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UT Libraries' International Outreach


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Presentation at the 2018 Entrepreneurial Librarian conference, of University of Tennessee librarians, Allison Sharp, Nathalie Hristov, Manda Sexton

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UT Libraries' International Outreach

  1. 1. UT Libraries’ International Outreach Allison Sharp Nathalie Hristov Manda Sexton
  2. 2. International Coffeehouses ● Weekly event (every Wednesday, 1pm-3pm) ● Hosted by the UT International House ● 100-300 students per week ● Varied participation by student organizations ● Varied attendance
  3. 3. International Coffeehouses
  4. 4. International Coffeehouses ● Includes display board with information about library resources and services ● Subject guide created weekly and displayed on iPads ● Music supplied from streaming services when not already provided by student organization ● Books, DVDs, CDs, and swag on display ● Students are often able to check out material at the event ● Food and drinks provided by UT student organizations and the UT International House
  5. 5. International Coffeehouses
  6. 6. Ready for the World Music Series ● 3xs per academic year (1 in the Fall, 2 in the Spring) ● Co-hosted with the School of Music, and more recently with the School of Art ● Audience ranges 150-350 ● Varied regions and/or countries ● Varied participation by UT International House, student organizations, community organizations, and others
  7. 7. Ready for the World Music Series
  8. 8. Ready for the World Music Series
  9. 9. Ready for the World Music Series ● Sunday afternoons: Reception/Exhibits 12:30-2:00pm/Musical program and lecture 2:00pm-3:30pm ● Playlist from UT Libraries’ music collection played during reception/exhibit. ● UT Libraries’ Display/Exhibit ● Slideshow of images from country or region is part of the exhibit (provided by UT Libraries) ● Local artists and collectors invited to display their works ● Food provided by ethnic caterers
  10. 10. Arab Fest ● Once a year (in the Fall, usually October, duration is Friday 12:00-9:00pm; Saturday 12:00-7:00pm) ● Hosted by UT Department of Religious Studies and Arab American Club of Knoxville ● Varied participation by different student organizations, community artists, and vendors ● Library has a standing booth with displays, exhibits, and games.
  11. 11. Arab Fest
  12. 12. Other events: ● International student orientations ● UT I-House World Showcases ● Chinese New Year Celebrations ● An Evening of Tango ● Other events on demand
  13. 13. Organization/Department Connections: ● UT International House and the UT Center for International Education ● UT Office of Multicultural Student Life ● UT Confucius Institute ● UT Latin American Student Organization (LASO) ● UT Modern Foreign Languages ● HoLa Hora Latina ● Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of East Tennessee ● Arab American Club of Knoxville ● Knoxville Association of Korean Americans ● Asian Festival ● UT CLIP (Clube da Língua Portuguesa = Portuguese Language Club) ● Connections / Community Outreach
  14. 14. Our Main Crew ● Allison Sharp – International Outreach Librarian: liaison to I-House and Foreign Language Departments ● Nathalie Hristov – Music Librarian: Exhibit Coordinator RFTW series, works w/community orgs. and artists ● Manda Sexton – Social media outreach and general support for all international outreach ● Allison Roberts – provides logistical support and event photography ● Kathryn Shepas – GSLA, creates display boards for all outreach events and pulls music materials for display ● Julia Brandt – GSLA, creates LibGuides, staffs events, and contributes to the arranging of the exhibits table ● Numerous volunteers from throughout the UT Libraries as well as administrative support