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Tips to secure your joomla site


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Tips to secure your joomla site

  1. 1. Tips To Secure Your Joomla Site
  2. 2. About Joomla A Joomla Web Development framework is one of the key contestants in the open source market for supple CMS. Joomla framework aids to put up the most resourceful websites packed with oodles of features that is swaddled in all categories of populace. Joomla has a collection of built-in features. It also has a large choice of extra modules and propels that it will amplify the meriting of the designed website
  3. 3. Merits of Joomla webdevelopment framework: Variety of plug-ins Unstrained to utilize drop down menu features Freely reachable template themes Easiness of update Simplicity of other module assimilation Ease of customization Make over of Joomla community to respond for any query
  4. 4. Tips1:Proper Hosting Environment A properly configured server for your joomla website. Host your site on a server that runs PHP in CGI mode with su_php. PHP runs under your own account user instead of the global Apache user Dont need to set insecure global permissions like CHMOD of 777.a. Set register_globals OFFb. Disable allow_url_fopenc. Adjust the magic_quotes_gpc directive as needed for yoursite. The recommended setting for Joomla! 1.0.x is ON to protectagainst poorly-written extensions. Joomla! 1.5 ignores thissetting and works fine either way.d. Dont use PHP safe_mode
  5. 5. Tips 2: Change the Default Database Prefix(jos_)  While installation, change the default database prefix to something random. This will prevent most of the SQL injection attacks as hackers try to retrive superadmin details from jos_users table.
  6. 6. Tips 3: Disable FTP Layer While installation, dont enable the FTP layer as it opens up a potential security hole since your FTP details are stored in plain text under a Joomla! configuration file. FTP layer is not required if your hosting is secured and configured properly for Joomla.
  7. 7. Tips 4: Changesuperadministrator username After installation, change the username for the super-administrator. By default, its admin. So change it something like ravi.chamria so that the username/password combination becomes difficult to guess or crack.
  8. 8. Tips 5: Strong Password Always use strong password like E@^M!$<9@k. In apache web server, you can do this htaccess file or in cpanel.
  9. 9. Tips 6: Enable SEF URLs Most hackers use the Google inurl: command to search for a vulnerable exploit. So enable SEF urls from site configuration if you are using Joomla 1.5. Use extensions like SH404SEF for both Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5.
  10. 10. Tips 7: Proper file/folderpermissions  The proper file/folder permissions for your joomla website is: * PHP files: 644 * Config files: 666 * Other folders: 755You can CHMOD the files and folders using your FTP client.
  11. 11. Tips 8: Setup a Backup andRecovery Process  Always rely on a strong backup and recovery protocol for your live website.  Its not just hacking that may compromise your website but other factors like a faulty upgrade or extension install, hardware failure, hosting provider issues.  You can use JoomlaPack, a non- commercial component native for both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 for backup.