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Enzotech presentation May 2013

  1. 1. Water Treatment & RecyclingSolutionsReduce, Reuse & Recycle
  2. 2. WATER : What is the issue?• Economic growth : withoutcorresponding infrastructure• Urbanization– Increasing density of population incities/towns –apartments/commercial buildings– Expanding peripheral areas :– Chennai: OMR, Oragadam, GST– Gurgaon / NCR– Hyderabad – Gachibowli, Miyapur,Uppal,Patancheru• Huge increase in water consumptionWhere is the water coming from ?– Rivers, Lakes, Ponds …..and now,mainly Ground water!
  3. 3. WATER : Next issue!• Sources of water drying up• A larger issue coming up –– Contamination of Water Sources• The way we dispose offwaste water is thebiggest issue in watermanagement!
  4. 4. Report Summary• Citizens’ Seventh Report on the State of India’s Environment,“Excreta Matters: How urban India is soaking up water,polluting rivers and drowning in its own excreta”– by Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi• Report released in May 2012 – covering 71 cities of India,research over 3 ½ years• The report spells out a six-fold strategy for managing waterand waste in its last chapter“The agenda for water to water”.Source : http://www.indiawaterportal.org/post/26422and http://cseindia.org/userfiles/excreta-matter.pdf
  5. 5. Recognize and manage Sewage• Recognize and manage Sewage :78 % officially not treated and letout into rivers, lakes, ground– Sewage generated = 38,255 mld– Capacity to treat = 11,788 mld (30%)– Sewage actually treated = 8,251 mld(22%)• Improper Sewage disposal - thedangers : Spread of disease,contamination of soil and pollutionof ground water• Quote from Report :“Sewage must be our obsession”• Quote :“Mantra is Decentralization”
  6. 6. What is “Decentralized” sewage treatment?• Current system : sewage is theresponsibility of theGovernment / public authorities• But – how can public authoritiesmanage? :– Cost and challenge of connecting :widely spread out “development”,apart from untenable logistics –expensive to connect– Land availability – for “centralized”treatment plants?!• Hence -> On-site, LocalTreatment – “Dencentralized” STP
  7. 7. Why Decentralized ? Local benefits!• On-site treatment anddischarge– Reduces load on existingsewage system– Local treatment and discharge –protects contamination ofwater sources (rivers, waterbodies, ground water)• Domestic Water consumption: Over 30 % for flushing,washing facilities etc – NONCONTACT applications– Suitable for RECYCLED water
  8. 8. Average water consumption Per personDrinking 5Cooking 5Total 10 7%Bathing 55Washing Clothes 20Utensils washing 10Total 85 63%General washing 10Toilet Flushing 30Total 40 30%Grand Total 135Recyclable – about40 % (includingGardening etc)
  9. 9. Enzotech Solutions : Credentials• Started in 2006• ISO 9001:2008 certified company• Strong client roster – testimony to efficacy of Patentedtechnology.• Over 135 Installations all over India. (A few in Africa)• Starting Aug ’11, taken over by a team of seasonedmanagement professionals• Full fledged operations : Design and R & D – Manufacturing– After sales support
  10. 10. Key Customers• Over 135 installations all over India.• Industrial units : Aditya Birla group (Gujarat), Tata group, BrakesIndia (TVS group), KKP textiles (Namakkal), Delta Power (Delhi/NCR)• Hotels/Resorts : Mahindra Holidays (11#), Holiday Inn,Manali,various hotels/resorts in Goa• Residential apartments : Parsvnath Developers (Delhi), CoromandelEngg (Murugappa group), Maytas, Hyd (IL&FS)• Educational Institutions : TERI University, Pathways Intnl schools,PSG College of Technology• Hospitals : Manipal Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Care Hospitals,Prathiksha Hospitals
  11. 11. Enzotech : Products & Services• Sewage treatment Plants :– Patented Bio-tech process-based Packaged Treatment plants (RBC technology) :10 KLD to 450 KLD (ET series)– New bio-tech based process ENZO MBBR : can be used for both FRP structure tanksand also civil construction structures: 50 KLD to 2.0 MLD (EF series)– SBR (Sequential Batch reactor): A biological cum aeration system. Offered both inunderground installations and in civil construction.– In partnership with a German Company ‘Klaro’, Enzotech offers state of the artwaste water solutions for capacities from 2 KLD to 150 KLD. Especially suitable forindependent houses, farm houses etc.• Custom designed solutions for treating industrial effluents• Water treatment plants – Softeners, Iron Removal filters, Ultrafiltration,RO plantsRobust processes capable of delivering Reusable quality of water in a cost-effective way.
