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Business journalreprint

  1. 1. mlm company of the month: Greenfoot Global bridey orth Drive Green. Save Green. $ MAKE GREEN. F Home Business Connection has chosen Greenfoot Global as the MLM of the Month because of its innovative product that is saving people money on gas, helping the environment, and creating major income for entrepreneurs. G O as prices are now hovering near $4 per gallon, so it’s no wonder that a reported nine Besides getting wholesale pricing, all distributors can out of 10 American adults are concerned about the rising cost of gas, according to a earn commissions on retail sales—up to 30% on the retail O survey released by The Consumer Federation of America (CFA). price—and get their own Greenfoot Global retail website that Americans are looking for ways to save at the pump, and network marketing company comes with shopping cart functionality, back office tools to Greenfoot Global happens to have a unique solution that can save consumers money on fuel as track sales and commissions, and training. R well as put more money in their pockets. Distributors looking to make more money by creating a residual The company offers a home-business opportunity promoting its EnviroTabs™ product that income stream have the option of building a team of business actually increases a vehicle’s mileage, making your fuel dollars go much farther. Imagine how much partners—likeminded entrepreneurs who join your organization P you could save if you didn’t have to fill up your gas tank as often. And if the savings isn’t enough, this to promote Greenfoot Global with you. As you sponsor people “green” product reduces harmful fuel emissions, increases horsepower and is EPA registered. into your team and as they sponsor new people, you will be able to “You’re going to save more on fuel than what you spent on the product,” says Bill Hyman, receive commissions on their sales and qualify for bonuses. Greenfoot Global co-founder and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul. And to get your business off the ground quickly, the “So basically, it’s free to use. And there’s no risk to consumers, because we offer a money- company has packaged its product and resource materials into back guarantee: If you don’t save more money on fuel than what you spent on the package of “Test Drive Kits,” which come with 10 EnviroTabs tablets, an EnviroTabs, Greenfoot Global will refund your money,” he says. informational CD about the science and technology behind This opportunity to earn income by saving the consumer money and helping the planet at the product, and an instructional booklet with baseline the same time is catching the attention of plenty of entrepreneurs. In fact, the company is still mileage chart that allows consumers to track their mileage. in pre-launch but already has thousands of distributors from 15 countries and, according to The Test Drive Kits are an educational tool that introduces Co-Founder and CEO Ralph Flynn, every month has been a record month in sales. customers to the benefits of the product and allows them to track “We have a very aggressive compensation plan allowing new distributors and seasoned its effectiveness. Distributors love the kits, because the information veteran distributors to come in and earn substantial residual income, from part-time income all explains the product without them needing to be an expert. the way up to six figures,” says Flynn, who brings 43 years of experience in network marketing “We remove the guesswork by providing you with all the to Greenfoot Global. tools and support you need to reach your financial goals,” “It’s truly a ground-floor company, but because the management team has so much says Hyman, a 32-year network marketing veteran. “We’re experience, we’ve put something together that has already evolved into what our distributors doing our part to protect the planet and are looking for say looks and feels like a three-year-old company.” success-minded, positive, individuals who want to be part of something rewarding, fun and lucrative.” n Get started, get moving, get paid Anyone can buy EnviroTabs at retail prices from a Greenfoot Global distributor, but thousands have already opted to purchase them at discounted prices by becoming a distributor with the company.June 2011 | home business ConneCtion special reprint
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