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Top 7 reasons why users and app store hate your mobile app


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A survey revealed that 16% of the people prefer to give a second chance if your app fails to impress them. So, if your mobile app sucks, find out the reasons before it sucks your business.

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Top 7 reasons why users and app store hate your mobile app

  1. 1. Do you Know why Users and App Stores Hate Your Mobile App?
  2. 2. According to analysis, 80% of the mobile apps are not even opened for the second time (let alone using!!!) & only 16% of the people prefer to give a second chance if your app fails to impress them.
  3. 3. Is it your company or you or your developer whose face people do not like? Is your belly fat or the coffee tan on your shirt responsible for the apathy towards your app?
  4. 4. I believe that you also know that none of them are even nearly connected or responsible for hatred received by your app. It is solely the functionalities of mobile app which is responsible for the degradation of your credibility.
  5. 5. Apart from histograms of the user ratings there are smart tools (WisCom)to track down the audience reaction towards your app. So better watch out!! It’s definitely not a cake walk. Let us find out what’s pulling your Mobile App backwards.
  6. 6. Sit back & relax, as in this presentation I have summarised all the low points which ends up making your mobile app a Jacka**
  7. 7. Marketing do changes the portrait of campaign but pushing over will mar your social image.
  8. 8. Advertising is surely a great monetization idea but do you realise that it is the most irritating thing when used intrusively.
  9. 9. Unresponsive and full screen ads are a BIG NO for a good user experience. However, it is advisable to use advertisements but make sure you use them wisely so that it do not hampers your users work. You just need to learn to kill two birds with one stone!
  10. 10. As we very well know that the users are on a smaller device, so as a Mobile app developer this is our duty to provide a rich experience when it comes to view.
  11. 11. Do not intrude into users personal accounts such as Facebook. Make it a point to get something important in order to exchange information with them.
  12. 12. Your Mobile app will be deleted from the users download list if it full of chaos caused by push notifications.
  13. 13. Do not crib in front of the users to like your app. Instead of liking they will definitely start to dislike it.
  14. 14. Big time stoppers Users shut down mobile apps which jam and crash in between. These stats are noted form a latest Business Insider Study. The major reasons why users delete a Mobile App are:  Crashing  Freezing  Poor responsiveness  Flogging Advertisements  Heavy battery usage
  15. 15. In this highly technical world where you can find an Android or iOS app developer in every home and a Mobile app development company in every corner of a block you really need to buck up to make a space in this solid lattice.
  16. 16. We keenly analyse businesses and needs of the users. We welcome your suggestions and queries with our open hands, so feel free to write us at . Source :