xister - cultural and behavioural marketing - 2012


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xister is a creative agency.
Since 2002 we’ve been delivering
high-quality communication
services, where cultural and behavioural elements give life to stories around brands.
No matter the media.
80 people in Rome and Milan,
an over 5 million euro turnover last year, over 40 accounts in the last 2 years.
And a network of side projects and fellow players, helping us to push the boundaries of our work always a little bit further.

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xister - cultural and behavioural marketing - 2012

  1. 1. 2012
  2. 2. manifestoxister is a creative agency. 80 people in Rome and Milan, an over 5 million euro turnoverSince 2002 we’ve been delivering last year, over 40 accounts inhigh-quality communication the last 2 years.services, where cultural andbehavioural elements give life to And a network of side projectsstories around brands. and fellow players, helping us to push the boundaries of ourNo matter the media. work always a little bit further.Across media. Come and look at what we HAveUsing technology as a commodity done so far.and a frame of inspiration. Enjoy.
  3. 3. brands
  4. 4. case histories
  5. 5. jeep peopleAn everlasting community reunion where Jeep’s enthusiasts can findengaging content on all of the 4x4 legendary brand’s special events.KEYWORDS:ENGAGEMENT / EVENTS / BRANDED CONTENTMEDIA:WEB / SOCIALAWARDS:NC DIGITAL AWARDs 2012-BRANDED CONTENT CATEGORY-GOLD AWARDIAB MIXX 2012 - BRANDED CONTENT - BRONZE AWARDADCI 2012 - BRANDED CONTENT - BRONZE AWARD view project
  6. 6. the moleskine orchestraThe visionary British artist Felix Thorn was asked to buildmusic-making sculptures that combine Moleskine objects with musicalinstrument parts.KEYWORDS:BRANDED CONTENT / CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONMEDIA:AMBIENT / WEB / MOBILE / SOCIAL view project
  7. 7. honda integraThe brand new revolutionary Honda Integra launches its challenge tothe old fashioned way of moving on two wheels.KEYWORDS:ATL / PRINT / PHOTOGRAPHYMEDIA:OOH / PRINT / TV / RADIO / WEB view project
  8. 8. Nuovo Honda Integra. Il resto è preistoria.
  9. 9. the j challengeAn across markets advert game, mainly based on social networks,supported the launch of Jeep’s latest creative International platform“Never Adapt”.KEYWORDS:ENGAGEMENT / GAMIFICATION / CHALLENGEmedia:WEB / SOCIALAWARDS:INTERNET MEDIA KEY 2012 - BEST INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN view project
  10. 10. sughi freschi Giovanni RanaThe launch of the new range of Giovanni Rana Fresh Sauces wassupported by a web strategy featuring a web spot, an original cookingtutorial and an on-demand content web site.KEYWORDS:STRATEGY / BRANDED CONTENT / INTERFACE DESIGNMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL view project
  11. 11. birra peroni social mediaA fun-oriented social assets management THat enforces the beer Loversloyalty to Peroni.KEYWORDS:BRAND AWARENESS / CONVERSATION / FUNMEDIA:SOCIAL view project
  12. 12. premio ternaBuilding brand reputation through a cultural project that invests oncontemporary art as a means to encourage the diffusion of youngartists’ energy.KEYWORDS:DESIGN / ART / TECHNOLOGY / USER EXPERIENCEmedia:PRINT / WEB / SOCIAL / MOBILEAWARDS:RELEASE 2011 -INTERACTIVE KEY AWARD - MEDIA AND EDUCATIONAL view project
  13. 13. gente del fudThe first social food network where the best food bloggers write aboutitalian local products and producers excellences. KEYWORDS:GEOLOCALIZATION / CULTURAL / BLOGGER ENGAGEMENTMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL / EVENTS view project
  14. 14. nastro azzurro websiteThe SAY YES philosophy lives on the new Nastro Azzurro OfficIal Websitewhere all the brand activities lead to.KEYWORDS:BRAND AWARENESS / PRODUCT WEBSITE / CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL view project
  15. 15. honda moto italiaThe new Honda Moto Italia official website leads a regenerating processof the brand’S digital strategies including social networks.KEYWORDS:BRAND AWARENESS / PRODUCT WEBSITE / USER EXPERIENCEMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL launch website
  16. 16. the hunger gamesA steam punk atmosphere welcomes the challengers of “The HungerGames”, the latest global blockbuster based on Suzanne Collins’ novel.KEYWORDS:ENGAGEMENT / GAMIFICATION / STRATEGYMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL view project
  17. 17. tutto inizia da zero°A photographic online contest that rewards users inspirations witha week in New York.Cafe Zero’s original tips help users to find the way to inspiration.The online contest was supported by a social network campaign, includingfacebook ads and focused posting plan, that landed on the contest pageof cafezero.it..KEYWORDS:ENGAGEMENT / GAMIFICATION / BEHAVIOURAL MKTGMEDIA:WEB / SOCIAL launch website
  18. 18. thank you.