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Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Executive SummaryAbout Eo1 Solutions CorporationFounded in 2001, Eo1 Solutions Corporation has carved a niche for itself as a leader in Communications,Sports and Entertainment, Business Development and Consulting, as well as developing expertise in a widerange of other areas. Eo1 Solutions focuses directly on its clients and provides a holistic approach towardspublic relations, marketing, management and other business solutions. Eo1 Solutions’ global focus also givesit the understanding and knowledge of regional, national and global markets along with a strong presence inthe local media.The Eo1 Solutions team possesses over 100 years of professional experience, which gives the team a widerunderstanding of business perspectives and the knowledge to create solutions for even the most complicatedof business situations. A consistent offering of high quality deliverables helps position Eo1 Solutions as one ofthe fastest growing full-service firms in the Southeast.With the experience of the team, Eo1 Solutions has the ability to offer its clients a multidimensional array ofservices ranging from traditional and digital marketing to strategic business development, all while interlinkingcommunications and creating a collaborative experience built on relationships and synergy. This “360˚approach” enables Eo1 Solutions to build customized, yet transcending solutions that result in a “raving fan”experience and maximum exposure for its clients. As needed, Eo1 Solutions’ resources also includecollaborations with top industry practitioners. The payoff for the clients is the opportunity to work with atalented, highly effective team that focuses on its clients and results.MissionEo1 Solutions Corporation’s mission is to establish custom yet transcending solutions creating a “Raving Fan”experience, assisting every client with manifesting their complete vision leverage our “360˚ Solutions”. e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  2. 2. General Description of the CompanyTarget MarketsEo1 Solutions is creating “Raving Fans” with their 360˚ solutions within the target markets of Public & PrivateCorporations, Not for Profit Organizations, Global Campaigns & Initiatives, Educational facilities, Minorities(African – American, Latin – American, Asian – American, and women), Motorsports community, Organizations,Series (NASCAR, ARCA, NHRA, IRL, etc), Teams and Drivers.360˚ SolutionsThe following are solutions that differentiate Eo1 Solutions from other Communications, Marketing, BusinessDevelopment and Sport Marketing/Management Firms. Our ability to facilitate these solutions, and provideaccess to a wealth of resources via our “360˚” approach, creates a greater return on investment, exposure,engagement, participation and involvement.A. Public Relations Understanding the value of fluid communication, public perception and synergistic relationships, our team carefully balances the proven traditional methods with continuously evolving technology. Eo1 creates customizable programs for our clients, regardless of the industry, ensuring consistent visibility, proactive messaging, strategic positioning and engaging relational experiences. Media Relations & Training It is important to ensure a great relationship is established with the media. These relationships create the opportunity to for continuous access to the general public and industry wires. The proper training also bodes well permitting a clear, concise message is delivered while responding to media in an effective and succinct manner. Media Kits This is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. Press Releases / Distribution Eo1 Solutions creates innovative press releases, strategically arrange to capture the attention of the media, inciting a high level of interest from the media, thus granting the client additional exposure for their brand, product, services and/or campaign. Eo1 has a proven distribution system with direct access to 250,000 media outlets within the US and 500,000 abroad.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  3. 3. Crisis Planning & Response Potential threats, the element of surprise and urgent responses are par for the course within the realm of Public Relations. How one responds to these issues determines the level of continued success. Eo1 Solutions prides itself on always presenting a proactive prospective while repositioning the client from a defensive point of view to an offensive one. Social Media Exposure & Tracking Medium such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs have become established sources for relationship building, brand saturation and image development. Tracking these outlets is essential to obtaining an accurate gauge on the return of investment, engagement, participation, involvement and exposure. Within today’s digital realm, media releases are often forgotten. Not only is this source free, it is often the first choice for many to locate information for topics of interest. Eo1 Solutions also understands the importance of messaging techniques used to create rapidly spreading promotions utilizing pre-established social mediums via word of mouth engagement - “Viral Campaigns”. This can be furthered with development of relations with bloggers. Such alliances grant the opportunity to create a greater reach to the customer, client and/or fan through sources they have grown to trust and rely upon. There are hundreds of social networking communities through out the Internet community; however each has