Wall Street Journal Article 1


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Wall Street Journal Article 1

  1. 1. So… first chance to get in touch with the world over Winter BreakHey guys! Hope you’ve had fun making snowmen so here’s a little update while you’vebeen out sipping on some hot cocoa with marshmallows (yum!). Remember how I saidtry to keep in touch while you’ve got some spare time? Well, I’ve been so gracious, Idecided to save you more of that spare time! I know, I know, it’s really no problem.The link I’m attaching here is a link from Wall Street Journal Online. They have somepretty interesting articles on there. The one I’ve attached is about Netflix and predictionsfor Netflix in 2011. Now’s a really good time to surf some more since a lot of predictionsfor the New Year will be out, so based on what you’ve seen so far and what you hearfrom these guys, you can make some better judgments about new Stock Picks. And you know what? If you feel you’ve done really bad this year, feel free to create abrand new portfolio and start afresh. Remember we’re trying to experiment here so wecan see what works and doesn’t work. Last year, maybe you invested heavily in oneindustry and lost a lot of money; this year, try diversifying a little bit and branching outinto more industries.So, here’s the link. You should be able to read the full thing. If you can’t try creating anew account. It’s free and you can just log in through Facebook. At the top there shouldbe a couple of tabs like Article, Video and so forth. There’s even a discussion board so ifyou want, you can add some of your own comments and ideas and ask others anyquestions you have.And in the article it mentions going “short”. What that means is selling a stock beforeyou buy it. So say you sell short a stock at 56$ a share, and you buy to cover at 27$ ashare after the stock tanks. Then technically, you made 29$ a share per share that youbought. If you bought a 100 shares, then you made 2700$. People usually do this whenthey know a stock is going to go down. So right before the BP oil spill, people sold shorttheir stock and bought to cover at a lower price. So if a lot of a company’s stock is beingsold short, that means… people expect the price to go down!All right, now have fun!http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703548604576037920087686958.html?mod=WSJ_Stocks_MIDDLEROI$Big Money$