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Badges grad-ed


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How badges were used by a faculty member within graduate level online education courses.

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Badges grad-ed

  1. 1. The Use of Badges within Graduate Education Courses Eileen O’Connor, Ph.D - Empire State College / SUNY November 3, 2017
  2. 2. Badge Uses in Graduate Education Course: Background • To illustrate the possible role of badges in education • Badge emergence in education reviewed in assignments • Students suggest possible areas for usage with their actual or future students • To demonstrate a peer-review use of badges • Peer voting – outside the assignment criteria • To encourage (stealth – not assessed) lateral learning • Effectiveness of this approach was studied and published; justification for ongoing usage - O’Connor, E.A. & McQuigge, A. (2014). Exploring badging for peer review, extended learning and evaluation, and reflective/critical feedback within an online graduate course. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 42(2), 87-105.
  3. 3. Badge Generation – by Peer Voting -- Students review and vote on projects that are posted within the course -- Voting ballot made in Google Drive Forms > placed within the Learning Management System -- Badge voting is SEPARATE from course grading, as notes within the course itself
  4. 4. Votes tallied • “Manually” by instructor within Excel • Levels of votes are determined
  5. 5. Results shared • Initially via email • Statement included to ensure students understand the role and “crediting”
  6. 6. Badges created • Use • Students can choose to save via their social media preferences
  7. 7. Badges award criteria • The badge verbiage explained the badge criteria and awarding process
  8. 8. This higher- education application was studied as part of a doctoral dissertation