their own niche. Eo1 Solutions will implement and track the ones who are most relevant to the client. The networks with the highest level of visibility and greatest returns are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Facebook provides access to over 500 million potential customers/fans, permitting targeted demographic alliances. A branded fan or business page can be created as an extension of the website, drawing a greater connection to and building a loyal customer or fan base. Twitter campaign execution provides constant and strategic updates, promotions, and other offerings to approximately 10 million users. Linkedin, which is aimed toward professionals and business networking, provides access to numerous industry networks and organizations utilizing mirrored demographics, global positioning and highly qualified potential employees. LinkedIn network has a unilateral arrangement with Twitter and Facebook, creating a more synergistic experience for the user. LinkedIn’s membership is 60 million. YouTube has leveled the playing field expanding broadcasting opportunities to everyone. In the age of digital streaming a commercial presence can be created without the use of television and generate greater exposure. With the development of your own channel, your brand message, campaign, initiatives and pro- motions are now able to leave your living room and go global at the click of a button. These viral campaigns can generate increased exposure through link exchanges via Twitter, Facebook, relationships with bloggers and email campaigns…there are no limits. Another medium immediately available are blogs; creating your own blog grants you the ability to establish a solid, yet informative relationship, fostering greater engagement with clients, customers and fans. Networking, networking, networking…is a key ingredient to remaining abreast, aligned and ahead of the curve, hence the reason for Industry related networking groups. With advancements in technology, tools such as social networking, smart phones, phone apps and widgets have greatly increased the users ability to access, track, monitor and personalize their communications experience; reducing workload while increasing productivity.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  4. 4. Email campaigns are another missed opportunity. Some may view emails as no longer essential with SMS (short message services), IM (instant messaging) and social networking; forgetting how these campaigns create a ongoing rapport with readers, granting them direct access to deals and other unique opportunities, not the least of which is free lead generation. Now, SMS is important as another avenue to remain engaged with the constituency, as it takes advantage of mobile phone technology. Strategic Communications Strategic communication is the systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care. It conveys deliberate message(s) through the most suitable media source to the designated audience(s) at the appropriate time to contribute to and achieve the desired long-term effect. This process balances three factors: the message(s), the media channel(s) and the audience(s). Public Affairs – Eo1’s programs help shape public image via communications initiatives that advance core client messages and objectives. Media/opinion polls, surveys, and social media metrics are the methodolo- gies we most frequently recommend and implement. Internal Communications – Without loyal and motivated staff, no organization will achieve success. Internal communications programs developed by Eo1 Solutions create an ongoing dialogue and under- standing between individuals. Programs are centered around the dissemination of timely, straightforward information on all issues that affect the continued well-being of the client and the organization. Community Relations – Creating goodwill in the community is an essential component of a client’s overall image and brand. Community relations programs developed by Eo1 help clients gain the community understanding and support that is essential to long-term loyalty and success. Media and Presentation Training – Customized to dramatically improve presentation and communications skills, from how to respond to reporters to public speaking techniques. Crisis Management – Every critical issue has a beginning and an end, and Eo1’s assistance helps achieve the best possible results. An important part of our program is to develop effective post-crisis remedial plans so our clients can regain public trust, understanding, and support. Event Planning and Execution – So many details go into the planning of a special event. Eo1 will become part of a client’s team to ensure that all these details are coordinated in a professional and timely manner. Customer/Client Relations – Eo1’s public relations program provides the means to establish and nurture all of a client’s ongoing relationships, including the most important one – with its customers/fans. Public rela- tions can paint a positive picture of your brand so customers will be pre-disposed to think well of you – even before you begin engaging with them. Speech Writing and Podium Booking – Eo1 offers public relations speech writing services, specializing in talks for businesses, community groups and executive audiences where the speaker mus have one of two forms of a talk: 1) Talking points that can be expanded extemporaneously; and 2) A formal text to be read.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  5. 