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  1. 1. School based magazine Evaluation
  2. 2. Front cover image I chose the left hand side image over the other one simply because the lightness and contrast was better. Also on the image I didn’t choose you are able to see the woman in the background. Whereas in the image I did choose she is less visible, as the girls hair is covering her. The image has a large depth of field to show the content of the class room, and the environment in which the students work.
  3. 3. Top of contents page image I chose the top image instead of the bottom. This is because the bottom image is very bright which would not look good on my magazine. Also it is hard to tell what the image at the bottom is. The top image has better contrast and it generally a better image.
  4. 4. Bottom of content page image I chose the top image for my contents page as I thought it was best suited, I thought this because the other image is far too bright and would not look good in my magazine. In photo shop I flipped the top image around, so that the girl was facing the text on the page. I did this so it all fitted together better on the page overall.
  5. 5. Evaluation of my front page Masthead, It is in Ariel font. I put a clipping mask on it as it adds interest to the front cover, this means attention may be drawn to it, and therefore more people will be interested in reading it. Feature image, This image shows what content to expect when reading the magazine. Feature article is the image which goes with the picture, in this case its about students learning new skills on a computer. This shows readers what type of information will be in the magazine. I also used warp text, arch, to create the effect on this headline. By having the headline in the a different shade of blue to her jumper it will cause it to stand out more. For “conisation camp countdown” I used text warp, bevel and emboss and a clipping mask to create the effect. These two story lines show that the school which the magazine is linked to is a sporty one. Which reflects how the school is run.
  6. 6. Evaluation of my contents page I chose this font as it is simple and easy for the audience to read through it. I also chose to put a stroke around the text as this makes it even easier to see. Masthead, It is at the top as it is one of the first thing the audience see. This one is the contents title, it is introducing the page so that little confusion is caused. I have flipped the image round so that the student is visible. I have also faded the top image and bottom image together, this is so it is less harsh on the eye. I chose these two images for this page as they are both completely different to each other, also different to the headline image on the cover.