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Iphone development 2013 - Enukesoftware


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Enukesoftware is growing mobile application development company in Gurgaon, india which provides reliable, robust and cost effective android and iphone application development services in Gurgaon India.

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Iphone development 2013 - Enukesoftware

  1. 1. Iphone Development 2013 – Enukesoftware.comApple has now officially become the market leader in mobile phones since the launch of iPhonemobile and made huge impact across the world.The device initially introduced in u.s. market and within a years time it was available all over theworld.If you have not held an iPhone, I suggest you should do that first. This will motivate youto know more about the device like how Apple implemented it. Some may like the curves,manywould like the way it functions, but for me, its sleek, big yet compact form, touch technologyand the touch screen are some of the really cool tech savvy things.The iPhone and its development changed the whole mobile industry, its businessstrategies,cost,innovation everything. It turned the table of mobile technology upside down.But there is more to iphone than touch. Its applications along with internet connectivity "worldin palm of your hand" which makes it a device like no one else ever formed. The applicationdevelopers are behind these critical thinking and efforts of taking the iPhone to the next level,which we know it today as-The Smart Phones League.
  2. 2. In 2008, Apple released the iPhone SDK, a developer toolkit that allows programmers to developiPhone application.iPhone SDK lets you develop two type of applications—Web development and Native iPhoneApplication development.Web applications primarily run on a browser using HTML, CSS and some programminglanguage that can generate dynamic content (Java, ASP, .NET, JSP, Ruby etc).Native applications run on iPhone like any other application on the device. They use iPhonesoftware development kit (SDK) released by Apple with the inbuilt frameworks and otherframeworks that it support.Ignoring for a while that web and native applications have vast difference in the way they arebuild and they look, the fact is, they both can produce similar result and for some users it maynot be easy to differentiate between them. Interesting isn’t it?What you need for iPhone development?To get started with iPhone programming, you would need the following:
  3. 3. An Intel Mac running Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.4 or higherThe iPhone SDK for iPhone OS, which you can download from apple developers site. TheiPhone SDK contains all the tools and utilities you need to develop iPhone applications. Inparticular, it comes with Xcode 3.1(the development IDE) and the iPhone Simulator that allowsyou to test your application without needing a real device.Though, you can test the applications on the simulator, it is a good idea to register yourself onthe iPhone developer program with a nominal fee. This registration gets you a secured certificateissued by Apple and can be used to test developed applications on the device itself. Hence, twomore things are essential if the application has to be tested on the device.1.)iPhone mobile device2.)iPhone develop program registrationIf you are serious about taking up iPhone development, we suggest that you go for theregistration process first before anything else. The registration process in itself is free, but to getthe certificate you may have to pay a nominal fee ($100 for individuals). All this process couldtake up quite some time and meanwhile, you can gear up with all the skills and know-how toproceed with the first application.The best way to learn iPhone programming is to get your hands dirty and start coding.From entertainment to productivity Apple iOSgives a platform to develop applications for allutilities and enterprise management tools as well.With iOS you can deliver content andinformation in simple, yet powerful new ways to help employees be more productive.Leveraging the native iOS SDK, the development teams across the world will be building appsusing some of the same tools, frameworks, and technologies that Apple engineers use to buildthe apps that ship with every iPhone and iPad. It enables apps that look, feel, and respond tousers elegantly and with maximum efficiency. Native applications can take full advantage ofdevice-specific hardware capabilities such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, camera,microphone, or even third-party accessories through the 30-pin dock connector or Bluetooth.Native applications can also use frameworks to access data from on-board applications such asContacts, Calendar, Mail, or Maps.About CompanyEnukesoftware is growing mobile application Development Company in Gurgaon, india whichprovides reliable, robust and cost effective android and iphone application such as SocialNetworking Chat, location-based tools, travel guides, games and utility applications. Ourprogrammers/developers are very highly qualified and having expertise in mobile applicationdevelopment for various industries. Our Goal is to provide best solution to our clients forachieving their business objectives through the power of mobile technology
  4. 4. Types Of iPhone Apps1. Business Apps2. Finance Apps3. Enterprise Apps4. Entertainment Apps5. Multimedia Apps6. Lifestyle Apps7. Sports & Games Apps8. Augmented Reality Apps9. Social Networking Apps10. eBooks& News App11. Healthcare App12. Travel & Maps AppTo know more about Android apps development or iphone apps development company inindia, call us us now!Mobile:+919958490489, +919953106042, +919873923561Email: abhishek@enukesoftware.comWebsite: http://www.enukesoftware.comOur experience will ensure you achieve your goals in the highly competitive app space.