5. B. Marketing Eo1’s marketing program is committed to delivering results through innovative and meaningful engagement – at scale. We bring brands closer to their demographics and individuals closer to each other. Eo1 isn’t interesting with distracting consumers as we aim to create “Raving Fan” experiences via the 360˚ strategy and building added value. Eo1’s marketing strategy includes proven traditional, guerilla, digital, relationship and sports marketing tactics. Traditional Marketing Eo1 Solutions traditional marketing objective is comprise of brand development, advertisement and channel partnerships. To create a relationship with consumers there must be an identity upon which they can relate. This begins with determining a marketing objective or mission statement, developing a brand tagline, a corporate identity and / or logo. It is also essential to relay a clear and concise message regarding the brand attributes - what is the brand promise? Unless, you are comfortable with contributing to waste you must determine the demographics and how the brand is different or special from competition – also known as “positioning”. The next step is determining with advertisement method(s) is the most viable solution to realize and exceed the expectations of a marketing campaign. Eo1 combined the successes of traditional, physical and digital advertisement as means to create the greatest visibility and positioning for the client. Television, cable and satellite, with airtime purchased by our media buyer, provide great visibility and viability to professionally created commercials, when strategically positioned. Radio is considerably less expensive than television and doesn’t have the level of visibility, since advertisements are heard and not seen. However, purchasing airtime and producing high-quality, professional commercials for specific demographics...and aligned with specific shows and stations can yield high returns. Keep in mind that radio is no longer terrestrial, as there is satellite and Internet which significant listeners. Product placement is one of Eo1 Solutions most strategic methods of advertisement. This is where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs. An example would be a cell phone carrier’s logo displayed on the phone someone is using. Eo1’s physical advertising methods include print, mobile and electronic billboards, merchandising and celebrity branding. Print media is significant and has been used for many years; with some of them being viewed in newspapers, magazines, trade publications, on billboards and bus stops. Physical advertising doesn’t end there as it is extended to mobile billboards (such as custom wrapped vehicles) which consumers or employee drivers, race cars...and even haulers traveling up and down the highways. If merchandising if forgotten then a golden opportunity has been missed to extend the brand on products such as coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, uniforms, etc. One of Eo1’s least utilized advertising options is the access to celebrity branding, where actors and athletes personally endorse the product, service and brand, granting access to their fan base. The company’s digital advertising package consist of contextual ads that appear on search engine results pages, banner ads, in text ads, Rich Media ads, social network advertising, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam. Facebook-created ads, with targeted demographics, harnesses the network’s 500 million members. Twitter is an avenue to make direct offerings to over 10 million subscribers and YouTube is a forum where creative videos can be displayed all across the globe.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  6. 6. Channel Partnerships This avenue aligns a client with other companies and organizations who are interested with tapping into specific demographics, providing the ability to create additional revenue by placing a brand on currently created product(s). Guerilla Marketing This is a grassroots campaign using a tremendous amount of ingenuity and creativity, which is perfect for small budgets. There are literally hundreds of ways to yield a significant impact and success. One of the most productive campaigns, and used in major metropolitan areas is street marketing. This is when a group of people ‘hit the streets’ promoting an event or a product – a highly effective tool. This solution has evolved into strategic outdoor placement in highly visible gatherings to create buzz regarding a specific issue, product or service. Trade shows and conferences are key to creating buzz, presence and collaborations within industries. Eo1 will hire models to demonstrating products and brands and attract attendees to the booth to become engaged and enamored with the overall offering. Digital Marketing A web presence is of great importance to establish an online experience of your physical presence to interested parties. Eo1’s web design team goes above and beyond to ensure the client has the best representation. The team advises, create and fulfills web presence, capturing the client’s vision and extending an online presence of the brand. After the launch there are continuous implementation of updates, composition and edits of website copy, articles, forums and groups. Eo1 Solutions’ digital marketing department also act as social media experts, as they will activate, manage and update Facebook fan/business page(s); create, manage and implement engaging and stimulating messaging for Twitter; and create, upload and position videos throughout the web to heighten brand, campaign and/or initiative awareness. