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Healthy, Happy & Helping


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Learn about healthcare for international students in the USA and the UK with this presentation from the NAFSA Region III Conference in Rogers, Arkansas in 2013. The presenters were Jane Clark and Victoria Troupe

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Healthy, Happy & Helping

  1. 1. Healthy, Happy & Helping Healthcare for International Students in the US and the UK
  2. 2. Presenters • Victoria Troupe – Marketing Specialist at International Student Insurance • Jane Clarke – Edge Hill University, US Director for Study Abroad, Edge Hill University
  3. 3. Agenda • • • • • • Intro to the US Healthcare System Intro the NHS System Orienting Students to these Systems Risk Factors to Watch Out For Staying Healthy – Mind and Body Conclusion and Interactive Forum
  4. 4. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System Healthcare is Expensive!!
  5. 5. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System • Is Health Insurance Necessary? YES! • Prepare to pay out of pocket • No government assistance • Using Health Insurance in the U.S. • • • • PPO Networks Pre-certification Pre-existing conditions EME/Repatriation
  6. 6. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System • Why Students Seek Treatment • Cold/ Flu • General Sickness/ Feeling Unwell • Acute Sickness/ Injuries /Emergencies • Where Students Seek Treatment is Important • • • • Student Health Center Doctor’s Office (Primary Care Provider) Urgent Care Center/ Walk-in Clinic Emergency Room
  7. 7. Affordable Care Act – Final Rule • Student health insurance coverage is a written agreement between an institution of higher education and a health insurance issuer and provided to students and their dependents • If coverage is sold directly to a student, then the coverage is individual health insurance coverage.
  8. 8. ACA - What this means for you  Annual Limits:  Policy year September 24, 2012 until December 31, 2013: Annual limits of no less than $500,000  Policy year on or after January 1, 2014: No annual limits    Preventative Care: Student health coverage is required to provide preventive services without cost-sharing. Lifetime Limits: Plan may not impose lifetime limits Pre-existing condition limitations: Plans may not impose pre-existing condition limitation on those younger than age 19. • After January 2014, pre-existing conditions cannot be excluded
  9. 9. Clarity on the ACA • IRS enforces individual mandate based on resident vs. nonresident alien analysis • F, M, Q and J visa holders are exempt for 5 years from: • maintaining minimum essential coverage • International students can choose their plan: • School’s group plan • Individual health insurance • State exchanges • International students will still need to meet the US Department of State (J visa) and their school’s insurance minimums
  10. 10. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System • Introduction to the US Healthcare System Video
  11. 11. Introduction to the Britain’s NHS System History of NHS • July 5, 1948 – NHS is born • Central Principles The NHS in the New Millenium • How and when patients seek treatment • Minor vs Emergency • Health insurance
  12. 12. Orienting Students to their Local Systems • What Students Need To Know Before Arrival • • • • • • Routine Dental Physical Exams Eye Exams Maintenance Drugs Vaccinations/Immunizations Insurance
  13. 13. Orienting Students to their Local Systems • What Students Need To Know After Arrival • Orientation • Student Health Center • Advisors and Support Staff • Re-orientation • Campus/City Tour • Nearby health providers • Pharmacies
  14. 14. Risk Factors To Watch Out For • Culture Shock • Loneliness • Depression • Risky Behavior • Sex • Drugs • Alcohol
  15. 15. Staying Healthy – Mind and Body • Wellness and Prevention • • • • Vaccines/Immunizations Social Interaction Healthy Relationships Manage Stress Effectively
  16. 16. Staying Healthy – Mind and Body • Develop a Support System • Advisors and Support Staff • Mental health counselors • Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle • Exercise • Eating • Sleep • Encourage the College Experience • • • • Intramural/Intercollegiate/Club Sports School associations Religious/cultural organizations Gym and recreational areas
  17. 17. Acclimating to Different Cultures United States • Individuality and SelfReliance • Time Consciousness • Direct Communication • Patriotism • Personal Space • Hygiene Great Britain • Customs & Ideas • Preparing for British weather • Healthy lifestyle • Personal Space • The “Common Cold” • Reverse Culture Shock
  18. 18. Conclusion • • • • • • • Prepare students for expensive healthcare Teach students how to seek treatment appropriately Tell students what to expect before arrival Orient students to their surroundings Watch for warning signs Develop a support system for students to maintain wellness Always consider culture differences and boundaries
  19. 19. US Case Study Henrietta Potter is an international student from the United Kingdom at a Florida School. She is playing volleyball on the beach with some friends and falls and breaks a collar bone. She doesn’t have health insurance, what things should she consider prior to seeking treatment? - Student health center Negotiating with the provider about non-insured cash discounts Do not go to the emergency room, go to the urgent care center Shop around for discount pharmacies Buy insurance for the future
  20. 20. UK Case Study Young Hwa Kim , a US scholar at Edgehill University in the UK was diagnosed with severe paranoid schizophrenia. This is a condition that usually manifests itself during late teen or early 20’s. She was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution and was unable to continue her studies, however she was also deemed unfit to travel without a medical escort. What action plan does your school currently have to deal with a situation like this? - Have medical evacuation coverage and mental health coverage on your insurance plan (travel health coverage not always enough) - Communicating with the natural family, provider, insurance, etc.
  21. 21. Interactive Forum What does your school do to address the health needs of your international students?
  22. 22. Interactive Forum How do you overcome mental health issues?
  23. 23. Interactive Forum What support system does your school have in place to make sure international students are safe and secure?