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Environmental Sciences Statement of Qualifications

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Environmental Sciences CorporationEnvironmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Statement of Qualifications
  2. 2. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Table of Contents Why Environmental Sciences? 1 Company Overview 2 Industries Served 2 Nationwide Expertise and Office Locations 3 Company History 4 Technical Services 5 Traditional Environmental Services 6 Assessment and Compliance 6 Site Characterizations/Subsurface Investigations 6 Environmental Management System Support 6 Remediation Services 7 Remediations 7 Brownfields 7 Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks 7 Voluntary Cleanup Programs 7 Industrial Hygiene 8 Asbestos and Lead 8 Mold/Fungi 8 Indoor Air Quality 8 Safety and Health 9 Water Resources 10 Stormwater 10 Wastewater 10 Potable Water 10 Other Water Resources 11Environmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  3. 3. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryWhy Environmental Sciences?Environmental Sciences Corporation of Colorado, Inc. (“Environmental Sciences” or the “Company”) believes in providingbusiness-oriented solutions for your environmental, health and safety (EHS) needs. We provide “hands-on” solutions toproblems ranging from day-to-day compliance to complex remediation or litigation matters. Environmental Sciences strengths: • Efficiency in EHS management • A “Get in, get done, get out” approach • Understanding of the impacts of our effort on your • Whatever you need, wherever you are, whenever business model you need it • Efficient and cost-effective services • Cost certaintyCompany OverviewEnvironmental Sciences is a leading national environmental and industrial hygiene services firm dedicated toproviding private and public sector clients with full-service, single-source solutions. Clients Key Statisticsdepend on us to consistently provide the technical expertise and solutions requisite in theindustry while differentiating our services with quick response times, professional 40+ Employeesperformance, high-quality results, and cost efficiency. Our strengths are experience andproven program management capabilities that are based on innovation and creative pricing 8 Office locationsstrategies. 450+Environmental Sciences was established in 1998, as a solution-oriented provider of Clientsenvironmental, health and safety and engineering related services. We provide a broadplatform of services including due diligence, environmental assessment and remediation,regulatory compliance, water resource management, utilities, and land planning. Based in Professionals by ExpertiseGreeley, Colorado, Environmental Sciences operates from over 8 locations throughout the 2% 1%United States. 9% 27%The Company possesses a strong base of business that is diversified across numerous 9%markets and among thousands of projects each year. Environmental Sciences’ outstandingservice and technical expertise create customer retention. The Company serves over 450 11%clients and maintains a favorable balance between the private and public sectors, which 18%represent 80% and 20%, of revenue, respectively. Scientists Geologist /HydrogeologistsEnvironmental Sciences recognizes the importance of obtaining professional certifications Engineers / Plannersand registrations, where they exist, as evidence of technical excellence. Such Construction Personnelcredentials, together with a solid and diversified experience base, are important Direct Administrative CAD / GIS Expertsqualifications to consider when selecting a firm for environmental services. The Company Occupational Safety & Health Specialistscurrently employs approximately 40 personnel. These include hydrogeologists, geologists,environmental scientists, environmental technicians, engineers, safety and healthspecialists, construction personnel, and CAD experts.Environmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  4. 4. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryIndustries ServedEnvironmental Sciences is intensely focused on our clients needs. We work as an extension of our customers’ organizationand apply flexible, specific solutions, which we follow through to successful completion. We work with our clients to addressenvironmental and health and safety issues as business elements rather than unexpected add-on costs.Environmental Sciences has significant experience in the following business sectors: • Light Industrial Manufactures • Commercial Real Estate Agents • Law Firms (Real Estate, Land and • Landfills Foreclosure) • Gasoline Producers and Retailers • Banking and Lending Institutions • SBA, FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC • Real Estate Developers • Transportation Facility Owners • Real Estate Investment Trusts • Property Management and Development • Gas and Oil Pipeline • Dry Cleaners • Retirement Funds/Systems • Strip Malls, Shopping Centers and Commercial Property • Automotive Dealerships Owners • Property Management Firms • Multi-Family Housing/Apartment Owners and • Oil and Gas Exploration and Management Firms Production Firms • City and County Municipalities • Over-The-Road Transportation • School Districts CompaniesEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  5. 5. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryNationwide Expertise and Office LocationsEnvironmental Sciences has performed work throughout the United States, specifically project have been completed in 34different states. Our work has spanned from Washington to Massachusetts and Florida to Southern California. In addition toproviding a consistent and effective approach to your programmatic environmental and facility management initiatives,Environmental Sciences provides local expertise and a practical approach to problem solving and project execution. Corporate Headquarters ESC Office Location Affiliate Office Location Opening in 2011Environmental Sciences OfficesGreeley, Colorado Denver, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona Orlando, Florida Seattle WashingtonEnvironmental Sciences - Affiliated OfficesSan Diego, California Chicago, Illinois Washington, D.C.Offices Opening in 2011Salt Lake City, Utah Dallas, TexasEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  6. 6. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryCompany HistorySince its founding in 1998 (but individuals providing services since 1985), Environmental Sciences has developed a full range ofenvironmental and engineering capabilities. The Company has steadily generated increased revenue, growing organically untilNovember 2008 when it made its joint venture affiliation. Recognition by Clients and Colleagues 2011 • Opened Dallas, Texas office in June 2011 and Salt Lake City, Utah office in July 2011 • Planned Expansion into Boston, Massachusetts in Fiscal Year 2012 2010 • Continued revenue growth of over 12% during recession • Planned Expansion into Dallas, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah in Fiscal Year 2011. 2008 • Continued revenue growth of over 20% annually for past ten years from 1998 to 2008 • Joint Venture with three (3) new offices in San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL and Washington, D.C 2005 • Opens Seattle, Washington Office 1998–2004 • Opened offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida • Listed as a "Mercury 100" Fastest Growing Companies based on revenue growth • Staff grew from 4 to 38 professionals 1998 • Company founded in Colorado to provide quality environmental, remediation, industrial hygiene and health & safety servicesEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  7. 7. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryTechnical ServicesEnvironmental Sciences provides a wide range of highly technical services that are strategically aligned to meet the needs of itsdiverse customer base. The Company’s service offerings focus on developing cost-effective solutions that balance complextechnical, regulatory, operational, and stakeholder issues while producing measurable business value for clients. EnvironmentalSciences offers its array of services through four primary service platforms: Water Resources Remediation and Restoration Services: Services: • Stormwater • Brownfield restoration Compliance and • Underground and Permitting Services Aboveground • Wastewater Permits Storage Service and Compliance • Voluntary Cleanup Services Service • NPDES/POTW • Soil and Permitting and Groundwater Compliance Services Remediation • Potable Water • Asbestos, Lead and System Suppliers Mold Abatements Compliance Testing Traditional Environmental Services Industrial Hygiene Services: Services: •Phase I Env. Site •Asbestos and lead Assessments (ESA) surveys • Streamline Env. • Mold Assessments Screenings/Trans- • Indoor Air Quality action Screenings Assessments • Soil and • Radon Gas Testing Groundwater • Air Permitting Investigations Services • Compliance Audits • Meth Testing and • Foreclosure Env. Cleanups InspectionsEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  8. 8. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryTraditional Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Sciences combines scientific knowledge, business expertise, and extensive experience with federal, state, and localregulations to efficiently and effectively serve both its public and private sector clients. Environmental Sciences offers a full range oftraditional environmental services through three primary groups: Assessment and Compliance, Energy and Sustainability, andEnvironmental Management System Support.Assessment and ComplianceEnvironmental Sciences assessment and compliance services are designed to mitigate or avoid potential risks for clients. Althoughthis service offering is relatively competitive, Environmental Sciences has developed a loyal client base because of our technicalexpertise that is rooted in understanding of the business realities of our client needs. Environmental Sciences performs all our PhaseI Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with the ASTM E-1527-05 Standard and our Streamline EnvironmentalScreenings/Transaction Screenings in accordance with ASTM E-1528-06 Standard. Assessment and compliance services include: • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments • Streamline Environmental Screenings/Transaction Screenings • Environmental due diligence • Compliance audits (RCRA, OSHA, NFPA, etc.) • Environmental site investigation • Permitting and reporting • Environmental compliance services • Pollution preventionSite Characterizations/Subsurface InvestigationsEnvironmental Sciences site characterizations services address potential soil and groundwater impacts in a cost effective manner.Environmental Sciences has perform hundreds of soil and groundwater intrusive investigations in 34 different states undernumerous regulatory authorities. This unique experience, utilizing state of the art drilling procedures, as well as, annual negotiatedlab fees provides all our client