  12. 12. Enzotech : Products & Services• Service : For Enzotech Plants– O & M– AMC contracts– Supply of chemicals– Supply of Spare parts• Other services :– Water quality testing– RETROFITTING solutions for existing conventional plants– Customized solutions• Water treatment plants for treating lake / ground water(Supplied to Kenya)
  13. 13.  Superior & Effective Treatment of sewage Minimum sludge generation No stench Low power consumption Low cost of operation Minimum civil work Compact design – Less space requirement Very little operation noise Quick & easy installation Low maintenanceEco-FriendlyKey features of Enzotech Packaged plants
  14. 14. Enzotech Factory
  15. 15. Enzotech Factory – Finished Tanks under testing
  16. 16. Enzotech Factory – Moulding shop
  17. 17. Enzotech Factory – Paint shop
  18. 18. Enzotech Factory – Fabrication shop
  19. 19. Modified RBC process
  20. 20. Process selection for treating wastewater toRecyclable/Reuse standardPreliminarytreatmentincludingEqualizationSecondaryClarifier(Biofiltration&Sedimentation)SecondaryBiologicalTreatment(RBC)PrimaryTreatment(Flocculation&sedimentation)SandfilterCarbonfilterUltrafiltrationReverseosmosisRaw waterPrimary Treatment Secondary TreatmentAdvanced Treatment(optional)Tertiary Treatment
  23. 23. ENZOTECH “ET series” : RBC PROCESS Improvements• Improvement of Primary clarification, Bioreactor andsecond clarifier to reduce size and increase efficiency ofthe process.• Emphasis given to study of water chemistry andmicrobiology to increase efficiency of treatment to 97%.• Low power consumption• Low sludge generation.Parameters DetailsRaw Water source Sewage, Bathwater, kitchen/canteen, laundry waterQuality of raw effluent COD < 2000 SS < 300 BOD <1000pH – 4 to 9Treated water achieved bythe processCOD < 200 SS < 30 BOD < 20 pH – 7.5 to 8
  24. 24. Patented ProcessModified Parallel plate clarifier by Enzotech• Special High Rate Clarificator• Modified parallel plateclarification with coagulation &precipitation with specialpolymer or Electrocoagulation.
  25. 25. Patented ProcessDesign of Bio-ball mediaEnzotech Bio-Ball Media
  26. 26. COMPARISON OF MEDIA CHARACTERISTICNAME SIZE SURFACEAREAVOIDRATIOWEIGHTMBBRmedia40 mm 350 to 400Sq.m/Cu.m79 % 94 gm/LEnzotechBioball28 mm 450Sq.m/Cu.m95 % 27 gm/LCompared to a standard media used in the market
  27. 27. Modified RBC by Enzotech (Patented)(Rotating Biological Contactor)
  28. 28. Microbiology Work• Established Microbiology Lab• Identification & selection of efficient bacteria for sewagetreatment• Other seven species of bacteria for production of enzymesfor faster metabolism of waste.OIL CHEMICALDETERGENT
  29. 29. EnzoMBBR Process
  30. 30. Enzotech ProcessProcess steps• Coarse Screen• Pre Aeration in Equalization Tank• EnzoMBBR Aeration• Second Clarifier (Biofiltration)• Filtration (Sand Filter, CarbonFilter)• Sludge Handling (SludgeThickener and Drying Bed)Bio Ball arrangement
  31. 31. EnzoMBBR Plant
  32. 32. Advantages of EnzoMBBR process• Minimal chemicals are required - only for Disinfection.• Low operation and maintenance cost : 1.5 p to 2 p per liter.• Easy installation and easy retrofitting in existing treatmentplant.• Low sludge generation.70 kg /7000 liters for 300 KLD,120 Kg/12000 liters for 500 KLD.• Flow variation will not affect efficiency of treatment of plant.
  33. 33. Thank You