications of student participation/race results/reports on the website would be fictional.<br />
  8. 8. Deliverables – Tentative list<br /><ul><li>Project website
  9. 9. Teacher and Student portals
  10. 10. Race times, student reports, discussion board for peer review of reports, lab procedures, materials list, rubrics, related NYS standards teacher directions and support, project timeline, etc. All of the necessary documents to teach and complete the project.
  11. 11. Youtube video bank for resources on skills needed for the project (ex: how-to solder), related science concepts (ex: how solar cells work), and the nature of solar energy at local, national, and global scales (ex: how solar energy works in a house or business, alternative energy movements, what is “the grid”, other big picture stuff).
  12. 12. Project documents for teachers and students (all to be posted on website)
  13. 13. Racer materials list and building procedure
  14. 14. Directions for the student report
  15. 15. Assessment rubric for student reports (includes content, literacy, & peer review process)
  16. 16. Teaching directions & guidelines, including safety procedures – may provide formal lesson plan if time allows for completion of this
  17. 17. Second Life pod
  18. 18. 3D model of a constructed solar racer
  19. 19. Access to the project website
  20. 20. Images related to project, science concepts, and lab safety.
  21. 21. Related NYS standards
  22. 22. Brainstorming for alternate projects, scale-ups, outside the classroom application, and justification for incorporating the project into a physics or science class. </li></li></ul><li>Brainstorming for website layout for race results, student reports, & peer evaluations<br />Race Time: xxx min<br />Race Time: xxx min<br />Race Time: xxx min<br />Race Time: xxx min<br />Student papers and race results.<br />Discussion boards where students will comment on other lab groups’ papers and evaluate them.<br />
  23. 23. Division of labor<br />Larry - Website construction, SL pod construction, collecting completed documents from Dana & Eric and incorporating them into the website and pod. <br />Eric – Documents related to project teaching and completion (directions, procedures, project timeline, etc.)<br />Dana – Documents related to assessment of project, student reports, and peer evaluation. Assessment will be conducted using one all-encompassing rubric. Input on the documents Eric will be completing regarding atomic theory. <br />
  24. 24. Collaboration<br />Larry Eric<br />We’ve had some difficulty all being able to meet in SL at the same time. However, we are in regular communication via email and phone. <br />Eric and Dana typically work closer together as they are more involved with each other’s work. Larry is kept up to date with the document progress and gives feedback on how to incorporate Eric/Dana’s work into the website and the pod. <br />