How to-get-new-local-twitter-followers


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How To Get New Local Twitter Followers

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How to-get-new-local-twitter-followers

  1. 1. Getting Followers How to get followers on Twitter A  leader  with  no  followers  is  only  on  a  walk.  Step   Description Find twitter profiles that have followers who are your target market. Now follow the people who follow them.1 Take 20 minutes to follow 1000. Here is the fun and easy part, click “Follow” beside everyone’s name, scroll down and do this for the entire list. It is fast and easy! E.g. BC Business Magazine has 11,482 followers; people who follow BC Business Magazine for the most part are BC Businesses, if this is your target then follow everyone who follows BC Business Magazine. On the flip side you can follow the people that they follow, in fact that can be an even better group of followers because in most cases they have hand picked whom they are following. E.g. Pick someone locally that you really respect look at who they follow and start following. You can search key words here to help find good profiles.
  2. 2. Another way to get followers on twitter is to follow lists.2 If you go to my profile Click “Lists” and you will see several, my lists consist of small to medium business owners in BC, let’s start with the ByzHub list. Lists are usually very specific, but harder to find. Click the “Following” tab!/ByzhubOwen/byzhub/members (click link for direct path ) As before here is the fun and easy part, click “Follow” beside everyone’s name, scroll down and do this for the entire list. It is fast and easy! Now watch as people start to recipocate, 1/3 of people follow back, spend 20 minutes today and in a week you should be at 300 or more followers that are local and relevant.
  3. 3. It  will  take  you  20  minutes  to  follow  ~  1000  people  then  watch  as  they  follow  you  back.    The  five  steps  to  Twitter  success:  Tweet,  Follow,  Reply,  Retweet,  Repeat  Twitter  only  allows  you  to  follow  1000  in  a  day;  they  also  only  allow  you  to  unfollow  1000  in  a  day.  You  cannot  follow  more  then  2000  until  you  have  2000  followers.   Here is a great tool to unfollow those who are not following you back3 This tool helps tremendously when trying to get over the 2000 follower mark. Example: follow 1000 today, follow another 1000 tomorrow and in a few days unfollow those who have not reciprocated, keep doing this until you get over the 2000 follower mark. FAQ’s Hashtags (the pound symbol - #) are another way to find followers.1 What is a Hashtag? A Hashtag is the pound symbol “#” put in front of a description. Hastags facilitate on the fly groups in twitter. Example at every ByzHub meetup we use #ByzHub. Adding the pound symbol in front makes #ByzHub a hyperlink on twitter to the group discussion.2 What does RT mean? RT stands for Re-Tweet, think of it as forwarding an email except in this case you’re forwarding a tweet.3 What is a DM? DM is a Direct Message on twitter, which means it is a private message that is not displayed on the public board.4 What does #FF mean? #FF is a popular hashtag that means Follow Friday, if I think people should follow you then I would send out a tweet on Friday with you in it and the hashtag #FF This guide is provided for general information purpose only. Any reliance or action taken based on the information provided is the sole responsibility of the user. Readers are advised to consult appropriate professional resources to determine what is suitable in their particular case. Owen Clark assumes no responsibility for any consequences arising from use of the information provided in this guide. © 2011 Owen Clark