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Enzoani real brides are featured frequently. We love to share your story. If you or someone you know would like to be featured please contact the Enzoani marketing team at marketing@enzoani.com

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Enzoani Real Brides

  1. 1. Real Brides Real Brides, Real stories told from accross the globe from four stunning brides who open up about their special day.
  2. 2. Seven years ago Sarah met Josh throughmutual friends. At the time, Josh’s onlyinterests were that of riding his motorcycleand his work, however two years later, afterJosh had been involved in a serious car construction, flawless lace, exquisite beltaccident and was in rough shape, they went detail, and over-all stunning design wason their first date.  They were inseperable what stole the show.  Sarah has had herafter that and five magical years later came dress preserved and knows that if she has athe proposal. almost killed her to keep it a secret for over daughter one day she’ll no doubt be wearing a year but she managed to only show it to that same Enzoani dress.One Saturday morning in the Spring of 2011, her mom, sister, and two bridesmaids (all SARAH WRAYJosh asked Sarah if she’d like to go for a hike of whom agreed couldn’t be more perfect or -Photography: Dan Fontaine Photography &and he promised it would be an easy one more beautiful). Golden Ears Photography(for anyone who knows Sarah, she’s not ahiker).  After an hour and a half of climbing Fast forward over a year and she wasover roots and rocks, they finally reached walking down the aisle.  The look on Josh’sthe top of Minnekhada Ranch in Coquitlam, face was one she will never forget.  ItBC.  Sarah was tired and miserable, their was a mixture of pride, awe, happy, andpuppy was acting up and it was not what stunned... he said he’d never seen her lookyou’d think would be an ideal time to pop so beautiful (of course) and that althoughthe question.  However, undeterred, Josh he never really wondered what her dressreached in his pocket, pulled out a beautiful would look like, he was expecting somethingBirks ring and asked, “Would it make you poofy and “bride-ish” and was more thanhappier if I asked you to marry me?”.  Sarah pleasantly surprised to see me in such asquealed and was, of course, very happy.  timeless piece.Within a few weeks the date was set forJuly 21, 2012... just enough time to find the They will never forget their wedding day andPERFECT dress. how perfect it was and beside the beautiful venue, delicious food, happy guests, andSurprisingly, dress shopping was great entertainment (they had a falcon asshort and sweet.  Sarah tried on their ring bearer who soared down the aislethree dresses, two of which were Enzoani, onto the best man’s arm... talk about oneand she, with no hesitation, said yes to upping every other wedding)... it was trulythe Dillon dress as soon as she put it on. It the dress that defined it all.  The perfect
  3. 3. I am from Kent in England and got married to my childhood sweetheart, Mark, on May 5, 2012. I was 24, he 26. We met at secondary school, (high school) and have been together since I was 16 and he 17. in Utrecht. Everyone knew the intention of the dinner. They ordered a ring but the ring did not arrive on time for the dinner As soon as I tried Fatima, a dress from (that was what Gleidy thought). When the Enzoani’s 2011 collection, I fell in love with time came, all the lights were turned off, it instantly. I know a lot of brides say that, a waiter came out holding a bowl of ice but I really did! I was certain that I was not cream with fireworks around it. Gleidy still going to wear a full skirted wedding dress, did not realize that this was meant for her. but with the compromise of the corset The magnitude of the event hit her when ending by my hips, Fatima showed off my Charlon went down on one knee and asked, waist and emphasized the fairytale dreamCharlon and Gleidy were familiar with each that was that day.other, but it was at the International Sailing “Wil je met me trouwen (will you marry meFestival Regatta 1997, which was held in in Dutch)?” Blinded with tears of joy all sheBonaire, when they officially spoke to each could manage to do was to hug and kiss her As I married in a Catholic Church, (the one Iother. They became very good friends. future husband. Gleidy without hesitation grew up in), the meaning of my dress’ nameGleidy secretly started to like Charlon a said, “YES!” became more relevant. Many Catholicslot, but she was aware he had a girlfriend.   recite prayers based on Our Lady of Fatima,However, they started spending lots of time Their lives together have been fulfilling which is the famous title given to thetogether.  and exciting. With each other’s support Blessed Virgin Mary. I would like to thank  they have overcome any challenges they you so much for designing and making suchJanuary 11th 1998 was a day they would have faced in their lives and careers. Now, a gorgeous, beautiful dress. Everyone whonever forget. Unfortunately, Gleidy moved after several years of living together, they attended our wedding loved it and I amto Holland with her mom and Rosally on are thrilled to take the next step by getting proud to say that I wore Enzoani that day.September 26th 1998. It was a very sad married and start living their lives together Best of all, my husband said I couldn’t haveday, but she and Charlon both promised to as husband and wife.  chosen a better dress...simply stunning.fight for their love and also to find a way GLEIDY THOMASto be together soon. It took 3 years for that -Photography: Nadia de la Rosa PENNY SHORRICKSto happen. On February 11 2001, Charlonmoved to Holland. This decision was verydifficult for him, because he had to leavehis family behind.Then , in 2011, Charlon and Gleidy decidedto get married and wanted to use theopportunity when Charlon’s parents wereon vacation to announce it officially. Gleidywas happy, but she expected that Charlonwould pop the question romantically.On July 23, 2011 they organized a dinnerwith their parents at a Greek Restaurant
  4. 4. After a protracted engagement and manyyears living apart, Richard and I decidedon our new home - the quaint seasidetown of Queenscliff - as the destination forour wedding.  Friends and family flew infrom interstate and overseas to join us incelebrating what many thought was a verylong and overdue union. Themes for the day were friendship,music and wine and all three flowed incopious amounts. We were lucky enoughto have two of our favourite songs - KateMiller Heike’s ‘Space They Cannot Touch’and Lior’s ‘This Old Love’ - played duringthe ceremony, leaving few dry eyes. Alocal acoustic player kept us entertainedover champagne and canapes and Richard’s‘hit list’ kept us on the dance floor for mostof the night. The night was topped off withsweets and cakes from the dessert buffet- my one ‘must have’ for my wedding. It was a fun, casual, heart-warming daythat seemed to pass in the blink of an eye,but a day on which I truly did feel beautifulin my gorgeous Enzoani gown. ALEXANDRA WYATT-Photography: Nikole Ramsay
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