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EnviroTabs Brochure


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Tri-Tab Brochure-EnviroTabs

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EnviroTabs Brochure

  1. 1. Customer Order Form Customer Order Form ® Join our AutoShip Program ® Become a Greenfoot Global ™ Customer! ® Just fill out the Customer Order Form to get ® started. Get qualified for our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Drive Green, Save Green TM Drive Green, Save Green Drive Green, Save Green Consider Becoming a Distributor of Greenfoot Global How many people can you think of that would like to save money on fuel, vehi- GreenFoot Global TM ® Quantity: 1 2 3 cle maintenance and cost, ® Quantity: 1 2 3 while making a positive im- pact on the environment? distributor I authorize Greenfoot Global™ to charge my credit card for the transaction above. distributor distributor I authorize Greenfoot Global™ to charge my credit card for the transaction above.23772_Doc3.indd 223772_Doc3.indd 2
  2. 2. What’s EnviroTabs® Technology? ® ® ® Is it Safe?EnviroTabs®Green Technology isyears of research on com-EnviroTabs is based on over 30 based on over 30 years of ® EnviroTabs® has been proven safe and effective by millionsbustion catalysts and burn rate modifiers in both the aero- of miles of use. This technology is patented and scientificallyresearch on combustion catalysts and burn rate modifiersspace industry and the fuel additive industry with over 20 EnviroTabs® simply allows fuel to burn better ® designed and both the aerospace industry and the fuel additivemillion hours of proven use. inside the combustion chamber leaving lessindustry. EnviroTabs are organo-metallic compounds ® emissions to exit out the tailpipe. EnviroTabs® combustion catalyst technology is actuallyHow Does It Work? over 20 Million hours of use!proven effective by good for your engine. It helps extend the life of your engineEnviroTabs® is an organometallic metal conditioner that acts by preventing hard carbon deposit formation and can ® ®as a burn rate modifier which catalyzes fuel. This action remove hard carbon deposits that are already present in the ®allows more of the fuel to burn in the power stroke of the combustion chamber. These deposits cause abrasives to EnviroTabs® allows oil to stay clean longer. ®engine and therefore less fuel burns in the exhaust stroke. build up in the oil over time causing excessive engine wear. ® eded eded This means that better lubrication is taking By using EnviroTabs® your oil stays cleaner and maintainsEnviroTabs® burns off carbon deposits and catalytically place inside the engine. This can help you its lubricity, which prolongs engine life.causes a chemical reaction to happen at a lower temperature. reduce expensive maintenance & repair costs. ®The fuel particles begin to combust at temperatures as low as Deposits related to pre-ignition and knocks can also damage200º C, as opposed to 600° C. This chemical reaction allows ® an engine. EnviroTabs® will also help reduce the frequencythe impurities and the hard carbon deposits to completely of these undesirable events. Not only is there no harm doneburn off. by using EnviroTabs®, but many of the potentially harmful Independent studies show EnviroTabs® can ® effects of untreated fuels are greatly reduced or eliminated.By increasing the burn in the combustion chamber rather provide an increase in torque and acceleration.than as after-burn performance can be increased while reduc- ® EnviroTabs® is EPA registered. In order to get EPA registra-ing fuel consumption and emissions. Heat recovery is the tion one must supply to the EPA Tier One Testing. Once thatsingle best method that can reduce harmful emissions, ® Increased Fuel Mileage is done and it passes, the EPA registers the product whichincrease fuel economy, improve engine performance and means it has determined it is no more dangerous for the car ®extend oil and engine life. or the environment than the fuel it is in.Does it work with all types of fuels? Testing has proven the product does not change fuel specifi-Yes - EnviroTabs® works at the chemical level of the cations. The fuel simply acts as a carrier to the combustioncombustion process and therefore works exactly the same chamber where the catalyst goes to work. The use ofway regardless of the type of fuel in which it is used. ® EnviroTabs® will not void any manufacture’s warranties.EnviroTabs® is formulated to work with all types ®of gas and diesel fuel grades. EnviroTabs® ®works in any combustion engine-car, truck, ®motorcycle, generator- you name it!