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which increases the visibility with websites by leveraging a vertical relationship with search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, Bing, etc.) is a solution used to create and capture traffic to the clients website. Video / DVD creation and production As part of the total marketing package, Eo1 provides access to the creation of video-related products tailored to meet audience needs. Relationship Marketing Direct response campaigns emphasizing customer retention and satisfaction recognizing the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages. Eo1 is leveraging relationships permitting clients to tap into immediate customer base and recommitting to the philosophy “word of mouth”, while creating a mutually rewarding experience. Sports Marketing With Eo1’s unique relationship to the business of athletics they have access to leverage the visibility, media and fans, creating a significant return on investment (i.e. the motorsports industry has the most loyal fan base and supports brand participants).e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  7. 7. C. Business Development Understanding the value of fluid communication, public perception and synergistic relationships, our team carefully balances the proven traditional methods with continuously evolving technology. Eo1 creates customizable program for our clients, regardless of the industry, ensuring consistent visibility, proactive messaging, strategic positioning and engaging relational experiences. For any business, expansion and profitability are vital to the long-term viability of that business. Under any circumstances, a qualified team must be in place that is equipped with the necessary skills and experience to help facilitate that growth. Every business is different and requires a different strategy for success; however, the underlying fundamental principles of business are the same. Eo1 Solutions’ Business Development team understands this concept, and has a qualified team that can analyze a business and identify its requirements, then subsequently create and implement a plan for that business’s growth. Eo1 Solutions’ Business Development department offers a wide variety of solutions to the most challenging situations a business can face. Just a few of the tools employed in their arsenal include: Comprehensive Business Analysis Eo1 Solutions has the personnel and talent on staff with the experience to conduct a complete diagnostic analysis of your business. This comprehensive analysis will identify any problem areas your business has or might have in the future. During the analysis, the Eo1 team studies various areas including financial metrics, sales, product costs, labor costs, credit policies, internal processes, systems and technology, and many more. With this comprehensive analysis, Eo1 will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your organization and will provide you with a great deal of insight as to how to better manage your organization. Eo1 Solutions can also identify how these problems may affect your business now and in the future, if not already resolved. From there, Eo1 can develop a plan of action and create solutions to the problems identified in the comprehensive analysis. Professional Project Design and Implementation Not all businesses are in need of a full diagnostic analysis. Your business may be highly efficient and simply in need of a new piece to the organizational framework. You may have a specific project in mind, but lack the internal manpower, support, or experience to efficiently and effectively design and implement the project. Eo1 Solutions Business Development team is highly experienced at listening to what you are looking for, pulling together all of the necessary components, and designing a successful solution to fit your needs. Its expertise in project design and implementation is in: process mapping, process design, efficiency studies, budget creation, strategy development, personnel services, and much more. Developing New Ideas At the very core of any business development team is the ability to think of new ways of solving problems and doing business. This is especially important with today’s market uncertainties. Eo1 Solutions’ Business Development team specializes in developing ideas that bring lasting improvements to a company or organization’s existing processes. Similarly, the Business Development team has a proven track record of new process design and implementation that augment a company or organization’s processes that are already in place. Eo1’s processes are designed to be efficient and effective, with only one goal in mind, an increase in your bottom line.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  8. 8. Funding and Capital Acquisition At some point in most company’s and organization’s life, it will be necessary to acquire funding for its daily operations. Eo1 Solutions specializes in both for-profit and not-for-profit funding, and our Business Development team has a proven track record in securing millions for our clients in the past. Whether your business or organization is in need of $1000 or $1,000,000, Eo1 Solutions’ Business Development team has the experience, knowledge, to search for and secure the necessary funding you are looking for. Building Joint Ventures At times, certain situations occur when a single business cannot handle a project and it needs the help of another business to run the project successfully. In such situations, businesses enter into joint venture contracts and start joint-venture projects. Eo1 Solutions Business Development department offers a wide variety of solutions building on the team’s extensive experience, to help create a plan for a smooth joint-venture project. Strategic & Operational Business Planning Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been running one successfully for many years, we offer a wide variety of professional strategic and planning services to help focus and direct your company. Eo1 Solutions’ strategy and planning approach is a pragmatic, proactive, participative processes designed to increase current competitiveness and position your company for future success. Through its planning process, Eo1 Solution’s Business Development department assist s you in identifying internal strengths and weaknesses and aligning those with external market opportunities and threats. From startup business plans to multi-million dollar operations plans, Eo1 Solutions can create a strategy that will function as a roadmap for your company’s continued success. Organizational Change Management Eo1 Solutions Organizational Change Management process is a planned and comprehensive long-range effort supported from the top. It is designed to strategically improve the quality and means by which an organization introduces and implements change. Interventions may include elements of cultural reconfiguration, leadership development, management training, team building, and management/employee coaching. All of Eo1 Solutions organizational change management initiatives are developed with the underlying understanding that clear and constant communication between leadership and employees is vital to the success of the change being implemented. Profit Enhancement When it comes down to it, all of Eo1 Solutions’ services are about increasing and enhancing your organization’s profit. Eo1 assists its clients with value-added counsel, developing and implementing plans to improve your bottom line. When you hire Eo1 for any of its numerous professional services, you can be assured that the success and profitability of your company is at the top of their list of priorities. Managing Relationships Aside from the other functions mentioned, managing relationships is one of the most important duties of the Business Development department. In order to maintain a viable business, relationships must be managed at every level of the organization. In today’s business world, it is difficult to find a reliable and loyal client, and it is even more difficult to keep them. Eo1 Solutions’ Business Development team are experts at the art of managing relationships. Whether you are having customer retention problems or difficulties with your vendors, Eo1 has the experience and expertise to create a functional strategy and plan that will get your organization back on track.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  9. 9. D. Consulting Over the past decade, Eo1 Solutions has developed their business consulting skills and capabilities through repeated experience and success in creating solutions for the most difficult, fundamental problems facing its clients. Eo1’s solutions are focused on the issues most important to its clients, thereby making the clients more valuable beyond their professional area of expertise. Eo1 Solutions provides top-quality business consulting services in a number of areas, including entrepreneurship, small and medium business strategy and planning, customer and client relations, fundraising strategy and acquisition, and not-for-profit strategy and planning. Entrepreneurship With much of Eo1’s executive team being serial entrepreneurs, they understand what it takes to develop, create, and start a business from the ground floor. With this experience, Eo1 offers many services to entrepreneurs such as developing an opportunity, conceptualization, writing an executive summary, creating a business plan, and developing an operating or marketing strategy, as well as coaching or advising new entrepreneurs. Small and Medium Business Strategy and Planning Small and medium-sized business is the engine that continues to provide the forward momentum for the U.S. economy, as well as most other economies abroad. Eo1 Solutions understands how important small and medium-sized businesses are for the health of any economy, and to that end, has devoted a great deal of effort in learning and understanding how to operate a successful business in every stage of its life cycle. Just as Eo1 offers exceptional consulting service to entrepreneurs, they also have the ability and experience to provide those services to small and medium businesses, including developing an opportunity from conception to strategy, as well as coaching or advising business leaders. Management Much of Eo1’s expertise lies in management consulting due to the education and experience of its executive team. With over 100 years of combined experience, Eo1’s executive team has extensive experience in building and growing small businesses and startups, operations management, developing and establishing functional systems, creating efficiency studies, process mapping and improvement, process implementation, human resource management and development, as well as a wide variety of analytical techniques to keep your business running at full speed and top efficiency. Non-Profit Eo1 Solutions has on staff specialists that have decades of experience in the not-for-profit arena. These experts have a proven track-record of events planning and fundraising efforts, as well as writing and securing grants for non-profits ranging from one-owner organizations to those with several hundred employees and volunteers. Through their not-for-profit specialists, Eo1 has developed relationships with hundreds of industry contacts, which in turn gives them access to immeasurable resources to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your organization.