How Android Apps Are revolutionizing The Education Industry


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Education has always adopted new ways to cater knowledge and awareness.Technology also influenced the way be educate people. Android being one of the most successful mobile OS in the world, is now contributing a lot in the world of education via its awesome, user friendly and easy-to-develop applications.

Check out the awesomeness of this widely appreciated mobile OS when it comes to Education Industry and get to know how people are using it to spread knowledge and awareness.

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How Android Apps Are revolutionizing The Education Industry

  1. 1. Monetization benefits of developing apps on education industry Android apps revolutionizing education ..
  2. 2. Android apps are in the education industry. So lets evaluate them and see what is the score……
  3. 3. Ameliorates understandability: 10/10 Andorid apps are gaining credence in the education industry because it has made teaching easy for the mentors.  Assessing ones mistakes is an arduous task. Android apps makes this cumbersome task of assessment a piece of cake.  This helps in evaluating the students grasping power.  With the help of this apps evaluation process becomes quiet frequent.  Quizzes can be designed keeping each one’s capability in mind.
  4. 4. Learning: 11/10  To go to schools is very hectic. Learning has evolved and has turned into a fun. Now kids wont have any stomach ache or any excuses when it comes to schools, thanks to mobile apps. Now we have apps that are designed to improve skills.
  5. 5. Kids: 10/10  These interactive platform allows users to learn without fatigue, which makes learning a fun.  Kids are fascinated by its interactive features and appealing user interface. These apps are capable of capturing their attention and can make them study more . And according to studies, the more we are fond of anything the sooner
  6. 6. No bag packs, no books and note books. Jotting down notes used to be the major concern of the students rather than focusing on the lessons taught. Bag packs and Hunched back are 0/10. Due to digitization, it is getting reasonable and under our budget. Moreover, purchasing an android tablet would be one time investment .
  7. 7. From the Teachers desk : 7/10 According to teachers android apps makes it easier for them to make the students understand and fetch them to the level where they want to take
  8. 8. According to students tablets are useful in various ways, given below is a bar graph which depicts a survey conducted by students on the subject wise use of android tablets. Subject wise use : 8/10
  9. 9. Online learning is used by 77 out of 100 American corporation. eLearning is not only limited to schools or college, it is a $56.2 billion industry. And is expected to $107 billion by 2015.  According to IBM the productivity boost by 50% if they incorporate eLearning. Investments bring out good revenues. If $1 is spent in eLearning it gets $30 of eLearning is about surpass the over the teaching methods by 2019. Currently 4.6 million students go for online education. Corporate Verdict: 10/10
  10. 10. General Remarks. eLearning is not for kindergartners, it has a lot of importance for the college going students. Now you can attend a lecture of Howards or Cambridge at your native place. Online learning has broken all the demographic distance. Moreover, Massive Online Open Course(MOOCs) has increased the quality of education and has considerably lowered the cost. eLearning will help to curtails various expenses made on a classroom and helps to save time.
  11. 11. eLearning will also help in sharpening the memory and the capacity to retain the teachings by 25% to 60%. From primary to post graduation, eLearning is making a mark in all the sectors where knowledge is imparted. With the help of eLearning knowledge is dessiminated just by The credibility of eLearning increase 5 times than the veteran methods.
  12. 12. No time to contemplate, give your score: ?/10 Humans are turning better and busier. So do not contemplate, because its high time to stay on par with the current technology.
  13. 13. Education is food for life. Please
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