D2-1 里山倡議國際夥伴關係的進展


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D2-1 里山倡議國際夥伴關係的進展

  1. 1. 里山倡議國際夥伴關係的進展Recent Development of IPSI 臺大生態學與演化生物學研究所 李玲玲 LING-LING LEE
  2. 2. IPSI 里山倡議國際夥伴關係 International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative 啟動Launching (2010/10, Nagoya, Japan) 51 founding members 126 organizations2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  3. 3. Roles of IPSI 資訊分享與討論的平台 A platform for various activities such as sharing information and for discussions. 整合與互補 Securing synergies and complementarities among organizations, 擴大資源與相互補強 Maximization of resources and mutual strengthening of respective activities2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  4. 4. IPSI 運作架構 Operational Framework IPSI 全球大會(Global Conference) the IPSI Assembly大會 – review activity and decisions on institutional matters taken Public Forum 論壇– 1) to strengthen collaboration and synergies, 2) to enhance understanding and raise awareness 指導委員會 The Steering Committee 秘書處 Secretariat – UNU-IAS2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  5. 5. IPSI - 1 2011/03/10-11 in Aichi, Japan “Working together for societies in harmony with nature: The first steps” 通過作業架構 Adoption of the amended Operational Framework 任命18位指導委員會委員 Appointment of 18 Steering Committee members2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  6. 6. 確認秘書處 UNU-IAS as the IPSI Secretariat The Public Forum 五項議題 – 提昇知識、政 策研究、指標研究、能力建設、在地行動 Knowledge facilitation, Policy research, Indicator research, Capacity building, On- the-ground activities http://satoyama-initiative.org/en/events- 2/the-first-global-conference-of-ipsi/2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  7. 7. IPSI - 2 2012/3/13-14 Nairobi, Kenya "Strategy for Realizing Society in Harmony with Nature" Public Forum –1) 掌握與提昇韌性 Capturing and Promoting Resilience in Socio-ecological Production Landscape and Seascape (SEPLS) including Disaster Risk Management2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  8. 8. 2) 分享復育經驗 Sharing Experiences of Restoring SEPLS3) 透過強化傳統知識與培力青年接班活化在地 社區 Revitalizing local communities through enhancing traditional knowledge and empowering young successors2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  9. 9. 論壇重點 (Objectives of Discussion)1) 確認需求與挑戰 Identify “needs and challenges”2) 討論因應策略 Discuss “strategies” for addressing these needs and challenges3) 提出優先行動建議 Develop suggested priority “actions” for IPSI members2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  10. 10. 論壇結論(Summary)第一組 Group I1) 指標 Indicators to Capture and Measure Resilience2) 多層治理 Multi-level Governance3) 減災、調適、復原、改造 Disaster Risk Reduction, Adaptation, Restoration and Transformation2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  11. 11. 第二組 Group II1) 進一步定義 Further Conceptualize/Define Satoyama2) 發展溝通策略 Development of a Communications Strategy3) 評估潛在經援Assessment/Study on Potential Funding Opportunities for SEPLS4) 發展監測系統 Development of Monitoring System2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  12. 12. 第三組 Group III1) 土地利用變遷 Land Use Change2) 社會、文化變遷 Social and Cultural Changes3) 研究需求 Research Needs4) 政策/法規 Policy/Law5) 知識傳承 Knowledge Inheritance/Transfer6) 財務機制 Finance Mechanisms2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  13. 13. IPSI-2後續工作(Follow-up) 行動模組 Action Templates were shared with IPSI Members and uploaded to the website 合作可能 Compilation of List of Potential Areas for IPSI Collaboration 1) IPSI 策略 Strategy Development 2) IPSI 合作活動 Collaborative Activities2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  14. 14. IPSI-3 “Contribution to Achieving Aichi Biodiversity Target” 2012/10/6-7 Hyderabad, India2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  15. 15. 2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  16. 16. 策略目標(Strategic Objectives)1. 提昇知識 Increase knowledge and understanding of SEPLS that are addressed by the Satoyama Initiative2. 確認劣化原因Address the direct and underlying causes responsible for the decline or loss of biological and cultural diversity as well as ecological and socio- economic services from SEPLS2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  17. 17. 3. 擴大惠益Enhance benefits from SEPLS4. 強化執行能力 Enhance the human, institutional and sustainable financial capacities for the implementation of the Satoyama Initiative, including in particular the effectiveness of the IPSI監測與呈報 Monitoring and reporting2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  18. 18. 論壇主題 (Public Forum) 韌性指標Indicators of Resilience in SEPLS 傳統知識與現代科技的結合Creating Synergy between Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science 多元權益關係者合作促成永續生產與消費 Multi-stakeholder Collaboration towards Sustainable Production and Consumption2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  19. 19. 韌性指標 Indicators of Resilience UNU-IAS + Biodiversity International 量測調適變遷與維護生態系服務的能力 Measure the capacity to adapt to change and maintain ecosystem services 量測社區為增加韌性與永續度而創新的能力 Measure the communities’ capacity to innovate for greater resilience and sustainability.2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  20. 20. Preliminary Indicators Resilience in socio- ecological production landscapes content/uploads/2011/09/SEPL- indicators-worksheet-DM-24-Sep.pdf2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  21. 21. 資源治理(單位/效率) Resource governance 知識管理 Knowledge management 性別與世代間的傳統知識傳承Transmittance of traditional knowledge by gender and generations 使用原住民或在地語言 Use of indigenous and local languages2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  22. 22. 獲取農業生物多樣性和相關知識 Access to agricultural biodiversity and related knowledge 農業生物多樣性管理創新以改善調適力與韌 性 Innovation in agricultural biodiversity management for improved adaptability and resilience 土地與資源的管理權 Autonomy in relation to land & resource management2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  23. 23. 食物權與自給率 Food sovereignty and self- sufficiency 人口結構(與土地互動) Demographics 文化自我認同 Cultural self-identity 性別 Gender 社會設施 Social infrastructure2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  24. 24. 健康照顧(風險) Social infrastructure 生態系服務的維護(永續利用) Sustaining the flow of ecosystem services 為文化與生態而保護的區域 Areas protected for their cultural and ecological importance2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  25. 25. 維護與保育農業生物多樣性 (種原辨識與保存 機制) Maintenance and conservation of agricultural biodiversity 地景的異質性與多功能性 Heterogeneity and multi-functionality in the landscape 環境安全(污染或在害風險) Environmental security and safety2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  26. 26. 感想 (Some thoughts) 生物多樣性與生態系服務 Ecological services 資訊與知識的彙整、累積、創新 Knowledge and information 需求與障礙 Needs and obstacles 組織、策略、目標、行動 Strategy plan 多面向夥伴關係 Partnerships2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會
  27. 27. 2012互惠互助的自然資源經營-里山倡議精神的實踐研討會