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  10. 10. Customer / Client Relations In order to maintain a viable business, customer and client relationships must be managed at every level of the organization. In today’s business environment, it is difficult to find a reliable and loyal client, and it is even more difficult to keep them. Eo1 Solutions’ customer and client philosophies have allowed them to develop customer relationship management programs focused on maximizing experiences for clients at all levels. Whether you are having customer retention problems or difficulties with your vendors, Eo1 has the experience and expertise to create a functional strategy and plan that will get your organization back on track.E. Sports Marketing and Management The field of athletics has a significant impact on the global population, providing unlimited potential for all participants, athletes, fans, organizational support professionals and businesses alike. As a brand counselor and marketing communications partner, Eo1 Solutions can leverage the full equity of each client’s brand, utilizing their lifestyle, sports and entertainment assets to engage consumers and foster brand relationships that drive business growth. Eo1 Solutions 360˚ approach compliments clients within professional sports leagues; beginning with motorsports. Eo1 Solutions has the unique position and ability to provide access to an already established motorsports customer base of 90 million, with 72% loyal to the brands or marketing partners visible within their motorsport community. Within the world of automotive racing, Eo1 aligns and represents competitors within NASCAR, ARCA, USAC, IRL, etc., where the focus includes support in such areas as client management, personal brand development, licensing endorsements, community relations and image management. Eo1 is always looking for ways to partner the client(s) with business entities in a way that results as a win for all involved. Client Management Under the services of client management Eo1 Solutions extends the services of contract negotiations, funding acquisition and management, driver development and business development. Contract Negotiations – The viability of a contractual arrangement is determined by its mutual effectiveness. Eo1 Solutions ensures its clients are well represented by possessing a firm grasp of contracts and how to leverage contractual agreements to the benefit of the client. Funding Acquisition & Management – Funding, otherwise known as sponsorships, is critical for many of the clients within Eo1’s flagship program – motorsports - to compete. The Sports Marketing & Management team is responsible with connecting with marketing partners, also known as sponsors, to supply and manage the necessary funding, availing the client to operate at the highest competitive level. Much of this funding will be contributed from corporate, organizational, educational clients utilizing the 360˚ solutions, resulting in a high yielding investment, exposure, engagement, participation and involvement. Driver Development Program – This program serves multiple purposes to assist drivers with preparedness, and identify and develop potential talent. The use of technology creates a virtual environment replicating the physics, track environment and mechanics of competition. Business Development – It is a priority of Eo1 to create financial opportunities for athletes to position them for life after competitive sports, preparing them for a productive retirement.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  11. 11. Public Relations The PR environment within the sports arena is much different than the private or public sectors. Much like the entertainment industry, the sports field is fast paced and fan oriented. Eo1 Solutions’ Sports Marketing and Management clients receive the services of media relations and training, image awareness, crisis management, community relations and outreach and hospitality. Media Training, Image & Crisis Management – Athletes are constantly in the scope of the media. Every word and phrase is measured, scrutinized and applied to these individuals by the media and general public alike. This is where formal media coaching and image awareness comes into play. The value and durability of an athlete’s career is determined by the perception of the masses. A popular basketball hall of famer once stated, “I am not a role model!” He may not desire to be a role model; however that does not prevent others, especially children, from viewing these highly visible individuals for inspiration and aspiration. One of the greatest factors that can bring down a public career is poor crisis management. The response (or lack thereof) to potential assassination of character greatly determines the valuation of future earnings. Eo1 Solutions’ attention to details, as well as commitment to due diligence, presents a measured and proactive posture for the client, always implementing the ideology, “Everything happens for our best and highest good.” Eo1 will craft an alternative perspective to highlight the positive as opposed to negative. Media Relations – Within the sports industry, strong relationships are of immense importance. Eo1 Solutions has established trusted relationships with the Associated Press and other popular, influential journalists on the local and national