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Et vem leaflet final 2008


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ET's Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Cabilities

Published in: Technology
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Et vem leaflet final 2008

  1. 1. Enviro Technology Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Services ACCUSCAN 4600 REMOTE SENSING SYSTEM With an ever-growing number of large and small vehicles commuting to and from our towns and cities every day, never has vehicle emissions monitoring been such a priority for local authorities. Whether it is to determine the percentage of high- polluting vehicles using the roads in order to drive road traffic and air quality strategy, or to highlight pollution ‘hot spots’ for the implementation of low emissions zones, we at Enviro Technology have the vehicle emissions monitoring technology that will ensure you receive intelligent data quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. We introduce to you the Accuscan 4600 Vehicle Emissions Monitoring System. The new benchmark in cost-effective air quality monitoring
  2. 2. Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Services How does Accuscan work? The Accuscan 4600 system measures vehicle emissions in real time by using optical gas and particulate monitoring technology, set up at exhaust pipe height on the side of the road. A series of UV and IR light paths directed across the road quickly and accurately measure levels of CO, CO2, NOx, HC and particulate (expressed as “smoke factor”). The vehicles’ speed and rate of acceleration is also measured, and a photograph, clearly showing the number plate of each vehicle, is taken. A cost-effective way The Accuscan system is capable of measuring the individual to monitor vehicle emissions of each and every vehicle that drives through an emissions invisible monitoring path, thereby building up a detailed and comprehensive database which can be used for a number of We offer fleet characterisation applications, including: studies to those local authorities • Fleet characterisation. looking to monitor areas that attract heavy traffic or major • Identification of high polluting vehicles (Gross Emitters). commuter routes into and out of • Clean screening programmes. parts of the towns or cities where • Air quality forecasting. it has been difficult to reduce air pollution. • Local air quality management action plans. Our tailored short to medium Although some clients may choose to purchase the term vehicle emissions equipment outright, many local authorities have seen direct monitoring studies, which we cost benefits through commissioning a bespoke ET vehicle are able to offer customers on emissions study. an operated rental basis, include: • A pre-study consultation, fact-finding and objective review meeting. • Provision of a van, a remote sensing vehicle emissions monitoring system and operators. • A monitoring programme. • Supply of data. • An optional consultant’s report and expert analysis. Our cost-effective studies can be implemented over a two-week or four-week programme. Longer term and repeat programmes are also available.
  3. 3. CASE STUDIES ET works with local authorities across the country to provide fast and highly accurate data. Our wide-ranging experience makes us a one-stop shop for service, advice and equipment. London South Yorkshire Emissions from as many as 4,000 vehicles an A county-wide survey of air quality hour were recorded using ET's Accuscan 4600 monitoring sites provided authorities in technology during a seven-hour session on South Yorkshire with vital information London's Tower Bridge, ahead of the about vehicle use on their busiest routes. implementation of the city's Low Emissions ET carried out the fleet characterisation Zone. The Accuscan works by measuring study at sites across Sheffield, Doncaster tailpipe emissions as vehicles pass through and Rotherham at the request of the South ultraviolet and infrared beams situated on Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive either side of the road – as a camera records and the four local authorities in the region. the number plate. Officials from London Using our cutting edge technology, we borough councils were impressed by the were able to identify the most polluting installation speed of the rugged, remote vehicles on eight roads where national air sensing device. Nitrogen oxides, carbon quality objectives were being breached. monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon levels were measured. Bristol Devon As part of its environmental health strategy, A £20,000 DEFRA grant enabled five local Bristol City Council announced a month-long authorities in Devon to undertake a two-part fleet characterisation survey across seven study into vehicle emissions using ET's heavy traffic sites in the city. All were major advanced Accuscan 4600 equipment. The five commuting routes in which it had previously authorities – Torbay, Teignmouth, South proved very difficult to reduce air pollution. Hams, Mid-Devon and Plymouth – all have The city council was keen to quantify the air quality management areas with high traffic percentage of high polluting vehicles in those flows. The study has provided a detailed areas to help manage future air quality. The assessment of pollution in those locations data also supported an initiative to educate from specific vehicle types including HGVs, drivers on the importance of having their buses and commercial vehicles. The survey vehicles regularly serviced. data is proving crucial in developing traffic management policies and educating the owners of unregulated vehicles, such as small delivery vans, about their emission levels.
  4. 4. Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Services CO2 plume greater than 20%-cm CO2 plume less than 20%-cm Static background conditions and mean value Static background conditions and mean value CO% / CO2% ±0.007 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater CO% / CO2% ±0.015 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater HC ppm / CO2% ±6.6 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater HC ppm / CO2% ±10 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater NO ppm / CO2% ±10 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater NO ppm / CO2% ±10 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater CO% ±0.1 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater CO% ±0.15 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater HC (propane) ppm ±100 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater HC (propane) ppm ±150 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater NO ppm ±150 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater NO ppm ±225 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater Smoke number* ±0.05 or ±10% of reading, whichever is greater Smoke number*† ±0.1 or ±15% of reading, whichever is greater *Units are ~ grams diesel particulate per 100 grams fuel *Units are ~ grams diesel particulate per 100 grams fuel †Preliminary evaluation which assumes an arbitrary particle size distribution Monitoring for Life Enviro Technology Services plc Advanced Environmental Systems - Sales, Hire and Services Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BY. Tel: +44 (0)1453 733200 Fax: +44 (0)1453 733201 Email: Printed on FSC-certified 50% recycled stock using vegetable oil based inks