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En’urga Inc - Where Quality and Precision Make a Difference!


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Our expertise in emission and absorption tomography in hostile environments enables measurement and control of varied processes in a wide array of industries. We install instruments suitable for the measurement of temperatures, gas concentrations, emissivity, and particulate characteristics for single phase and two phase reacting flows

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En’urga Inc - Where Quality and Precision Make a Difference!

  1. 1.  The word "Urga" represents energy in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. En'Urga stands for "en"-vironmentally friendly use of "Urga."  We started as a small business enterprise in West Lafayette, Indiana and have now grown to serve a wide range of clients such as Boeing, General Electric, Exxon-Mobil, S.C. Johnson & Son, Tenneco, General Motors, Cummins, Abbott Labs and more! About En’urga Inc
  2. 2. 1. Spray and Particulate Characterization for Injector Nozzles  Spray Testing (Spray Pattern)  Injector Testing (Drop Size and Velocity) 2. Combustion System Analysis  Laminar Flames Analysis  Turbulent Flames Analysis 3. Combustion System Diagnostics  Temperature Measurement in Flames  Gas Concentration Measurement and Soot Volume Fraction Measurements Our Services
  3. 3.  Spray-Related Products  Combustion-Related Products  Flow-Related Products Our Products
  4. 4.  Optical Patternator  Angle Patternator  Velocimeter  Atomizer  Large Area Patternator  And Many more……. Spray-Related Products
  5. 5.  MidInfrared Spectrometer  Visible Spectrometer  Soot Probe  Probe  Linescan Cameras  PbS and PBSe Detectors Combustion-Related Products
  6. 6.  Tomography  Flowmeter Flow-Related Products
  7. 7. Address: 1201 Cumberland Avenue, Suite R, West Lafayette, IN 47906 Phone : 765-497-3269 Email: Website: Contact Us'urga-inc-