level. Community Affairs & Outreach – Creating goodwill in the community is an essential component of a client’s overall image and brand. Community affairs and outreach have the ability to create lasting support and loyalty for the client, while improving internal morale and productivity. Simply stated, Eo1 Solutions’ community affairs and outreach efforts create true long-term 360˚ solutions. Customer Hosting/Hospitality – Within the motorsports industry this is of great importance. Hospitality permits marketing partners to participate in race day activities, increase company/employee morale and entertain potential clients. Eo1 Solutions will use this tool to contribute to expanding the procurement of “raving fans”. Marketing Marketing for the sports client is similar to business, yet it relies heavily on the individual versus a whole company, service or product. Eo1 is aware of the personalization, focusing on brand development, licensing and endorsements, partnerships, business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, mobile marketing and sampling.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!
  12. 12. Executive Biographies Sameon Crumby Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer A father of five and the oldest of 11 children, Sameon Crumby has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13. Sameon has over 24 years of combined business and professional expertise, including 19 years in management. Sameon brings extensive business acumen in the areas of telecommunications, sales, marketing, public relations, retail and entertainment. He also a great passion for start-up organizations, business consulting, financial development, and not-for-profit entities. In addition to providing stewardship for the day-to-day operations of Eo1, Sameon personally works to develop and foster partnerships and collaborations critical to achieving client goals and objectives. Sameon’s training includes Entrepreneurial Studies, Sociology and Communications at Grand Canyon University and leadership training in the United States Navy. Joseph ‘Joe’ Guthrie Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Joe Guthrie is a 32-year-old father of three and has worked as an entrepreneur for much of the last 10 years. He brings to Eo1 Solutions a wealth of experience in starting, building and growing businesses in various industries such as automotive technology, engineering, business consulting and the not-for-profit arena. As Vice President of Business Development, Joe focuses his time and efforts on company strategy, customer and client acquisition, client funding and fund-raising. Joe’s previous experience includes holding many director and C-level positions, bringing over a decade of business knowledge to assist clients. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and Design and Business Administration from Southern Polytechnic State University, and a Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance from Kennesaw State University. James M. Harvey, Jr. Vice President of Public Relations A seasoned media professional, James Harvey serves as Eo1 Solutions Corporation’s Vice President of Public Relations. In this role, he provides stewardship for all public relations and media relations services, internal, external and electronic communications and outreach. Prior to joining Eo1 Solutions, James served as the public relations director at Central Georgia Technical College in Macon, Georgia, where he provided leadership in developing the college’s comprehensive marketing and public relations plan. James has served in several communications positions in education and public service, and brings to Eo1 Solutions over 20 years of experience in communications, and public relations ranging from traditional to emerging media. James holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Troy University. Nicholas Giles Director of Motorsports Operations An avid motorsports enthusiast, Nicholas Giles has over 17 years of experience in a variety of business fields including marketing, client relations and business management. As director of Eo1 Solutions Motorsports Division, Nic oversees all current motorsports development, client relations and partnerships, as well as strategic industry development initiatives. He works with clients to ensure they receive the best complement of services possible to maximize their visibility and return on investment. Nic also brings a strong knowledge of technology, including the use of simulators to enhance driver development. Corey Johnson Director of Community Relations and Outreach Born and raised in South Boston, Virginia, a true NASCAR-focused community and small town, Corey Johnson is uniquely positioned on the Eo1 team as a minority with a lifelong connection to, and involvement with significant elements of the NASCAR community. He was exposed to the business aspects of NASCAR on a daily basis including, but not limited to friendships and interactions with Winston Cup drivers, various motorsports workers, officials, and team members. As Manager of Diversity Affairs, Corey is the lead person in developing programs that will broaden the demographics of motorsports fans, supporters and workers. He is also initial liaison to the motorsports industry on multicultural matters and has extensive knowledge of national fan and non-fan demographics and diverse target markets. Corey holds a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University and a Master of Management from the University of Phoenix.e oo Eo1 Solutions Corporation 1 We Focus on Solutions!