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Inp presentation materials-forposter


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Planning for a think tank about new paradigms in education and technology . . . at a distance

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Inp presentation materials-forposter

  1. 1. Institute for New Paradigms On Developing a Think-Tank of Alumni, at a Distance Eileen O’Connor, Ph.D. – Jelia Domingo, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Launching 2018 — 2019 Academic Year MALET: a faculty spinoff- initiating a think-tank; piloted spring 2018; early wings in current academic year
  3. 3. • BACKGROUND: In the Master of Arts in Learning & Emerging Technology (MALET) program at Empire State College, often students have created advanced projects, such as: virtual-reality environments and simulations; statistical training programs; innovative web designs with resources for dyslexic individuals; and 360 cameras to teach vessel docking at SUNY Maritime. Not wanting to lose this expertise, and having worked with these students in a highly-network online design (virtual-reality meeting spaces and shared videos), I was eager to continue with these students to harness their design abilities, to develop new collaborative projects, and to eventually invite organizations beyond the college to work with these creative, new-technologies thinkers. To this purpose, I reached out to progressive alumni and students to join me in developing a think-tank. The project began in March 2018 and has had sufficiently strong participation to deem this pilot worth advancing; Dr. Jelia Domingo is now joining in the effort as well bringing her creative thinking into the mix. This poster session will share information about the meetings, the content, the record keeping, and the approaches for reaching an equalitarian platform and consensus at a distance (ie. Logo design, topics for future meeting, scheduling, committees) during the pilot phase, reviewing the challenges and victories. As the fall Institute meetings are now progressing, Dr. Domingo and I will present how this initial launch year is coming together sharing how members are: requesting research opportunities; willing to join in logistics and planning sessions; and supporting MALET efforts, such as helping conduct the avatar-based, online Virtual Residency this fall. (Dr. Eileen O’Connor)
  4. 4. Components under development • Reaching out via forms and notes • Gathering input – keep things “slim” - • Maintaining quality standards at the outset— while remaining accessible • Primary minute taker; conceptual control — quality important • Primary scheduler • Invitation list • Upcoming projects • Regular presentations • Meetings with committees • Immersive Residency support • Areas under definition • Membership— Levels of membership • Projects and products — operations manual • Interest in research • Logistics committee — preliminary tasks • Challenges • Time involved in reaching out • Priming the pump — or too much control? Development: speed versus cooperating? • Scheduling and maintenance • Developing proof of concept, quality academics and applications -- for later grants and expansion -- Newsletter form
  5. 5. Institute for New Paradigms - purpose Ongoing needs as technologies continue to advance • Developing leadership and experience in defining new ways of thinking and working with technologies . . . grounded within an experiential, psychological, academic and design framework • Capturing and growing the quality and interest of graduates and students • Engaging with the larger visionary community
  6. 6. PLAN - Executive; logistics - Scheduling; activities - Advertising; announcing DO - More interactive meetings - Events – island visits / hops – by others - Activities / mini courses - White papers - Others? THINK - Research / pubs - Yours / mine
  7. 7. Initial concerns & perspectives – pilot activities • Key areas – during pilot • Mission statement • Logo development • Polling of interest • Mindful of constraints of adults — no longer students • Developing community for job support and professional development
  8. 8. Survey - 12 responses
  9. 9. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT? • AR, AI, better use of google platform for collaborations • Developing images from 360 camera • Photos and portfolios • Adobe Products and certifications, AR from Apple ARKit, WebDesign for students (coding) • Web-worlds • AR project sounds great, how can AR be utilized for corporate training, mobile app development • I might be interested in having people try out a game concept that I've been working on, if I have a prototype. • 360 Cameras for Motion Capture • Availability of Interactive objects for in-world visitors/trainees and tracker devices and other ways to measure visitor movement and activities in Kitely in particular - how to personalize/script them for each world/activity • Unity, Blender, shared project • Opensource options, change management (how to get buy in when introducing new technologies) Unity Game engine, up and coming... walk in web pages and other new technologies, networking technologies old and new. Educational technology tools, the simple, the new and the best. Business technology tools, the simple the new and the best. Ideas for the logistics/ executive group?
  10. 10. WHAT MIGHT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT: • VR and island download • Publications and dissemination • The future of higher ed • Adobe Products and certifications, WebDesign for students (coding) • Web-worlds, writing • Visual analysis - how to • Unity game development • Accessibility for websites and what to consider when designing worlds for diverse users • None of the above, I'm afraid. • Virtual world design, Screencastomatic, walk-in web pages.
  11. 11. Research- mine in-the-works Gather data Immersive Res. – observation 1st Video coding – tech-thinking Other – course IRB Analyze data Evidence gathered & interpreted Writing / reporting Annotated bib Journal review Editorial review Different ways to participate / Conceptualize ESC – IRB - restrictions Yours / other - ideas Design new studies Tech in your field? Journals / conferences? Join others Works in progress? Evaluate thru INP (eventually) New communication / needs IRB - challenge Research/pubs thoughts – committee clarifies & helps define Retool / update your FP
  12. 12. Journal & Publicity Review Ranking systems Determine readership & distribution New standard Google Scholar Other indexes Libraries & distribution Open licensing Through publishers Peer review important Review journals Look beyond tech / ed Tech coming into many fields Types & styles of articles? Research / theory building / editorial? Tone? Images? Video? Find other promo areas / vetted News / Newsletters from others Editorials from their websites Make database using Google Forms