with the quickest solution to their surface and subsurface issues. Services include: • Surface and Subsurface Soil Investigation • Limited Subsurface Investigations • Groundwater Investigation • Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual Groundwater Monitoring Programs • Geoprobe Investigation • Groundwater ComplianceEnvironmental Management System SupportThe concept and content of Environmental Management System (EMS) is nebulous and has meant different things at different timesto different individuals and organizations. Environmental Sciences’ business and technical experience leads us to a simplestatement of goals that captures the needs and expected benefits of all parties, and forms the foundation for subsequentdiscussion and action. Services include: • EMS Development and Implementation • ISO 14001 Gap Analyses • Preparation for renewalsEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  9. 9. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - ChemistryRemediation ServicesEnvironmental Sciences provides remediation and restoration solutions to a wide variety of clients both public andprivate. Services range from preliminary investigation and risk assessment to remedial design and cleanup. This segment hasbecome increasingly important as state and federal regulations governing contaminated sites continue to be revisited andrevised. Environmental Sciences has forged relationships with regulatory agencies that streamline negotiations of regulatoryapprovals.RemediationEnvironmental Sciences has extensive experience performing complex soil and/or groundwater remediations including thedesign, installation, start-up and operation and maintenance of remediation systems.. Environmental Sciences remediationservices include: • Chemical injection program • Soil vapor extraction systems • Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems • Landfarming and Bio-remediation • Monitoring natural attenuation • Air sparging systemsBrownfieldsEnvironmental Sciences has experience working with industrial and commercial clients, as well as communities and planningagencies, on a variety of brownfields projects. The Company has a thorough knowledge of brownfields laws and EPAbrownfields grants. Brownfields services include: • Grant and funding consultation • Sediment management services • Liability relief and tax incentive consultation • Regulatory consulting • Analysis and design services • Site remediation of soil and groundwater • Site characterizations of soil and groundwater • Construction oversight • Phase I and Phase II targeted brownfields assessmentsUnderground and Aboveground Storage Tank ServicesA major source of environmental contamination is leaking underground storage tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks(AST). Environmental Sciences is a leader in providing underground and above-ground storage tank services and hashistorically generated high margins from this work by avoiding clients that treat services as a commodity. Services include: • Inspection and testing • Release investigations • Tank removal and replacement • Site remediationVoluntary Cleanup Programs (VCP)Environmental Sciences has extensive experience helping developers, lenders, and prospective purchasers work with VCPofficials to remediate contaminated sites and return them to productive use. Environmental Sciences VCP-related servicesinclude: • Site assessment (Phase I and Phase II’s) • Preparation of site remediation plan • Remediation investigation and design • Site remediation • Filing of required environmental reports • Negotiation for liability release and applications with state agenciesEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  10. 10. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Industrial Hygiene Environmental Sciences offers Industrial Hygiene support to help identify, evaluate, and control occupational hazards. Environmental Sciences services are provided by certified and highly qualified personnel using state-of-the-art technology and employing OSHA, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and other recognized protocols. The Company focuses on four major industrial hygiene issues, including i) asbestos and lead, ii) mold, iii) indoor air quality and iv) safety & health. Asbestos and Lead Services Environmental Sciences provides asbestos and lead-related services to a variety of organizations including architect and engineering firms, property managers, schools, hospitals, remediation contractors, and municipal and federal government agencies. Environmental Sciences provides a full range of services that help identify and prevent asbestos and lead exposure. Services include: • Inspection and initial identification surveys • Abatement specification preparation • Sample collection and analysis • Abatement monitoring and management • Response recommendations and cost • Operations and maintenance plans • Construction management support during removal and support with regulatory compliance Mold/Fungi Services Environmental Sciences delivers expert assistance to provide a safe and healthy building, with the goal of allowing clients to avoid costly litigation, disruption in operational productivity, and negative publicity. Environmental Sciences mold management services are designed to provide cost- effective solutions to this complex problem. The Company’s staff has the variety of interrelated disciplines needed to not only investigate and remediate any air quality problems due to mold, but also help untangle and manage the fast-growing and confusing array