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What is drupal technology


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What is drupal technology

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  2. 2. About Drupal The Drupal Technology is used to build websites. It is one of the most modular open source web content management framework that adds a lot of emphasis on collaboration. The designing of the this technology application is such, that it needs to be customized according to the requirement of the project. Limitation of its customization is that, these changes are done by overriding or adding new modules to the application. Drupal technology is exclusive and unique, because it separates content management from content presentation.
  3. 3. Types of website Drupal Technology website applications are used to build any kind of internet portal, websites based on e commerce, online stores and even corporate websites. The software is extremely dynamic an can be utilized to create any kind of website, as a matter of fact it has also been used to create online directories and e- learning sites.
  4. 4. Benefits of Drupal Drupal is flexible and easy to extend Drupal is reliable, efficient and robust Secret Weapon of Drupal No. 1: Security Secret Weapon of Drupal No. 2: Taxonomy Secret Weapon of Drupal No. 3: CCK & Views No Licensing Fees Smart Phone and iPad Friendly Search Engine Friendly
  5. 5. Features Slideshows or random images. Photo or image galleries. Discussion forums. Different access permissions for different users. Private discussion forums that only registered members can view. E-commerce web design using Ubercart.
  6. 6. Drupal Website DeveloperENuke Drupal website design, consulting, anddevelopment services. Providing following services: Drupal Consulting - Requirements Analysis + Information Architecture Custom Website Design + Drupal Theming Configuration and theming of Core and Contributed Drupal Modules Custom Module Development Drupal Upgrades Drupal Website Hosting
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