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Et aqm leaflet


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Et aqm leaflet

  1. 1. Enviro Technology Services plc Air Quality Monitoring ET digital Air Quality Systems and Networks are the most advanced and flexible systems available. Utilising Integrated Digital Technology (IDT), data retrieval is redefined and the standard for air quality monitoring systems reset. Open-path AQM System Designed with the user in mind, ET’s systems are compact, simple to operate, easy to maintain and are guaranteed "future-proof". A wide range of continuous gas, particulate and meteorological sensors is available and both analysers and sensors can be used together as an integrated system or as stand-alone units. Adding a new analyser is simple – just plug in to the digital RS232 switch and make a quick change in the EnviMan software. • Internationally approved analysers - US EPA, MCERTS, TÜV, TA Luft, CE, CEN • Gas analysers available for SO , NO, NO , NO , CO, O , VOCs, Benzene, 1,3 Butadiene, 2 2 X 3 H2S, N2O, NH3 and others • Dust analysers and samplers for PM10, PM2.5, TSP, heavy metals, nitrates/sulphates. • Meteorological sensors for wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, MCERTS Approved Gas Analysers pressure, precipitation, solar radiation, etc • Analyser integration using Integrated Digital Technology (IDT) – NEW internal datalogging, digital data transfer and remote system operation Data collection • Flexible calibration options using traceable and certified calibration sources capability • Communication using modem, GSM, GPRS, satellite and ethernet/broadband. via internet/ broadband
  2. 2. Air Quality Monitoring Open-path Monitoring Point Source Monitoring Enviro Technology specialises in Enviro Technology has been a leader in the design open-path, air quality monitoring and manufacture of air quality monitoring systems systems based on Differential Optical since it was formed in 1983 and its analysers are to Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS). be found throughout the world in thousands of DOAS systems are fully automatic, monitoring applications. Open-path extremely flexible and, due to a The latest generation of analysers bring improved Monitoring System minimum of human intervention, cost-effective to performance, less drift and less temperature run. Every minute, several thousand cubic metres coefficient as a result of the use of advanced of air interact with a beam of light between a electronic, surface-mounted components and light-source and a receiver to provide a more improved control algorithms. The number of representative sample than can obtained with printed circuit boards has been halved and all cards point sampling techniques. are interchangeable between machines leading to One ET system will operate several light-paths easier and quicker card replacement. An extensive continuously measuring multiple gases over paths of internal Data Acquisition System, utilising the up to 1 km long. Any gas specified in the system’s analysers’ internal records, is capable of logging software can be measured, providing a facility to multiple parameters to a total of 1 million records. meet specific needs in a wide variety of applications. ET gas analysers are MCERTS and US EPA ET systems are MCERTS, TÜV and US EPA approved. approved. 100 UV Fluorescent Series Combines the proven UV fluorescent principle ET System 300 Multi-gas System with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to This high performance package is designed for provide accurate and dependable measurements of urban, trend, fence-line, street canyon and model SO2, H2S, TRS, and sulphur compounds. validation applications. The system is available in three configurations – Basic (SO2, NO2 and O3), 200 Chemiluminescent Series BTX (benzene, toluene and xylene) and Basic/BTX Provides the sensitivity, stability and ease of use (combining all compounds). needed for ambient or continuous dilution monitoring of NO-NO2-NOX, NH3 and O3. 300 IR Absorption Series Measures low ranges of CO, CO2 and N2O by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference gas according to Beer-Lambert law. 400 UV Absorption Series Microprocessor-based with simple, multi-tasking, menu-driven software, for single pass, single path measurements of O3. 700 Mass Flow Calibrator Series Combines highly accurate mass flow controllers and compressed sources of standard gases to provide calibration gases for multi-point span and zero checks. ET monitoring system using point source analysers
  3. 3. Mercury Monitoring VOC/HC Monitoring Continuous Ultra-Trace GC955 POPC/VOC/BTX Analyser Mercury Analyser Measures ozone precursors in ambient air. Two Continuous, simple and unattended operation separate sample and column systems are used to providing precision analysis of total gaseous measure C2-C5 and C6-C10 fractions. Methane mercury in ambient air with an update rate as low and non-methane compounds are measured as 2.5 minutes and a detection limit of <0.1 ng/m3 separately without relying on the efficiency of a (12 parts per quadrillion by volume). catalytic converter. Continuous VOCHC analyser Continuous mercury analyser Services Meteorological To complement the ET portfolio, EnviroService include flexible, quality-assured, service and Instrumentation maintenance contracts managed by highly A full range of instrumentation and systems from qualified and strategically located technicians leading manufacturers including solid state wind sensors, and engineers. barometric pressure sensors, precipitation gauges, The EnviroHire facility carries the largest air temperature sensors, solar sensors and AutoMet™ - stock of environmental monitoring equipment a complete, digital meteorological monitoring system in the UK or Europe offering a range of that provides instant access to weather information. instruments and systems that will cover almost any short- or long-term project. Air Quality Software • Automatic data collection • Statistical analysis • Airquality forecasting • Dispersion modelling • Internet public display
  4. 4. Air Quality Monitoring Integrated Digital Technology Integrated Digital Technology completely removes the need to Key features and use expensive, low technology, analogue dataloggers. Data is user benefits transmitted via telephone modem, GSM unit (cellular telephone network), Internet or to a dedicated site PC as required. • Simple, inexpensive analyser integration using Integrated As each analyser is able to store up to 5 years data/diagnostic Digital Technology information in internal memory and, by fully utilising the RS232 • Fully exploits analysers’fast, RS232 capabilities i.e. powerful capabilities, many benefits can accrue to the user including: bi-directional communication • Full remote control of system via modem/GSM unit or digital data transfer Internet allowing health checks and calibration routines • Full remoteGSM unit allowingvia modem or control of system from the office remote calibration checks, etc • Data collection of user defined averages plus span, • Flexible and expandable systems zero and diagnostic data • Compatible with EnviMan software • Remote control and calibration activation of individual • Internationally approved analysers analyser set-up (i.e. time, range, etc). • Span/zero data collection and graphing • Flexible calibrationzero and span including internal options (IZS) • Fast, remote troubleshooting by ET Technical Support Engineers. • Up most years parts warranty on to 5 analysers Flexible calibration options • Choice of ET service contracts Unlike some suppliers, we can offer a choice of automatic or manual calibration systems to meet a client’s exact requirements. • Simple operation and maintenance. Low running costs Choose from a range of systems including permeation tubes, certified gas cylinders and dynamic dilution calibrators. • EnviroHire equipment rental facilities available SM 200 combined dust monitor/sampler Monitoring for Life EnviroTechnology Services plc Advanced Environmental Systems - Sales, Hire and Services Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BY Tel: +44 (0)1453 733200 Fax: +44 (0)1453 733201 Email: