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What i have learnt about technologies from the

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What i have learnt about technologies from the

  1. 1. What I have learnt about technologies from theprocess of constructing this product
  2. 2. To create my music magazine I used various different products. Theses include, blogs,Photoshop, slide share and many others which is included in this PowerPoint
  3. 3. Slide shareSlide share has been useful to use whilecreating my blog. This is because it allows meto create PowerPoints and upload them ontomy blog by changing the format. Also, as it allows me to uploadpower points this gives a more interesting look and is lessenduring to read, due to containing a variety of images andwords.
  4. 4. PhotoshopI used Photoshop for both my magazines.My skills in this program developed a lotthroughout creating my products. When creating mypreliminary task I used the basics that Photoshop had tooffer. Whereas, when creating my full product I used anarray of tools. For example, for many of my images Iselected render and then lighting effects, this allowed me toalter the lighting in my images. I also used many clippingmasks which overlaid images onto text. Overall, Photoshopallowed me to create much more professional lookingmusic magazine.
  5. 5. DSLR CameraFor my music magazine I used a Nikon D70DSLR camera. This was much more helpful thana standard digital camera. This camera was able to hold up to 400 RAW format images, with this format I was able to edit it differently to JPEG images in Photoshop. Also,due to it being able to hold 400 I was able to keep all my imagestaken and then upload them onto my computer, this is so I couldsee them all on a large screen before choosing which to use on myfull product. During using this camera I was able to develop myskills. I learnt to use different settings and learn which would be thebest for the type of image I want to take. I was also able to seewhat type of angles would look best for my genre of magazine
  6. 6. Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft WordThis Microsoft word allowed me to writeup text before imputing it on to my blog. Itacted as a drafting area to make sure mytext was correct and suitable. Also, I was able to spell check mytext before it appeared on my blog. I used Microsoft PowerPointto create my PowerPoints. This software is easy to use,therefore, I am able to create quick and informative work.
  7. 7. Internet ExplorerDuring creating my product the internet wasvery helpful. By using it I was able to find alot of research into many different genres ofmagazines, and most importantly, my own magazine genre.Another important factor is my blog. With out the internet Iwould not have access to my blog and therefore would not beable to upload the research I have acquired.
  8. 8. Due to having this technology I was ableto create a professional looking product. Without it I would not have a suitable magazine aimed at my indented audiences and I would not have appropriate planning or research.