of local, state, and federal regulations. Environmental Sciences mold management services include: • Structural inspection and evaluation for water intrusion • Proactive water intrusion/mold prevention plans • Mold and bacteria sampling and verification • Emergency response services • Cleanup specification and action plans • On-site support and oversight • Cleanup services Indoor Air Quality and Methamphetamine Testing Environmental Sciences experience with indoor air quality investigations, monitoring, analysis, corrective action plans, and training. The Company has provided indoor air quality solutions in such diverse environments as office buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, utilities, hospitals, museums, restaurants, retail stores, and military facilities. As a result, Environmental Sciences has experience with both common problems, such as mold, as well as more elusive problems such as sick building syndrome. In addition, Environmental Sciences has extensive Methamphetamine testing and cleanup experience for municipalities, landlords, fire departments and private homeowners. • Interviews with occupants • Indoor air quality testing • Evaluation of ventilation systems • Air quality monitoring • Mitigation planning • Methamphetamine surface and air testing • Follow-up assessment • Methamphetamine cleanupsEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  11. 11. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Safety and Health Environmental Sciences is a leader in the occupational safety and health field. Environmental Sciences is experienced with the details, benefits, and potential pitfalls of current and pending requirements. The Company has developed successful safety and health programs for facilities including petroleum production, utilities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, museums, and construction sites. • Identification of areas of non-compliance • Litigation support • Record keeping systems and evaluations • Record keeping review (OSHA logs) • Hazards identification and control • Customized safety and health education • Corrective action recommendations and tracking • Prioritization and implementation of corrective actions • Engineering controls design and implementation • Employee exposure monitoring and assessment • Electrical safety and lockout • Confined space entry managementEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  12. 12. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Water Resources Environmental Sciences provides environmental services that help to improve, restore and maintain the quality of our waterways. As in all we do, we are client advocates, utilizing innovation in concept and implementation that provides cost- efficient and sustainable solutions. The Company holds a strong presence in the stormwater, wastewater, water and waterways sectors. Stormwater The stormwater sub-sector is rapidly growing due to increased agency commitment to improving surface water quality and the recognition that many of the largest impacts are from runoff. Recently, the EPA estimated that 50% of the nation’s water pollution is caused by stormwater runoff – a statistic that is being used to justify increased oversight and enforcement. Environmental Sciences provides ongoing comprehensive stormwater management services at more than 100 facilities around the country. The client list includes both private and public sector entities. Services include: • Mapping programs • Inspection and audit services • New design / retrofit design • Installation / construction • Maintenance • Repair / rehabilitation Wastewater Environmental Sciences provides comprehensive wastewater services to municipal, industrial, and private community treatment systems. Currently, Environmental Sciences provides services to treatment systems throughout the country. Wastewater services include: • Planning and design • Construction and plant upgrade oversight • Discharge compliance sampling • System analysis and optimization • Full service contract O&M and repair • Effluent discharge permit sampling / compliance • NPDES, POTW and CAA Compliance Potable Water Environmental Sciences provides a broad suite of potable water services for our clients. The potable water services are typically associated with small private water systems for our commercial and industrial clients and the water distribution systems associated with our military privatization work. Specific services include: • Needs evaluation & capacity analysis • Plant rehabilitation and modification • Development of new groundwater supplies • Full service contract operation and maintenance • Compact potable water treatment systems • Cross connection surveys • Treatment center design and capital improvementsEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page
  13. 13. Environmental Sciences Corporation Environmental Engineering - Industrial Hygiene - Geology - Ecology - Biology - Chemistry Other Water Resources Environmental Sciences provides a variety of services that are focused on man-made and natural waterways and watersheds. The Company has experience working with rivers, streams, creeks, and wetlands; as well as larger bodies of water including bays and coastlines. Environmental Sciences services focus on improving the quality and reliability of the nation’s water supply. Other water services include: • Operations & maintenance • Sediment and contaminated sediment management • Geophysical services • Surface Water SamplingEnvironmental Sciences Corporation • Statement of Qualifications Page