Envirotabs Questions and Answers


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Get all your questions answered regarding GreenFoot Global and Enviortabs. Learn how you can save on gas, increase horsepower and reduce your emissions.

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Envirotabs Questions and Answers

  1. 1. EnviroTabs Frequently Asked Questions:Q: What are EnviroTabs and why should I use them?A: EnviroTabs are organometallic compounds that you put in your gas tank at fill-up which dissolve completely and worksin the combustion chamber to improve the combustion properties of gasoline and diesel fuel. You should use EnviroTabsto do your part to lower your carbon footprint, increase overall vehicle performance; this includes your fuel efficiencyin miles per gallon / kilometers per liter, a decrease in engine wear and tear and reduction in engine operatingtemperatures and exhaust pollution. ALL FOR FREE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Why do you say EnviroTabs benefits are ALL FOR FREE? I still have to pay for them!A: True, but using EnviroTabs will actually save you more money than it costs to buy the product! WE GUARANTEE IT!Think of it this way, If you don’t use EnviroTabs, every time you fill your tank, you are buying 2 to 3 gallons more than youshould! Do that 10 times and its $50 to $100, depending on the cost of gas, out the window! EnviroTabs are as low as$20 USD per 10 Pack, plus you get all the other money saving benefits! So ... actually ... its ... BETTER than FREE!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How do I apply EnviroTabs to my fuel and how much should I use?A: When using the EnviroTabs, place the tablet or desired number of tablets into the fuel filler , push down into filler tubewith fuel nozzle and begin fueling. One tablet treats up to 20 gallons / 76 liters of fuel. One half tablet treats up to 10gallons / 38 liters of fuel.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Does EnviroTabs reduce tailpipe emissions and improve the environment?A: Yes, EnviroTabs can reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and more.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Does EnviroTabs improve my vehicles horsepower and fuel mileage?A: If you drive with a heavy foot, you will notice an increase in performance, but not a big increase in mileage. If youdrive normally, double blind, statistical testing proved your mileage will increase from 7% to 14% and customers havereported as much as 19% or more.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How can I figure out and track my mileage improvements?A: First: You will need to establish a baseline MPG / KPL for your vehicle.1. Use a minimum of 2 fill-ups to establish your baseline MPG / KPL.2. Use the ET Mileage Log available on our 100% Money Back Guarantee page or in the Test Drive Kit.3. Try not to use your vehicles on-board computer for mileage tracking.Second: Begin the tracking by adding EnviroTabs to your tank. For best results: “Double the Dose” for the first 2 tanks!Then use as directed. (1) Tablet treats up to 20 Gallons/76 Liters - (Snap tablet in half to treat up to 10 Gallons/38 Liters)Third: Calculate your mileage savings with EnviroTabs using the ET Mileage Log.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: What type of fuel should be used with EnviroTabs?A: Any grade of diesel or gasoline may be used. If you are using Premium fuel, you can switch to regular with noreduction in performance, which will be a large savings.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How often should I use EnviroTabs?A: EnviroTabs should be used with every fill-up. Being that EnviroTabs is a catalyst and not a detergent it is safe andrequired to use with every fill-up. Doing this will not only clean your engine, it will also prevent it from future carbon build-up. The more consistent you are, the more money youll save.
  2. 2. Q: How do EnviroTabs differ from other fuel additives?A: EnviroTabs are a combustion catalyst that works on the combustion system. Other fuel additives are only detergents.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: What is a catalyst?A: A catalyst is a substance that causes a chemical reaction to happen at a lower or higher level of energy without itselfchanging. In this case EnviroTabs causes the combustion resistant components in fuel to combust at lower temperaturesthan they normally would.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Can cold temperatures affect the mileage I get with EnviroTabs?A: Yes, cold temperatures, in general, have a negative effect on fuel mileage. However, using EnviroTabs will still provideimprovement but from a lower cold weather base line. If your original base line was done when the temperature was muchwarmer, be aware that your results will appear to be less impressive. Again, EnviroTabs is working 100% of the time,during warm and cold outside temperatures. In cold climates warming up your vehicle and letting it idle for extendedperiods of time plus using the heater will decrease your mileage, but that does not mean EnviroTabs is ineffective.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Can EnviroTabs be used in other motorized machines as well?A: Yes, EnviroTabs can be used in all diesel or gasoline powered engines such as motorcycles, boats, agriculturalequipment, heavy machinery, etc. as well as 2-cycle equipment such as outboard motors, chain saws, lawn mowers, etc.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How will I know that EnviroTabs are working and how long will it take before I notice?A: There are a number of ways to know if EnviroTabs are working, but if you dont want to pull apart your engine or go toget an emissions test every other month, a simple way is to track your fuel mileage, both freeway and city driving.Improved fuel mileage has a direct correlation with a cleaner engine, and a cleaner engine results in fewer emissions.Another easy way to see that it’s working is to check your oil. Due to less carbon blow by, your oil will stay cleaner longer.The time it will take to notice a difference will depend on the history of the vehicle, because some engines will have moredeposits than others. EnviroTabs is a catalyst and will remove the deposits, but deposits dont just fall off over night. Werecommend the consistent use of EnviroTabs in order to completely remove deposits and keep them from coming back.Everyone should notice a significant difference within 1,000 miles of driving with the consistent use of EnviroTabs.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Can EnviroTabs cause damage to my vehicle?A: As long as EnviroTabs is used in the recommended dosages it will never cause any damage to a vehicle. In fact, whenused correctly, EnviroTabs will extend the life of an engine. EnviroTabs is registered with the United States EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) and is test proven and are supported by years of scientific data.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How are EnviroTabs beneficial to my engine?A: EnviroTabs will actually extend engine and oil life by removing hard carbon deposits that damage your engine also,shown to help engines start in cold and hot temperatures.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Are EnviroTabs harmful to my engines seals?A: No, EnviroTabs do not contain anything harmful to the engine, gaskets, or seals. They are EPA registered, whichmeans they are not dangerous to your car or the environment.
  3. 3. Q: Can EnviroTabs cause any damage to my cars fuel system or catalytic converter?A: No, EnviroTabs will not damage fuel systems or catalytic converters.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Will EnviroTabs aid in starting my car in extreme temperatures?A: Yes, Your engine will start easier in both cold and hot temperatures.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Will EnviroTabs improve my vehicles power for climbing hills?A: Yes, EnviroTabs will increase the vehicles low-end torque which will provide more power for climbing hills and improveperformance when the vehicle is used for towing.Q: Are EnviroTabs EPA approved?A: EnviroTabs are EPA registered. The EPA does not officially approve, endorse or recommend the use of any specificproducts, however registration is required.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Are there any “mothball or mothball components” in EnviroTabs?A: NO! The ingredient in question here is called Naphthalene - which is a primary ingredient in mothballs. Unfortunately,some unethical manufacturers in the past have used Naphthalene - which in the 1950s was discovered to boost octaneand performance in racing cars - in their fuel additives. This is very unsafe for any engine and can result in major enginedamage. EnviroTabs has - NO NAPHTHALENE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Will EnviroTabs completely dissolve in fuel?A: Yes, EnviroTabs will dissolve 100% and it will do it faster than our leading competitor.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: Will EnviroTabs work in my antique or classis car?A: Yes, EnviroTabs will improve the performance of older cars as well.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q: How should I store EnviroTabs?A: You should always keep EnviroTabs out of the reach of children. Do not store it in extreme temperatures, or in directsun light.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EnviroTabs - A GreenFoot Global, LLC Product - www.EnviroTabs.com - 1-800-693-8288 - FAQs as of 02-06-10 - Item #3036